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OnlineUbisoft is entering the online games market in earnest, giving customers continuousconnections to their favorite gam...
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Ubisoft Unveils Diverse E3 Lineup and Kicks Off 25th Anniversary


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25 mai 2011

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ubisoft Unveils Diverse E3 Lineup and Kicks Off 25th Anniversary

  1. 1. UBISOFT® UNVEILS DIVER D RSE E3 LINEUP AN 3 NDKICK OFF 25TH ANNI KS H IVERS SARY C CELEBRATIOONParis, France, May 25, 2011 – Today, Ubisoft® anno y ounced that it will kick off E3 with an t n-only press conference on June 6, 2011 at 2:invitation s e :30 pm PST at the Los A T Angeles The eatrewhere at ttendees wil be treated to never-b ll d before-seen demonstrat soft’s fiscal year tions of Ubis2012 line e-up and ex xclusive new announcem w ments. Follo owing the pr ress confere ence E3attendee can view and play Ub es bisoft titles at the booth located in the South H a h Hall of the L LosAngeles Convention Center from June 7-9, 2011. This year’s E3 a m also marks t the start ofUbisoft’s 25th anniv s versary celeb bration; the company is celebrating this miles e s stone bydelivering its strongest and most diverse brand portfo b olio to date, with titles s spanning all enres and platforms, including a vamajor ge ariety of act tion adventu and shooter titles, urefitness games, onlin titles and casual gam to play w ne mes with the fam mily.“Ubisoft has been de elivering top ertainment for 25 years, and we’re incredibly p-notch ente egrateful for all of our fans,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive o d officer at Ub bisoft. “We p planfor the upcoming ye u ears to be ju as exciting and full o innovatio and the wide range of ust of on,creative, fun and un , nique titles we’re demon w nstrating at E3 illustrat the stellar talent of o t te ourdevelopm ment teams and Ubisoft ongoing investment in deliverin entertaining and t’s nginnovativ products to consume ve ers.” efinitionHigh DeAlready known for it growing collection of blockbuste brands, Ubisoft’s E3 l ts c f er line-up featu ures inition titles that set the bar for gahigh defi e aming creativity and quality, includ ding: Assass sin’sCreed® Revelations, Call of Juarez®: The Cartel, Drive ® San Fran R , C er ncisco, Raym man Origins and sTom Clan ncy’s Ghost Recon® Fu uture Soldier.
  2. 2. OnlineUbisoft is entering the online games market in earnest, giving customers continuousconnections to their favorite games whenever and wherever they want. By offeringinnovative new online titles, Ubisoft is using this year’s E3 to announce its presence as akey player in the online games space. Titles on display include: From DustTM, Tom Clancy’sGhost Recon® Online, and TrackMania2 Canyon.CasualUbisoft rules the casual market, holding the number one third-party position on Kinect, 3DSand Wii. Ubisoft continues to pioneer on emerging mainstream technologies and creatinggames with real-life benefits that the whole family can enjoy. Ubisoft’s casual gamesfeatured at E3 include: The Adventures of Tintin, MotionSports Adrenaline, RocksmithTM, theupcoming new Raving Rabbids®, Just Dance®, and Your ShapeTM games.Additionally, during E3 exhibition hours Ubisoft will host an exclusive Rocksmith-brandedtour bus outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Located in the concourse walkwaybetween the West and South Halls, consumers can hop on the bus to demo therevolutionary new music experience that is the first and only game that plugs into any realguitar.For fans not attending E3, Ubisoft’s press conference will be streamed live athttp://www.uplay.com and http://www.youtube.com/ubisoft. In addition, key elementsfrom Ubisoft’s E3 booth, including exclusive interviews with developers and game trailers,will be available to view online at http://www.youtube.com/ubisoft. For up-to-the-minute E3news updates from Ubisoft, please visit: http://twitter.com/ubisoftAbout UbisoftUbisoft is a leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products worldwide and has grown considerablythrough a strong and diversified line-up of products and partnerships. Ubisoft has offices in 26 countries and has sales in more than55 countries around the globe. It is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge video game titles to consumers. For the 2010-11 fiscal year Ubisoft generated sales of € 1.039 billion. To learn more, please visit www.ubisoftgroup.com.© 2010 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Your Shape logo, Motionsports logo, Rocksmith logo, From Dust, Just Dance,Rabbids, Tom Clancys, Ghost Recon, the Soldier Icon, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in theU.S. and/or other countries. Nadeo and Trackmania logo are trademarks of Nadeo in the US and/or other countries. Nadeo is aUbisoft Entertainment company.