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To Scan or Not to Scan?

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Receipt Organizer

  1. 1. To Scan or Not To Scan? by Gerard Ericson f you prefer to scan your own receipts then NeatReceipts is for you. NeatReceipts is a portable scanner and software solution that accurately scans receipts, documents and business cards. Patented technology scans items and captures data from the printed documents, then automatically organizes into a database. NeatReceipts helps you get rid of paper by scanning and organizing everything in a database on your computer. NeatReceipts helps you stay organized without the paper mess at work, at home and on the go. From receipts and expense reports to business documents and business cards, you can now manage your paperwork with ease. Keep organized, digital files in a database on your PC by simply sending documents through the scanner and the software will automatically handle the rest, ensuring you have ideal image scans. The lightweight, portable scanner weighs less than one pound, measures only 10.8 x 1.6 x 1.3 and powered by a single USB cord. It conveniently fits into your briefcase or laptop carrying case. • Easiest way to manage expenses, prepare for taxes, create expense reports and scan business cards--accepted by the IRS • Scans receipts (or invoices) and automatically reads key data from the scan. Converts to editable text. • Direct to QuickBooks export; Export to Excel, Word, Quicken, MS Money, MS Outlook, .PDF, HTML, .CSV • Reads US and Canadian $ receipts and business cards • MS Windows 2000, Vista, 7 or Mac However, if you find that scanning takes much of your time, I suggest you outsource it to Receipt Organizer
  2. 2. Shoeboxed Mail-in: Easily Organize Your Receipts Receipt Scanning Service Helps Unclutter! Tired of filing out expense reports? Get help tracking all your expenditures with's Receipt Mail-In Membership. When you mail your receipts to, they'll scan them in, upload them to your online account, and mail the receipts back to you. Finally track all your purchases with basically no work. All those organized receipts will be helpful when you need to generate expense reports, make returns, or get tax rebates (your data is exportable to Quicken). • Accepted by the IRS • Automatic categorization of your receipts • Receipts sortable by store name, date and total • Send your receipts to Quickbooks, Excel, PDF, Quicken, Freshbooks, and Evernote • Import business card contacts to Outlook, Address Book, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail, and most other contact programs • Automatically generated statistics about spending • No time spent with a scanner! Receipt Organizer