New Era Orchestra


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Special prize in nomination "Pro-bono projects"

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New Era Orchestra

  1. 1. PR/BTL/EVENT/ART company «VAVILON», Kyiv-2013 «New Era Orchestra» – 100 concerts on the way to success «VAVILON» company has founded the project to popularize the classical music in Ukraine. nko Nomination: Pro-bono projects (Private chamber orchestra - New Era Orchestra. Founder - PR/BTL/EVENT/ART company «VAVILON»)
  2. 2. 2 Problem: - Decrease of classic music popularity in Ukraine - Low demand on Ukrainian musicians and composers - Low number of classic music concerts Task: - creation of a systematic PR-project to popularize the classic music in Ukraine; - creation of an example of private initiative, improving the public opinion about the classic music; - introducing new music products, that have never been performed in Ukraine to Ukrainian audience
  3. 3. - foundation of chamber orchestra of academical classic music - the “New Era Orchestra”; - forming of orchestra program via searching and buying of scores, licenses with the right to play the unique music works never performed in Ukraine; - order of versions to Ukrainian composers for rear (original) works specially for “New Era Orchestra”; - maximum possible concert performance . 3 Solution:
  4. 4. 4 - 100 concerts performed (1-st jubilee) - over 500 publications in media - active involvement of Ukrainian musicians and composers - foundation of a systematic project (in collaboration with educational center «Master class) «Friday nights classic» - Successful tours around France and Russia - 5 concerts with owners of world main music award owner – «Grammy» - Number of international concert projects (Estonia, Georgia, Russia, Austria and etc.) - Thousands of inspired viewers Results:
  5. 5. «New Era Orchestra» pecularities Unique program: - over 100 license on performance in Ukraine and and specially created versions for the orchestra formed the unique NEO program Educational activity: - each NEO concert has works, that are firstly performed in Ukraine (premiere performances) - non-standard concert format: mostly NEO concerts are art synthesis as to the direction (music and poetry/choreography/theater/DJ/video installation and etc) Charismatic director and art leader of NEO – Tatyana Kalinichenko. Unrestrained energy and endless dedication to the music help maestro to create concert programs, that become significant music events for cultural life in Ukraine 5 Concert video and audio:
  6. 6. «New Era Orchestra» (NEO) private PR-project of classic music popularization, founded by «VAVILON» company Financing and activity organization of NEO is performed by «VAVILON» company at its own initiative. During 7 years of activity NEO performed over 100 concerts and special music projects, implemented according all rules of PR-projects, which purpose is to popularize classic music in Ukraine. NEO mission - promotion of high musical standards and values​​, strengthening the faith (ideas) in the special mission of each person. 6 Main on the project
  7. 7. «New Era Orchestra» concerts Keiko Matsui pianist, Japan Alexey Goribol (fortepiano) Russia artist, Ostap Shutko(violin) Ukraine Alberto Kazadei, Italy Yana Ozolinya and Andrey Pushkarev Soloist «Kremerata Baltica» (Latvia) Roman Mynz Russia – Great Britain Andrey Malahov, Ukraine-France) Roman Grynkiv Armen Kostandyan Ukraine Rosava, Ukraine Ethno-jazz singer 7
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  23. 23. Thank You for attention! 23 For contacts: Krylova Olga – PR-department leading manager tel.: 044 207 12 33, 099 797 72 12 E-mail: web: