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Take your Business to the Next Level of Performance with SAP HANA



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  • 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP Solutions for Small Businessesand Midsize CompaniesSAP Business One, Version for SAP HANATake Your Business to theNext Level of Performancewith SAP HANA®BenefitsSolutionObjectives Quick Facts
  • 2. 2ObjectivesThe choice for small businessesjust got betterWhen you run a small business, business is personal. You have to carefullythink through the implications of every decision – and also know when tojust go with your gut. Either way, your business software has to provide youwith information you can trust and help you execute on those decisionsquickly and cost-effectively.That’s why customers around the world trustthe SAP® Business One application to run theirsmall businesses.And today that choice iseven better with SAP Business One, versionfor the SAP HANA® platform.With this version,the application and all of your SAP BusinessOne application data are powered by SAPHANA.Along with helping to speed your pro-cessing times, this enables you to maintain astreamlined IT landscape.It also means that you can take advantage ofreal-time analysis as well as extremely fastapplication performance.You can speed plan-ning cycles, sales and production processes,and financial transactions while taking advan-tage of innovative business functionality toenhance the agility and effectiveness of yoursmall business.And by simplifying your report-ing landscape, you can reduce your technologyownership costs.The choice for small businessesjust got betterBenefits Quick FactsSolution
  • 3. Big company performance pricedfor small businessesSAP Business One is helping tens of thousandsof small businesses grow quickly and profit-ably.The application is available in 120 coun-tries and 27 languages and combines a broadrange of functionality into a single, affordablesolution that runs all of your key business pro-cesses including:•• Accounting and financials•• Sales, service, and customer relationships•• Warehousing, inventory, and distribution•• Purchasing and operations•• Human resources•• ReportingYou can improve everything from optimal pipe-line forecasting to rapid, accurate year-endclose and help everyone work more efficiently.With SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA,you get an affordable solution that’s designedto deliver even more value as your businessgrows.That’s because the SAP HANA platformis designed for scalability, easily handling moredata and delivering even better performanceas more users access the software at the sametime. So as you expand your workforce andhave more users accessing the application,you won’t have to worry about outgrowingSAP Business One.SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, deliversreal-time simulation and planning functionality to helpyou tackle previously unsolvable problems.3Big company performance pricedfor small businessesEmbedded analytics support usersevery step of the waySmarter business processesfor greater business agilitySolution BenefitsObjectives Quick Facts
  • 4. Embedded analytics support usersevery step of the waySAP Business One, version for SAP HANA,revolutionizes all of your critical businessreporting. It quickly searches through yourSAP Business One application data to giveyou the answers you need right now. Reportsthat used to take days or hours to run andcompile now take only minutes, if not sec-onds. And even if your small business accu-mulates huge amounts of data, you can stillrun highly complex and data-intensive analy-ses in real time.The application also includes new embeddedanalytics functionality that delivers critical andtimely information to all those who need it,when and where they need it.You’ll benefitfrom highly visual and contextual dashboardsthat are embedded in the familiar SAP Busi-ness One screens. For example, when a cus-tomer’s name is entered into a sales orderscreen, a side panel on the screen opens show-ing the products most often purchased by thatcustomer.This enables your reps to makeinformed recommendations at the point ofsale.Your business transactions can be com-pleted faster than ever before while giving yourcustomers the personal service they deserve.4BenefitsSolutionObjectives Quick FactsBig company performance pricedfor small businessesEmbedded analytics support usersevery step of the waySmarter business processesfor greater business agilityUse embedded analytics in your daily transactionsto get up-to-the-second information on customerpurchasing habits, creditworthiness, and more.
  • 5. Smarter business processesfor greater business agilitySAP Business One, version for SAP HANA,includes new and powerful functionality thatcan accelerate business processes andimprove your bottom line. It offers an advancedavailable-to-promise (ATP) app that providesreal-time visibility into current inventory,ordered stock, replenished stock, and stockbeing delivered.You can immediately reservecurrent stock for future delivery dates andreschedule existing orders to ensure on-timefulfillment of your best customers’orders andto optimize product movement.SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, alsodelivers an improved cash-flow forecastingapp that dramatically improves your cash bal-ance visibility.This is a critical need for smallbusinesses where the quality of cash-flowforecasting can mean the difference betweenstaying in business and closing for good.Theadvanced app takes cash-flow forecasting tothe next level of performance by tracking salesorders, POs, down payments, recurrent post-ings, and other critical cash-related transac-tions in its calculations.5BenefitsSolutionObjectives Quick FactsBig company performance pricedfor small businessesEmbedded analytics support usersevery step of the waySmarter business processesfor greater business agilityReal-time inventory management and cash-flowvisibility are just the beginning; new apps are plannedfor upcoming releases.
  • 6. Real-time insight and performanceat an affordable priceSAP Business One, version for SAP HANA,has the functionality to help you transformyour business into a real-time enterprise.You can take advantage of high-speed analy-sis of all your business information to get theanswers you need right away. From analyzingproduct categories to resource planning forbatch manufacturing, business transactionsare available for analysis the second theycomplete, and you can deliver relevant datainto SAP Business One screens using perva-sive analytics.SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA, isalso priced attractively for small businesses.And it can lower your cost of ownership byenabling your IT department to be more effi-cient and by eliminating lengthy data prepara-tion, preaggregation, or tuning tasks requiredby traditional reporting and analytics tools.Best of all, the application scales as your smallbusiness grows, delivering even greater valuefrom your initial investment.6Real-time insight and performanceat an affordable priceBenefitsSolutionObjectives Quick FactsEmpower people to do more on their ownand execute faster and smarter – all froma single, affordable solution that can loweryour ownership costs.
  • 7. SummaryNeed big business performance at a smallbusiness price? The SAP® Business One appli-cation, version for the SAP HANA® platform,can help your business increase margins andgrow.With this innovative application, youcan instantly analyze growing volumes ofdata and gain the benefits of fast applicationperformance without complicating your ITlandscape.And with new embedded analyticsand high-performance apps, you can workmore efficiently than ever before.Objectives•• Leverage the power of SAP HANA to improveperformance and agility while lowering ITcosts•• Analyze growing volumes of data instantlyto streamline business processes andimprove decision making•• Run your business on a single, affordableenterprise solution that will scale as yourbusiness growsSolution•• Real-time analytics that can crunch throughall of your SAP Business One data in seconds•• New functionality enabling high-performancedashboards and reporting as well as real-time inventory, order management, andcash-flow visibility•• Single software platform that simplifiesIT administrationBenefits•• Dramatically improved responsiveness ofplanning, sales, production, and financialprocesses•• Faster business insight for improveddecision making•• Unmatched performance gains as moreusers access the software concurrently•• Reduced IT ownership costsLearn moreTo find out more, call your SAPrepresentative today or visit usonline at www.sap.com/sme/hana.7CMP21716 (12/11)©2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.www.sap.comCopyright/Trademark | Privacy | ImpressumQuick FactsBenefitsSolutionObjectives