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Presentation related to media streaming.

Presentation related to media streaming.



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Media streaming Media streaming Presentation Transcript

  • Media Streaming Independent Study and Seminar IIT 472-1 Group Presentation
  • Content 1. What is Media Streaming 2. What is On Demand Streaming 3. Progressive Streaming Advantages 4. What is Live Streaming 5. Live Demonstration 6. Media Streaming Protocols 7. Media Streaming Complexities 8. Media Streaming Compression 9. Unicasting and Multicasting 10.Summary
  • Streaming Media Is …. ………... multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider.
  • There are two types ….. On Demand and Live Streaming Media …….
  • On Demand streaming is …. …. provided by a means called progressive streaming or progressive download
  • Progressive streaming Advantages ● No need to be home to watch ● Diversity of content ● Always 'on' ● has more freedom etc.
  • Live streaming is ... …. provided by a means called "true streaming"
  • Live Streaming Applications ● Broadcasting of special events all around the world ● e-Learning ● Live Chat ● Online Surveys
  • Live Demonstration
  • Media Streaming Protocols ● MMS ● RTP, RTCP, RTSP ● RTMP HTTP Adaptive Protocols ● Adobe's HDS ● HLS ● HSS
  • Media Streaming Complexities Multimedia content has a large volume.
  • Streaming Media Storage Calculation (for a single user and file) ● Storage size (in megabytes) = length (in seconds) × bitrate (in bit/s) / (8 × 1024 × 1024) ● One hour of video encoded at 300 kbit/s (this is a typical broadband video as of 2005 and it is usually encoded in a 320 × 240 pixels window size) will be: (3,600 s × 300,000 bit/s) / (8×1024×1024) requires around 128 MB of storage.
  • Media Streaming Compression ● Audio Compression Codec:MP3, Vorbis or AAC ● Video Compression Codec:H.264 or VP8 ● Bit-Stream Containers:MP4, FLV, WebM, ASF or ISMA.
  • Unicasting and Multicasting Multicasting Unicasting
  • Future Trends in Video Streaming…. • Streaming, deals with the bandwidth of the connection and display resolution. • Digital Concert Hall. • Pushing the TV, media, and advertising industries into the realm of online media completely.
  • Summary Audio Video Microphone Digitization, Compression & Encoding Media Streaming Server Camera Web Server Audio Speaker Video Monitor Viewer Reverse Digitization,, Decompression & Decoding
  • The END Thank You !