The Fast and Simple Way toBetter Performance and Innovation You’re way over cost. You’ve missed your deadline. And now you...
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The Fast and Simple Way to Better Performance and Innovation


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The Fast and Simple Way to Better Performance and Innovation

  1. 1. The Fast and Simple Way toBetter Performance and Innovation You’re way over cost. You’ve missed your deadline. And now your business goals are at risk. Sound like a project you’ve been involved in before? At SAP, we’re constantly striving to help you speed deployment, drive down cost, minimize risk, and deliver predictable business outcomes. This is why we offer a wide range of rapid-deployment solutions, helping you to run better faster.When it comes to software Part of the issue is that IT and the businessimplementations, there are are not always alignedsome unsettling realities IT wants Lines of business integration want to improve It’s important to protect performance – the platform, so that IT as fast as possible can ensure availability, It’s equally important to scalability, and ongoing maintain the flexibility innovation you need to respond to54% 56% business conditions quicklyof projects run over time1 of projects run over budget2But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Fast implementations and business innovation and a clear ROI with minimal risk 150+Now you can with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions available from SAP Consulting as well “ It was out of the box... a 4-week process, great!SAP Rapid Deployment as more than Mike Nelson, Principal BIsolutions 250+ Architect, ConAgra SAP-qualified partners ” around the worldSpeedSAP Rapid Deployment solutions save you time40% Less time and effort compared with traditional implementations 52 weeks Average IT project vs 12 weeks Average rapid deployment project Finance 14 weeks 8 “ Manufacturing weeks 12 Fast delivery time was a Supply Chain weeks Governance 8 weeks key factor of success… Human Resources 11 weeks In just 8 weeks the project CRM 10 weeks SAP HANA 8 weeks went live within our Chinese branch. Mobile 8 weeks Hybrid Cloud 2-5 weeks Gabriele Folli, Marketing Fast implementation times with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions* Manager, OCME ”InnovationSAP Rapid Deployment solutions help you take “ Looking ahead with confidence is something we alladvantage of SAP’s game-changing technology want to be able to do. When your business is based on it, it’s more than a wish. It’s a necessity. The Database and technology rapid-deployment solution helped us realize this 25% impossible dream – and on a daily basis. Martin Gries, Director of Supply Chain Management, H & J Bruggen Of all live SAP HANA customers used SAP Rapid Deployment solutions to deploy ” Cloud deployment 1/3 Of the implementation time for your rapid-deployment solution can be reduced with the cloud-based quick-start solution – You choose what, when, and how to deploy Mobile 6 weeks To help enable enterprise BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Improve productivity across 7 lines of business with 25 mobile apps to choose from in SAP mobile apps and infrastructureSimplicitySAP Rapid Deployment solutions “ Rapid-deployment solutions ensure SAP will be seen as the trusted adviser customers need to scale and grow businesses — simplifying concepts andmake life easier ” reducing relative costs. Elizabeth Hedstrom Henlin, Senior Analyst, TBR 4 components 3 steps And a lot less risk Preconfigured software Start – Aligned with best practices Fixed scope with proven business value Fixed cost Implementation services Best-practice content Fixed timeline Deploy – Delivery and implementation and templates End-user training materials Run – Final testing, go-live, and support “ Rapid-deployment solutions can help drastically reduce implementation efforts compared to a classic approach, since the base processes within the solution scope are very well-defined best practices, and more efficient than defining ” custom-specific processes. Tobias Ortwein, Senior Vice President, Project Services & SAP Services Markets, PACFaster, easier, and less costly Sources 1: “2012 ERP Report,” Panorama Consulting Solutions,implementations are within 2: “2012 ERP Report,” Panorama Consulting Solutions,your reach how you can speed innovation and * The example deployment times shown above are for informational purposes only and do not represent any commitments by SAP and/or itsreduce your risk at partner to deliver these assets. Actual pricing, costs, and implementationFollow on Twitter: @SAPRDS results may vary, based on customer-specific requirements and needs. The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP™© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.