LSS Tour Fall 2011


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LSS Tour Fall 2011

  1. 1. LSS in Van Hise Hall Serving the College of Letters & SciencesL&S Learning Support Services
  2. 2. Where to find us: On the 2nd floor of Van Hise Hall (and via ourwebsite/email/phone)Who we serve: The students, faculty and staff in the UW-Madison College ofLetters & ScienceHow long we’ve been around: Since 1955How we’ve evolved:Started out as the Language Lab servingforeign language faculty and over the yearshas become involved in other related activitiesand instructional support for all of L&SWhat we aim to do:Promote and support the thoughtful use of technology forteaching and learning in the College of Letters & Science by providing up-to-datefacilities, equipment, materials, training, and consulting to L&S faculty and teachingstaff. Who we are
  3. 3. How we achieve this:Offer a variety of instructional technology services and facilities:Media production, online learning tools and environments, language and L&Ssubject library, equipment rental, computer labs and study spaces, classroomcomputer labs and presentation rooms, and moreConsult with L&S faculty and staffon audio, video, and other instructionaltechnology projects.Collaborate with instructorson instructional technology implementation,course-based audio and visual materials,UW online course management sitesProvide one-on-one and group trainingand instructional technology seminarsand workshops What we do
  4. 4. Thirteen staff members, thirty-odd helpful and tech-savvy studentlabbies and social media interns, and a whole lot of instructionaltechnology and media production knowledge in one place!(also totally friendly—though sometimes a bit nerdy—and alwayswilling to help you!) WHO we are
  5. 5. Learning technology services for you: Consulting, media production, online learning tools and environments, workshops and seminars Facilities for you and your students: Classroom computer labs, movie/presentation rooms, study space, InfoLab, Learning Lab Equipment rental and support for you and your students : AV Pool, InfoLab, technology training and Support and troubleshooting for you: Local tech support for your office or classroom or connection to other campus resourcesWhat we have to offer you
  6. 6. LSS Website Online resources, guides, and news Open to: students, faculty, and staff How-To guides: •Equipment instructions •Troubleshooting •Audio and video Reservations and Contact information: •AV equipment and classrooms •Specific services and staff contacts Digital Learning Lab •Course resources •Streaming audio and video Webtools information Current hours and LSS news Office: 279 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-1408 

  7. 7. InfoLab Newly renovated computer lab and equipmentComputer lab: Open to: students, faculty, and staff•45 dual boot Macintosh computers and software•Scanning equipment and software•B&W printing with WiscCardRental equipment:•Three-day checkout•Variety of equipment forpersonal, professional,and academic use
 464 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-4575
  8. 8. Learning Lab Extensive library and inviting study space Open to: students, faculty, and staffAudio and video library collection:•Materials in over 100 foreign languages and on variousL&S subjects available for checkout•Online Digital Learning Lab that provides course materialsand streaming videoStudy space:•Public computers•AV playback equipment•Digital audio recording software 259 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-8695
  9. 9. AV Pool Instructional equipment rental and consulting Open to: faculty and staffInstructional technology consultation and support:•LSS AV Pool online Help Chat•Van Hise LSS classrooms/AV Pool equipment tech support and troubleshooting•Instructional technology ideas and suggestionsEquipment rental:•Short-term, on-campus checkout•Instructional use only•Wide range of audio, video, projection, and computer equipment(including cables and adapters) 275 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-1678
  10. 10. Media Services Audio, video, and conferencing services and facilities Open to: faculty and staffServices and facilities:•Audio production and sound-proof production studio•Video production and professional production studio•Videoconferencing•Video and audio digitization, dubbing, and conversion•Professional academic and event AV production servicesConsultation:•Instructional materials recording and production•DIY AV production, troubleshooting, and ideas•Editing and distribution 299 Van Hise Hall ph: 263-2838
  11. 11. Tech Zone Support, installation, and repair in certain L&S buildings Open to: faculty and staff Support and consultation: •Hardware and software installation and configuration •Computer protection and backup •Data transfer •System and software troubleshooting •Repair Availability: •Van Hise, Ingraham, and Sterling Hall •Social Work, Bradley, and Social Sciences buildings •Music Department and University Club •Max Kade Institute 
464 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-4575
  12. 12. Classroom facilities Open to: students, faculty, and Instructional computer labs for staff research projects, group chats, testing, listening activities, and more Movie viewing and presentation rooms Van Hise 2nd-5th floor classrooms with video and audio equipment and hookups 279 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-1408 

  13. 13. News and To-Watch The latest happenings in LSS Fall 2011 Lens on the Collection: Learning Lab film picks organized by a month-long theme—check and the Learning Lab bulletin board! 2011-2012 L&S Instructional Technology Seminar Series: Six-seminar series for all L&S instructors on using and expanding technology in teaching—check for schedule andFollowLSS for details.currentnews, Learning Support Services/Academic Technology Mobile Pilot:updates, Test kit with a small number of iPad2s available for checkout soonandevents! Elevator Outage!: Van Hise down to TWO operational elevators for most of the fall 
 Main Office: 279 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-1408
  14. 14. Come discuss your ideas, questions, and instructional technology concerns with us! General hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday-Friday We’re here to help! Check the LSS website for up-to-date hours for the current semester and exact hours for each facility(some services, like the InfoLab, stay open later) Main Office: 279 Van Hise Hall ph: 262-1408