Make Intelligent Decisions with Big Data


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Make Intelligent Decisions with Big Data

  1. 1. Make IntelligentDecisions withBig DataNo doubt the amount of data your company collects is growing.But what’s the point of amassing all that information if you can’t useit to drive your business forward? Smart businesses are giving peoplethroughout their organizations access to deeper intelligence by marryingtheir big data and business intelligence efforts into a big data solution.The result is better decisions based on meaningful insights company wide.What’s your strategy for big data analytics?SourcesFact 1: IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020, doc #231720, December 2011Fact 2: Gartner Predicts 2012: Doing More With Less in Storage Has Never Been More Imperative, Published: 5 December 2011Fact 3: IDC Global Technology and Industry Research Organization, 2012 IT and Communications Survey, N = 4177Fact 4: TDWI survey results for Best Practices report on Big Data AnalyticsFact 5: SAP Performance Benchmarking for High-Performance Analytics 2012Fact 6: SAP Performance Benchmarking for High-Performance Analytics 2012Fact 7: TDWI survey results for Best Practices report on Big Data AnalyticsFact 8: Forrester Research, Inc., The Future of BI, January 2012Fact 9: Gartner Market Trends: Analytics, Business Intelligence and Performance Managementto Be All-Pervasive by 2020, Published: 29 June 2012Fact 10: Harris Interactive on behalf of SAP AG, April 2012©2012 SAP AG. SAP and the SAP logo are trademarks and registeredtrademarks of SAP AG in Germany and several other countries.Will your business strugglewith large amounts of data?Is your company’s data growing? What challenges will your company face as aresult of your growing data?Ever hear of big data analytics?How can you turn big data from being aproblem into being an opportunity?When will analytics reach mainstreamadoption within your company?How will big data analytics change your business?Are the decision makers in your companyusing analytics today?Manage big data effectively and drive more intelligentdecision making by arming your front line withanalytics solutions from world’s digital data will reach2.7 zettabytesby the end of 2012.1Onlyof ITprofessionalsconsider bigdata a problem.30%Evidence indicatesthat less thanof information workersuse enterpriseBI solutions;30%By2014technology trends that focus onusability, speed and relevancewill drive analytics toof potential users.50%By2020cloud, social, mobile and information(big data) will drive analytics towardof users as the technologiesreach mainstream adoption. 975%this number is ofteneven as low as10%. 8The vastmajority,consider it to bean opportunity. 470% and their ability toanalyze and gaininsights from it.5of companies notice abig gap between theavailability of big data53%of companiesforesee a need for ahigh-performanceanalytics strategyto be implementedthroughout theirorganizations.654%of the IT professionalssurveyed said they werefamiliar with big data analytics.90%said they alreadyapplied analytics to big data. 734%Traditional content types, includingsimple unstructured data,are seeing growth rates of up to80% year over year. 2A survey of c-suite executives found that the topadvantages of using big data included:25%Decidingwhat datais relevant13%Cost oftechnologyinfrastructure11%Lack of IT skillsto manage bigdata projects10%Lack of skillsto analyzethe data59%More efficientbusinessoperations54%Boosting sales48%Becomingmore agile46%Attractingand retainingcustomers50%Lowering IT costs9%Deciding whattechnologyis best 39%Lack ofbusinesssupportBecause of theseadvantages and more,of executives expecta return on their bigdata investmentswithin one year.1070%