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Ufone VAS

  1. 1. Gmail SMS When Ufone meets Gmail – The power is yours!Here’s another great one from Ufone! With the giants like Gmail and Ufone joining hands, we are excited andproud to bring something very special for U!Now anybody who has a Gmail account can send as many SMS as they wish, to any Ufone number anywhere inPakistan, ABSOLUTELY FREE. All U need to do is, log on to your Gmail account, open up the chat window and typein the Ufone number to which U wish to send an SMS, simply type the message you wish and send it away.To start with, U have a credit of 50 SMS every day. With every message sent from Ufone number will be used toincrease your credit by 5 messages, each time, up to 50. Sending an SMS reply from your Ufone number to Gmailchat is charged at Rs.1+ tax only.
  2. 2. Ufone Sports ArenaUfone brings you the world of sport in the palm of your hand!Ufone Sports Arena will not only keep all sport lovers updated with latest sporting activities, but also let you testyour knowledge on your favorite sport. What are you waiting for get the latest news, happenings, score updatesand team rankings of the most popular sports including cricket, football, tennis and formula one today.
  3. 3. Call of the Day At Ufone we are pleased to introduce ...... yet another very innovative and convenient service called Call of the Day for those of U who have a busylifestyle. We understand that it is important for U to keep updated with the latest information or just have a laughin between your busy schedule. What better way to do this than, receiving all the information via a phone call.
  4. 4. Listen to what U want Dial 666 from your Ufone to set your MyTune.Ufone does it once again. For the first time in Pakistan Ufone introduces an exceptional service – called MyTunes.With this one of a kind service callers can set a ringtone melody of their choice. So now the next time you make acall to any number, you will not be bored with the usual ring, ring tone or any of those hysterical ringtones thathave been set by the other number.
  5. 5. Ufone DostiLooking for interesting people to talk with? “Ufone Dosti” is one such platform which will help two likemindedpeople to come together and understand each other better without revealing their identity to each other. Ufone Dosti is a great way to socialize with people through the service which is both fun and safe. It allows usersto talk to other interesting users on the portal anonymously without revealing their phone numbers.
  6. 6. Ufone UTrack BusinessUfone has always been at its best when it comes to new and innovative value added services. Keeping up with thistradition Ufone offers an innovative location based services (LBS) under the brand name UTrack Business. Theseservice will allow Businesses to monitor employees and track their workforce, ensuring effectiveness and safety.•Track Employees - The service will help meet requirement of the corporate sector and organizations bytracking/updating their employees’ locations.•It will keep detail logs of all employees.•Employer can check updated information through web or even check history log through the web interface.•Location of individuals can be seen on map.•Business can create multiple hierarchies to manage their accounts by groups or regions as required with separatelogins
  7. 7. Paanch ka Punch Get Ready for the Punch!Ufone has always had the best deals to offer its customers. There is always something out-of-the-box and useful instore for U. And this is no exception!Ufone is proud to bring the power-packed 5 Ka Punch! With this amazing feature U will enjoy 500 SMS, 500 MMSand 5 MB of Mobile Internet for a nominal amount of just Rs.5 daily. This is what we call a truly power-packedpunch!
  8. 8. SMS Bundle Offer Ufone introduces an unbeatable SMS bundle offer which provides lowest SMS rates to any network in Pakistan.To enjoy the fantastic rates on SMS offered by Ufone Prepaid, just dial 100 to subscribe to the package of yourchoice, or select your SMS package from the details below and subscribe through SMS.
  9. 9. U-Block ServiceNow enjoy the freedom to control the calls you receive! With UBlock, U can block all those obnoxious callers thatkeep disturbing you. Simply SMS the obnoxious number to 420 and block all unwanted SMS and Calls at the sametime. U can also dial 420 to block all unwanted callers from any network.