Cross platform mobile app development tools review


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Presentation to discuss various Cross Platform Mobile Apps development tools. Rhodes, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Sencha Touch, Xamarin, MoSync SDK and MoSync Reload.
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Cross platform mobile app development tools review

  1. 1. Uday Kothari CEO, CompulinkAcademy
  2. 2. App must provide consistent user experience and behave similarly across different devices and platforms. Device capabilities such as screen size, input types and display capabilities can vary dramatically from vendor to vendor Minimize cost of development and maintenance
  3. 3.  Separate Build Environment fromTarget Environment  Framework provides platform independent API  Developer uses mainstream languages like JS, Ruby or Java and API to build App (UI, Business Logic, Data Persistance)  App processed by Cross Compiler into Native Code  Adv: High Performance
  4. 4. Software Implementation of Machine (Device) PlatformAPI + Runtime Environment AppCode VM Device OS Pro: Portability Con: Bit Slower than Native Flexibility
  5. 5. Uses HTML5, CSS, JavaScript Runs on Mobile Web Browser Lowest cost of Development Portable across wide range of devices and platforms Pure Web Hybrid Web (Using Web Viewer) and wrapped by thin layer of native app. Useful for common business app but not for CPU intensive apps like games
  6. 6. Rhodes PhoneGap /Cordova SenchaTouch Appcelerator Xamarin
  7. 7. Open source Ruby for Business Logic, HTML/CSS/Javascript for UI ComprehensiveTool set,VM interpreter Widest Platform Coverage (Android. iOS, Windows, Blackberry) MVC, ORM Ruby – Not many developers available
  8. 8. Build Mobile NativeApps using only HTML, Javascript, CSS Build Apps quickly Familiar tool set Webview – renders UI and support for major device capabilities (Camera, Contacts, Geolocation etc) Best suited when one has existing web app PhoneGap* –> Adobe, Cordova -> Open Source
  9. 9. Uses Cross Compilation Provides JavascriptAPI for Device Functionality 3 Step process:  Pre-compilation, Front end Compilation, Platform & Package compilation Creates NativeAPP Alloy MVC framework Marketplace to buy components developed by others
  10. 10. Cross Compilation Can use PhoneGap/Cordova tools to build finalApp HTML5, JavaScript, CSS based common code base Free and Paid versions
  11. 11. SenchaComplete SenchaTouch Bundle SenchaTouch – Basic FreeVersion Sencha Ext JS SenchaGXT SenchaArchitect - IDE SenchaAnimator Sencha Space – Mainly for Enterprise MobilityApps management
  12. 12. Build NativeApps for iOS, Android,Windows using C# Leverage your .NET skills, knowledge and experience Can use existing C or Java code Visual Studio Integration (Business Edition) or Xamarin Studio Expensive (Per Developer/PerYear/Per Platform Pricing)
  13. 13. MoSync Reload – HTML/CSS/JavaScript to build native apps MoSync SDK – C/C++ to build native apps. iOS, Android,Windows Phone builds Use Reload to build quick prototypes and if required use SDK to build true native apps. Reload has very nice development tools.  Reload Client – Runs on devices  Reload Server – Communicates with Client(s) to see how it looks on diff devices, emulators
  14. 14. MoSync (SDK) IDE is based on Eclipse Very stable and works out of the box For Android it can build APK directly for distribution For iOS it generates xcode project which can be compiled and packaged on Mac devices Not many HTML examples found. Good set of C/C++ examples.