What Content Marketing And First Dates Have In Common


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Good content marketing is like a good first date - if people have a great experience, they'll keep coming back.


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What Content Marketing And First Dates Have In Common

  1. What Content Marketing And  first  dates  have  in  common  
  2. Remember when you fell in love with your favorite blog?
  3. Was it love at first glance?
  4. Maybe you read one article, a few headlines and saw some photos...
  5. ...and before even reading the second article you started getting butterflies in your stomach…
  6. You've probably even imagined you and your new blog having little bundles of knowledge together.
  8. And for content, that kind of love makes wedding bells sound a whole lot like cash registers - ca-ching!
  9. Like  on  a  first  date,  a great experience is crucial for users to come back to your content.
  10. 95% of content marketers agree that offering a good user experience just makes sense. Source: Econsultancy
  11. 78% state that their company is extremely or quite committed to delivering the best user experience. Source: MarketingSherpa
  12. Unfortunately, 46% of users report having difficulty interacting with content. Source: Keynote
  13. Here are a few tips on how to make your content more effective   by  improving  your  users’  ex;erience  
  14. Get  to  know  your  users   Source: Consideredcontent.com Define who your target audience is. Typical methodologies include demographic profiling and segmentation, developing buyer personas, and identifying ideal customers. Don’t forget to include psychographics.
  15. Make  content  responsive   Source: Contentmarketinginstitute.com Whether users see a web page on a laptop or a mobile device, the experience should be consistent and optimized for viewing on each device. Research shows that when content isn’t optimized for different screen sizes, engagement drops dramatically.
  16. Limit  choices  and  dist?actions   Source: Consideredcontent.com E-books that end up as a hodge-podge of various ideas. Landing pages that offer 15 things to click. Emails with several irrelevant call-to-actions. Users have neither the time nor the patience for this and will reward it by simply going elsewhere.
  17. Don’t make it awkward!
  18. Good experience engages users, creates loyalty and helps   conver@  customers.  
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