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Week One

Week One






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    Week One Week One Presentation Transcript

    • Week 1 Ubec Aymat – Diaz
    • The_english_dept.tripod.com This vocabulary exercise required you to read the passage (right). Then match the words in the text with their correct definition 30 – 40 minutes
    • Funbrain.com ACTIVITY SCORE Funbrain.com allows you to do many vocabulary exercises, such as word confusion. This activity (above) gives a sentence and you have to choose between two words that sound alike, but are spell differently and have a different meaning. 30 – 40 minutes
    • Webenglishteacher.com ACTIVITY RESULTS In this website a word was given with four different definitions to pick from in thirty seconds. 30 – 40 minutes
    • Englisch-hilfen.de This website allows you to choose from several different categories. Each category contains ten words that correspond to that particular category. The category I pick was “Where do animals live?” (left). I had to match words such as palace, monastery, kennel, etc. with their correct definition. This was a proverb exercise (right). You had to complete the saying. For example, barking dogs…never bite. 30 – 40 minutes
    • Englishlab.net This vocabulary exercise was a crossword. Definitions were given and one had to type in the correct word. 30 – 40 minutes
    • Englishpage.com This website lets you pick from different categories. “Unique Personalities” was the one I chose. It gives you the list of words with the definition (left) and then you can do the vocabulary in… … conversation or vocabulary follow-up (right). This activities has you use the previous words and match them with the opposite meaning. 30 – 40 minutes
    • Vocabulary.com This vocabulary exercise (left) is a simple matching game. I could get the score because your supposed to do it first then check your answers. This activity (right) is true or false. A sentence is given with a bold word. If the word in bold is correctly used in the sentence the sentence is true if it’s incorrect then the answer is false. 30 – 40 minutes
    • Master Spell Spell Master allows you to better your spelling skills. Better spelling skills better vocabulary. The program would verbally say a word that one would have to spell. Once done with the exercise you can retry the words you got incorrect for half credit. 30 – 40 minutes
    • Vocabulary Journal
      • http://www.webenglishteacher.com/vocab2.html
      • ABANDON – forsake
      • ABASE – degrade
      • ABASHED – embarrassed
      • ABATE – make less
      • ABDICATE – to give up
      • ABERRANT – departing from the norm
      • ABERRATION – deviation from correct way
      • ABET – encourage
      • BABBEL – idle talk
      • BACKING – support
      • BADGER – pester
      • BAFFLE – confuse
      • BALDERDASH – nonsense
      • BALEFUL – malignant
      • BALK – hesitate
      • BALLED – sentimental song
      • CABINET – group of advisors to the leader of the country
      • CACOPHONY – harsh sound
      • CADENCE – rhythmical movement
      • CAITIFF – cowardly
      • CAJOLE – to fool someone with flattering speech
      • CAJOLERY – deceptive speech
      • CALCULABLE – can be estimated
      • CALLOW – unsophisticated
      • http://www.englishpage.com/vocabulary/vocabulary.html
      • CYNICAL - seeing little or no good in other people, believing that people do good things for bad reasons
      • ECCENTRIC - having strange, unusual or abnormal habits or tastes
      • EGOTISTICAL - thinking too highly of oneself, considering oneself better than others
      • IMAGINATIVE - creative, having much imagination
      • INDECISIVE - unable to decide quickly, not knowing what choice to make
      • PICKY - hard to please, too careful in choosing something
      • SENSIBLE - practical, reasonable, something that makes sense
      • SENSITIVE - easily feels emotion, easily hurt emotionally can be positive or negative
      • SOPHISTICATED - representing high culture, very experienced in life
      • THOUGHTFUL - often doing things to make other people feel good