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Retailigence Presentation

  1. 1. Jeremy Geiger, CEO Under The Radar Conference November 12th,2010
  2. 2. Local Businesses Spend $60B on Advertising January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com2
  3. 3. Yet shoppers still ask “Where can I buy it?” January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com3 Hunt around the mall and hope it’s in stock… Drive around town checking stores… Call places they “think” might have it… Buy online, pay for shipping and wait… Retailigence-powered apps can help them find it now!
  4. 4. …but inventory information is “sacred” January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com4 Local product availability Local product availability Local product availability
  5. 5. Case Study: Nordstrom January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com5 Jamie Nordstrom, President, Nordstrom Direct: • Publishing inventory translated into “some pretty meaningful results.” - Same-stores sales jumped 8 percent (inventory publishing had a significant impact on this) • “Any retailer that fails to get this is apt to fall behind. “ -Huffington Post, Aug. 2010
  6. 6. January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com6 • Tell shoppers it’s in stock without rebuilding website • Attract new customers via location-aware web and mobile channels • Generate foot-traffic without offering discounts Retailigence Helps Retailers
  7. 7. Benefit to Apps and Retailers January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com7 Retailer Retailer Retailer Retailer Data Providers Our Data as a Service (DaaS) platform provides: • Retailers: Presence in the apps that shoppers use • App Developers: Consolidated source for product availability Data Consumers Barcode scanning apps Shopping apps Product & location sites Augmented reality apps Location- based services GPS devices Retailigence Platform
  8. 8. Powering location-based shopping January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com8 Ease of adoption  App Developers: Open API • Free for developers • Supports all mobile Operating Systems & Carriers  Retailers: Connectors and expertise to automate back-end integrations  Powerful Analytics API Data-as-a- Service (DaaS) Connectors Analytics
  9. 9. About Retailigence  Announcing $1.5M in seed funding from: - Draper Fisher Jurvetson - Quest Venture Partners - Dave McClure’s 500 Startups LLC - ZIG Capital (New York) - Global Brain Corporation (Japan)  Database containing more than 3 million products and more than 50 thousands stores  Experienced team of 14 members with extensive background in retail and technology from companies like: January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com9
  10. 10. Data sources and consumers Retail data being sourced from… Retail data being delivered to… January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com10 Pic2Shop Stipple BarCodeScan PricePad MixMobi WikiTude
  11. 11. What we are looking for…  Retailers interested in: • Improving mobile marketing • Increasing in-store foot-traffic • Becoming visible in hyper-local product searches  App developers who want to add a shopping component to any location-based app  Media and advertising agencies interested in creating unique campaigns with a local dimension January 30, 2015 Retailigence, Inc www.retailigence.com11