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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Powering Cloud Deployments
  • 2. Benefits of deploying applications to Cloud
    • Simplicity
      • Easy, self-service access
    • Affordable
      • Pay for what you use, without upfront investments
    • Agility
      • Faster time-to-market without long approval/sysadmin cycles
    • User-centric
      • Business user has feeling of more direct control & access
    Deployment Agent-based Management
    • Complex
      • 5 agents per server
    • Expensive
      • $15,000 up front for 3 year term
    • Brittle
      • Sysadmins manually configure agents & provision accounts
    • IT-centric
      • Developers have to get log files from IT
  • 3. Makara Cloud Application Platform
    • Rapidly provisions new application environments
      • Every developer has their own test environments
      • Pro Services has environments for customer engagements
      • Presales has environments for POCs
    • Monitors & scales applications
      • Consistency is ensured across environments
      • Complete built-in management stack
    • Supports Java & PHP applications
  • 4. Company Overview
    • Cloud Partners: VMware, Terremark, Amazon, Red Hat, Rackspace
    • Investors: Sierra Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz
    • Location: Redwood City, CA
    • Team: Wily Technology, HP, Google, Transmeta, large-scale web engineers, linux hackers
    • Product: In public beta
    • Technology : Makara’s Application Capsule enables portability, scaling, performance monitoring & rollback.
    • Pricing: $0.25/hr per virtual server or discounted yearly subscription
    Makara Cloud Application Platform Leverage cloud technology to dramatically reduce time to deploy and slash cost of operations for new and existing web applications
  • 5. How expensive is deploying and managing applications?
    • Retail Company
    • Paying developers overtime to firefight issues because management tools are too complicated to deploy
    • 2-3 weeks to deploy app update
    • Midsize Bank
    • 12 FTEs maintaining application management tools & agents to support 50 web applications
    • $1m/yr software maintenance
    • 600 unmanaged applications
    • 6-8 weeks to deploy app update
    • Financial Services Company
    • 100+ IT Project Managers to coordinate application deployment tasks
    • 8-10 weeks to deploy app update
    • Telecommunications Company
    • $2.5m/yr opex on application management tools
    • 1200 applications
    • 6 FTEs devoted to agent upgrades, 3+ years behind on those upgrades
    • 10-12 weeks to deploy app update
  • 6. Target customers 2010
    • Mid-size SaaS vendors scaling up
      • Need to automate deployment & management to scale
      • Some running on-prem
    • Departments of enterprises targeting public clouds
      • Public-facing websites
      • Normal IT tooling isn’t supported for them on public cloud
    • Startups
      • Websites & widgets
      • Don’t have any IT support
    • 2011: Enterprise private clouds
  • 7. How it works: Self-service portal
    • User permissions & quotas
    • Provisions to choice of cloud
  • 8. How it works: Wizard-based on-boarding to clouds Traditional Agent-based Application Management webappVM’s Agentless Management OS Metal Compute Cloud Application Capsule Application Code Application Server webappVM Platform Built-in Deployment, Performance, Log and Change Management Application Code Application Server Load Balancer Web Server Configuration Dependencies Compute Cloud
  • 9. How it works: Management & scaling NO AGENTS NO MANAGEMENT SERVERS NO CODE CHANGES Dashboard API Compute Cloud webappVM Platform Auto-Scaling Auto-Scaling Application Capsule Application Code Application Server Load Balancer Web Server Configuration Dependencies
    • Portability
    • Rollback
    • Clustering
    • Instrumentation
    • Versioning
    • Log Search
  • 10. Get started
    • Migrate your application to a cloud with Makara
      • Wizards walk you through
      • We’ll help you if you get stuck (this is why we’re in beta!)
      • Our management features are awesome
    • Join our Private Cloud Planning Panel
      • Network with other IT professionals building private clouds
      • Inform our private cloud offering