Automated Traval Ticketing System


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Information Technological solution for the existing traditional paper based bus ticketing System in Sri Lankan transport context. This is Group Project presentation related to a system which is included both an Android and Web Based Solution

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Automated Traval Ticketing System

  1. 1. Automated Ticketing System Industrial Information Technology Group No:02
  2. 2. Outline  Introduction  Objectives  Project Description  Limitation  Further works
  3. 3. Introduction Data are sent for monitoring Send information Ask for interested Reply via SMS Ticket By SMS
  4. 4. Objectives  Develop an efficient system that can replace the traditional system.  To eliminate frauds which are done by conductors.  To increase more benefits to passengers like current location, security etc.  To build a long term customer relationship between passengers and transport company.  To provide user friendly and easier device to conductors to do their job efficiently.
  5. 5. Project Description
  6. 6. Login System  Typing user name and password is annoying inside the bus.  Pattern drawing can be accurately guessed by sharp gesture observation.  Solution is choosing predefined image pattern  Image organization is supposed to be change at each startup to prevent guessing by finger gestures.
  7. 7. Ticket Reader  Less frauds  Keeps electronic records regarding every transaction.  No physical money transaction.
  8. 8. Recharging  Less fraud  On place recharging  SMS confirmation
  9. 9. Summary report  Easy, quick and reliable summary of the whole day transactions and performance report of the employees.  Automatically generated.  Cannot be altered.  Simple
  10. 10. Emergency messager  One touch, quick and easy  SMSs for predefined numbers with geo-location coordinates.
  11. 11. Time keeper  One touch, quick and easy timer to indicate remaining time to finish current trip.  Common server time.
  12. 12. Current Location  One touch to identify current location with name and geo location coordinates.
  13. 13. Near by places  Point out nearest useful places like hospitals, garages, police stations etc. within few steps
  14. 14. Map notifier  Conductors can report any critical traffic state on road, natural disasters etc.  Conductors can view road states which was reported by others.
  15. 15. Limitations Limited 3G coverage over remote areas. Drop in microwave signals inside moving vehicles. Google map reverse geo-coding service is limited to few well known places.
  16. 16. Further works Moving GPS map from Google map API V3 to API V2 Integrate the SMS with an online SMS gateway.
  17. 17. Group Members • • • • • Balakanthan G. UWU/IIT/10/0003 Herath H.M.S.W. UWU/IIT/10/0015 Jayawardana P.H. UWU/IIT/10/0020 Kalubowila P.K. UWU/IIT/10/0021 Senavirathna S.M.U.C. UWU/IIT/10/0038
  18. 18. Thank You…!