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Beth Pritchard - Taking the Right Risks
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Beth Pritchard - Taking the Right Risks






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  • Where I learned to be a Maverick – SCJ, pregnancy, name change
  • They will always think like you Experience at BBW vs. SCJ But not just to be different BBW – 40% newness – couldn’t think like P&G, but trained like it – shower gels Vision around Holiday Raft trip Bob the Dog Lack independent thinking
  • You will spend more time with your co-workers than spouses, family, etc. over your lifetime. It is all what you make of it - - make a difference, make an impact. Want to sit next to you to Europe Think like another industry – i.e., not personal care packaging goods, rather fashion Shower Gels / Gift Sets Personal care was a routine – changed to a pampering experience
  • i.e., J&J or Avon Kate – emotional connection
  • Make it or its sell side not buy 40 + Compensation / promotion Child at Christmas
  • G.E. - BP’s core team - - -Laurie / Mike / Ethan - - have followed me from my days at SC Johnson to BBW to Dean & Deluca to present at Sunrise Beauty Studio. invited Les ??? Insist
  • BOD – my design person Linda ?????
  • My greatest accomplishments – my family and friends. Being the first woman VP at SC Johnson and taking a small retail chain to one of the most recognized and trusted brands ever in personal care. Don’t let one area control your life. All work and no play . . . When you do take time for yourself, family, friends . . . Disconnect . . .. Put down the Blackberry and really be present. I’m sure I will sound like your parents, but life really does go fast and you have to enjoy every minute. The old saying, it takes a village . . . Don’t discount anyone or their contributions. Learn from your peers, colleagues, family, competitors, etc. Learn what kind a leader you want to be or in some cases, what kind of leader you do not want to be. Always recognize a success, big or little. You can’t change history but you can definitely change the future.

Beth Pritchard - Taking the Right Risks Beth Pritchard - Taking the Right Risks Presentation Transcript

  • How Does She Do It?  Leading Across Work, Family and the Globe
    University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
    Women Leaders Conference
    Beth M. Pritchard
    Thursday, March 31, 2011
    8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
  • Leadership Is Who You Really Are
  • Leadership Is What You Do
    Schlitz Brewing Company
    Business Manager – New Product
    1969 - 1971
    Central Intelligence Agency
    National Clandestine Service (NCS)
    Central American Operations
    SC Johnson Wax
    Vice President – Insect Control
    1971 - 1991
    Bath & Body Works
    President and CEO
    1991 – 2004
    Victoria’s Secret Beauty
    1997 – 1999
    The White Barn Candle Company
    1996 - 2003
    The White Barn Candle Company
    Dean & Deluca
    Vice Chairman, President and CEO
    2006 - 2008
    Crabtree & Evelyn
    Vice Chairman
    2008 - 2009
  • Leadership Is What You Do
    Sunrise Beauty Studio
    CEO and Principal
    2009 to Present
    The Alshaya Group
    North America Business Development Advisor
    2008 - Present
  • Leadership Is What You Do
    The Vitamin Shoppe
    Board Member
  • Leadership Is Taking Risks
    Those who dare to be different, make mistakes, embrace a passion to succeed . . . but always within their value equation.
  • Leadership Is Working With Mavericks
    Don’t hire your clone
    Be the first to be different
    Irreverence and humor
    If they agree with you all the time – let them go
  • Leadership Is Going the Extra Step
    Hugs, not handshakes
    Never take paper reference at face value
    If it worked before, change it before someone else does
    Tie everything to the bottom line
  • Leadership Is A Passion To Succeed
    Pattern competitors to find out where they are, then go in a new, different direction
    A firm hand, but gentle touch
    Demand an entertaining, emotional experience for your customers . . . every time, every where
  • Leadership Is A Partnership
    Vendors must be partners in good and bad times
    Create a team that is always trying to exceed your goals
    Build a relationship with your customers . . . there are no average customers
    Sales force is key; the customer doesn’t ask who is part-time
  • Leadership Is Owning The Culture
    Passion for the customer
    Super teams versus a team of super stars
    You never win the war, only the battles
    Price of admission is a good idea
  • Leadership Is Owning The Culture
    Culture starts at the top . . . remember everyone is watching!
    Lack of balance is not an option
    Set goals beyond conventional expectations
    Leaders create energy in an organization
  • So, how do I do it?  Leadership Is All About The Values You Hold
    Follow your passion
    Keep your life balanced and be present in the moment
    Be compassionate and respect all
    Forward thinking – always improving and learning
    Celebrate the wins
    Analyze, not agonize the misses