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Presentacion lund


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  • 1. Copenhagen Sustainabel CityJørgen Lund MadsenGestión Técnica y Ambientde Ciudad de Copenhague
  • 2. 37% use bike to work30.000 bikes pr. day 350 km. bikepath
  • 3. Resources Energy Prices Cities FinancialEnvironment have a Crisis role Jobs Climate
  • 4. Copenhagen Strategy
  • 5. A greener and better everyday life - Local Agenda 21 in Copenhagen 2012-2015 The new Agenda 21-plan – citizens as experts of everyday life Ambitious visions require citizen involvement Focus • Placing the citizen at the center of green growth, climate, sustainability and innovative green actions • Removing existing barriers in regard to citizens’ green everyday behavior • Collaboration with citizens and users, as well as industry and science
  • 6. LOCAL 21COpenhagen
  • 7. The COpenhagen road to Sustainablility• COmmitments – Strong political commitments in the City Council – Financial support to new initiatives• COllaboration – Broad stakeholder involvement – New partnership models• COordination – Common business plans• COmmunicationPlanning for a future climate
  • 8. Our ChallengeExpected 110.000 new inhabitants in 2025 in Copenhagen
  • 9. Carbon neutrality in 2025- ambitious, but realistic 14
  • 10. CPH 2025 15
  • 11. MobilityMajor goals for 2025: » 75 pct. of all trips in Copenhagen are on foot, by bike or public transport » 50 pct. of trips to work or school in Copenhagen are by bike » 20 pct. more passengers use public transport » Public transport is carbon neutral » 30 pct. of all light vehicles run on new fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, biogas or bioethanol
  • 12. Society’s benefits from cycling• Longer life of citizens• Better public health• More space for urban life• Less CO2• Less Congestion• Urban Branding 1 9
  • 13. ”Adults who cycle to work or use a bikedaily have a 30 % lower mortality ratethan others that resemble them in allother aspects.”- Lars Bo Andersen, Professor,, Projekter på vej…..University of Southern Denmark 2 0
  • 14. Investments in cyclingApp. USD 10-20 millions per yearApp. USD 25 per citizen When a person chooses to cycle this is a clear gain for society 2 1 of 0,3 Euro per cycled kilometre.
  • 15. 2 Can it only work in2 Copenhagen?
  • 16. Energy ProductionMajor goals for 2025:• District heating in Copenhagen is carbon neutral.• Electricity production is based on wind and biomass and exceeds total electricity consumption in Copenhagen.• Plastic waste from households and businesses is separated.• Biogasification of organic waste 23
  • 17. Energy Production Main initiatives: •100 wind turbines before 2025 •Production of heat and power based on biomass •The role of geothermal, heatpumps and solar heat •Waste in the energy system – New high-tech waste treatment centre – Prevention, separation and recycling of plastic – Collection and treatment of organic waste for biogasification 25
  • 18. Green as a growth engine• With an increase of 77 pct from 2004-2009 the green sector was the fastest growing export sector in Copenhagen
  • 19. Effect on employmentGreen DKK million Jobs pr Effekt oninvestment million employment invested (man years)Municipal 2.700 1,3 3.000investmentsLow energy 6.000 1,3 8.000new buildingsEnergy 3.600 1,3 5.000retrofittingEnergy 10-15.000 1,3 13-20.000productionTotal 22-27.300 29-36.000 27
  • 20. Make results visible La nd ma rks
  • 21. Thank you for your attention• Martha Katrine Sørensen• Executive Climate Officer• +45 3366 5811•• and
  • 22. European Green Capital 2014•“It is incredibly easy to get aboutthis compact capital and toaccess the Copenhagen quality oflife.” (Monocle)•”Copenhageners don’t simplypreach the ‘progressive city’ethos, they live it.” (New YorkTimes)•If we want to promote cycling inbig cities in the UK, we should doas the Danes do.”(The Guardian)
  • 23. The Formula• Grand visions and tough goals • Detailed, yet flexible plans• Incentives set right • Involvement and collaboration – Local 21• Close monitoring of progress • Make policy compatible with prosperity and job creation and document that it is • Visible results
  • 24. Thank you for your attention