The Robots Are Winning: The Rise Of Marketing Automation


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Marketing automation isn't the new kid on the block anymore, with many companies even using more than one software at a time. Learn why HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On and other tools are on the rise and what companies are saying about them.

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The Robots Are Winning: The Rise Of Marketing Automation

  1. 1. the robots are winning The Rise of Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Marketing automation isn’t the new kid on the block anymore
  3. 3. In fact, according to VentureBeat, 50% of companies that use marketing automation have adopted more than one software
  4. 4. Some are even using three or more tools!
  5. 5. But who uses what? Which tools are the most popular?
  6. 6. It is considered the most user-friendly tool 22.1 % of companies use Marketo
  7. 7. SAS is seen as both very user-friendly and lexible 3.9 % of companies use it f
  8. 8. Act-On is most often chosen by non-tech SMBs 2.2 % of companies have adopted it
  9. 9. The most popular automation software is…⋯
  10. 10. 27.1 % of companies prefer it It is considered “the best all-around software”
  11. 11. What does the future hold for marketing automation?
  12. 12. Revenues for B2B marketing automation systems increased 50% and reached $750 million in 2013.
  13. 13. Revenue in the marketing automation industry is predicted to grow by 60% in 2014.
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