Social media marketing on facebook


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Social media marketing on facebook

  1. 1. Social media marketing Facebook Marketing Services byweb design|e-strategy|E-marketing
  2. 2. What is facebook..without the’s the most used social network service in the worldit has over 500 million active usersit enables individuals to ‘connect’it enables businesses and their audiences to ‘interact’it’s free…and…it’s part of everyday life!
  3. 3. Is being on facebook a must do?Everyone else is, shouldnt we? Always remember the marketing basics.. “Be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message” We advise all our clients to establish the relevancy, objectives and cost to their business before being on Facebook
  4. 4. Being on Facebook as a businessWhat is the point ?A real opportunity to engage with a wider audience in real timeFoster and develop relationships (fans)Amplify your brand through ‘social’ word of mouthDeliver unique promotions, offers, information that ‘spreads’Provide opportunity for customers to interact with youGet search equity and therefore promotionIt’s part of 500 million peoples daily livesA real opportunity to drive traffic, revenue and Brand interactions
  5. 5. getting on Facebook as a business If you already have a face book account..You must use your account.. build a page.. ..which can be for a.. ..and have.. Page Fans Brand or product Information Groups Organisation, Company Videos Events Institution Discussions Messages Local Business or place Groups Info Artist, band or public figure Events Photos Entertainment Messages Your FB account Notes Cause or Community (more) Friends
  6. 6. getting on Facebook as a business If you do not have a facebook account..You can create.. build a page.. ..which can be for a.. ..and have.. Fans Brand or product Information Page Organisation, Company Videos Limited Institution features Discussions Local Business or place on a business Groups account Artist, band or public figure Events Entertainment Messages Business Account Cause or Community (more)
  7. 7. Our business is now on facebook what should we be doing ? Build Engage Amplify Create a Fan Page Drive fan base growth Update regularly Create relevant messages Publisise your presence Encourage comments Create engaging content Tell your audience you exits Encourage interactions Utilise FB Apps Exploit other media channels Incentivise word of mouth Link your business to a place Drive awareness Utilise FB ads Deliver engaging content/ Provide a reason to share messages Drive viral marketing Create a compelling ‘like us’ driver Test, learn and react via Insight DataAdapted from Facebook Marketing Guides
  8. 8. Our business is now on facebookwhat should we be doing ? Checking your business objectives Measuring successes (and failures) Measuring the ‘real cost’ of being there Measuring the ‘real return’ you are getting
  9. 9. Our business is now on facebook Always remember..Being there isn’t mandatoryBeing there isn’t the end…it is the startFacebook takes time and effort and therefore costs moneyIt can deliver a real opportunity to your businessIt can provide real ROISo set real targets and measure themMake decisions on data and then test, learn and reactManage it, utilise it, earn from it.Adapted from Facebook Marketing Guides
  10. 10. Social media marketing Facebook Marketing Services by Contact UK Office: + 44 (0) 845 544 1308 CI Office: + 44 (0) 1481 736 766 Contact@uidigital.comweb design|e-strategy|E-marketing
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