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Presentation on Ubiquisys-Intel Smart Cells from CTIA Wireless 2012. …

Presentation on Ubiquisys-Intel Smart Cells from CTIA Wireless 2012.

Smart cells are a new category of hybrid device developed through a strategic collaboration between Intel Corporation and Ubiquisys. They combine a cellular/WiFi small cell with an integrated, comms-tuned computing platform with local storage. In a fast-track development programme, the companies have already met a number of key milestones, including prototype demonstrations with live applications from third party developers.

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  • 1. Why the Future is Smart Cell ShapedMonty JohnsonGeneral Manager Americas
  • 2. Introduction to Ubiquisys• A recognised leader in 3G/LTE small cells – Small Cell software and support systems #1 Indoor Small Cell Vendor – Small Cell reference designs [FEB 2012 VENDOR MATRIX]• Proven innovation – ActiveRadio® Real-time interference mitigation system – ActiveSON® Self-organising network (SON) of small cells – Smart Cells with EdgeCloud® technology• 50 operators launched, contracted or under commercial trial Including:• Established supply chain ecosystem – Operator solution providers: – CE manufacturers: SerComm, Gemtek, Tecom – Silicon providers: 2
  • 3. Intelligent Small Cell Systems PortfolioCloudBase®lifecycle Build | Activate | Download | Augment | Recover | Re-assignmanagementsystemEdgeCloud®computing Local content Uplink spooling Presence appsapps platform caching & app proxy & advertisingActiveSON®automatic Autonomous coordination to form seamless gridgrid system of capacity and coverage complementary to macro layerActiveRadio®dynamic self-organisationSideStep® spectrum Continuous adaptive behaviouroptimisation technology3G/LTE/WiFiSmall celldevices
  • 4. Introduction to public access small cell hotspots• Installed in public places: cafes, malls, stores, rail stations, venues etc• Multi-technology: 3G, WiFi and LTE in one box• Key characteristics: High quality mobile signal Small cells provide high-speed, short-range signal with low contentionBackhaul is the limiting factorLimited capacity, heavily loaded with 3G/4G/WiFi traffic,highly variable performance
  • 5. Now add a computing platform• Strategic collaboration between Ubiquisys and Intel• Compact, comms-tuned compute platform• Core® and Atom® variants available, with hardware accelerators• 40GB+ SSD and 4GB+ RAM Accelerators CPUAn ultra-compact server with massive inline processing capability CONFIDENTIAL © Ubiquisys 2011 5
  • 6. Enter the Smart CellEdgeCloud® PLATFORM EdgeCloud® APPLICATIONSIntelligent 3G/LTE small cell Cache and contentHi spec comms-tuned CPU Wireless Policy Mgmt.Massive storage and RAM “Core” inline processingMulti-mode WiFi Video adaptation SMART CELL = SMALL CELL + Hi SPEC SERVER + CLEVER APPS
  • 7. Cache applications 1. Proactive cache First play from cloud Next plays from cache 2. Predictive cache Timed download during low Content traffic periods on backhaul from cache Cuts backhaul traffic Improves user experience
  • 8. Proactive cache in action 2m 50s YouTube video backhaul wireless First play from cloud Next plays from cache • ~2m to download video • Backhaul eliminated • Time to play ~11s • Time to play ~3s 40% backhaul savings measured in trials
  • 9. More EdgeCloud® applications for Smart CellsInline processing apps Platform apps• McAfee Global Threat • Cellular-WiFi Policy Intelligence Management• URL filtering • Video Ad Server• Adaptive video shaping • Upload Proxy Delivers photos/videos to proxy• Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) app in smart cell to save time and extend phone battery life Core network functions that protect users. Running more Running apps closer to efficiently at the edge mobile users to deliver of the network. a better experience
  • 10. Future potential of EdgeCloud® technology Cloud Mobile Operator EdgeCloud® Localised services & content based on policy or use