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  • Hi, thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I’d like to share some information with you about New Relic’s unique approach to application management.
  • Doesn’t need to say New Relic again Suggested tltle: What do we do?
  • These are some quick snapshots of our intuitive UI. It’s so simple to use that in three clicks, you can go from monitoring your app 24x7 to proactively discovering a problem, and determining its root cause. Let’s look at how RPM works…
  • Here’s a simple illustration of how our service works. As I mentioned before, you simply install a small piece of code on your application, a process that literally takes 2 minutes or less. Once you restart your app with our agent, it automatically begins reporting data to our data center.That data is now available to you anytime, anywhere through a browser. Again, more than 3000 customers around the world have trusted New Relic to monitor and manage over 30,000 application instances.
  • (Optional slide)Just to reiterate how easy it is…I’ve put together a chart of the 4-step process. We like to say “don’t wait for management,” because you can monitor you app in minutes, not months.
  • We serve customers of all types…large, small, medium businesses. I’m sure there are some names here that you will recognize. The one thing that they all have in common is that they are adopting agile practices and SaaS tools like New Relic that allow them to embrace change.
  • Title GROWTHCreate bullet points: # of customersRevenueRun rateGross marginMaybe a milestone, better way to deliver out the information, In 10 months we had 1500, 600 paid subscribers, ASP (not in pitch: average is paying 2000 in december they were paying 1300) increased revenue per customer, Every week our top line grows by 6% - and it’s compoundingScalable


  • 1. New Relic®Don’t Wait for Management!
    Under the Radar 2010
    Lewis Cirne, Founder & CEO
  • 2. What do we do?
    We make web applications perform and scale in production
    We give customers deep, real-time visibility inside their production applications
    New Relic RPM is the first application-centric APM tool deployed as SaaS
  • 3. The New Relic Team
    Lew Cirne – CEO
    Founder, CEO and CTO of Wily Technology
    Mark Sachleben – COO
    CFO, Wily
    Jim Gochee – VP Engineering
    Chief architect, Wily
    Bill Lapcevic – VP Business Development
    Director BD, Wily
    Mike Malloy – VP Marketing
    CMO, SVP Product Development, Wily
  • 4. RPM Monitors, Troubleshoots, and Tunes Web Applications
    In the Cloud or in the Datacenter
  • 5. a
    How New Relic RPM Works
    New Relic Service
    • Secure, reliable service
    • 6. No private user data
    • 7. View app performance from anywhere
    App Team
  • 8. The Traditional Way to Buy + Use IT Management Tools
    Begin Seeing
    Attend training class
    Contact vendor
    Repeat for each app
    Meet with Salesman
    Sign an NDA
    Ask for prices
    Configure tools
    Get prices
    Install hardware
    Install APM Tools
    Hire consultants
    Ask for discount
    Order storage
    Check CAPEX budget
    Sign another NDA
    Order hardware
    Order APM tools
  • 9. The New Relic Way:Don’t Wait for Management!
    You’re Seeing
    Follow our2 minute installation process
    Sign up at newrelic.com
  • 10. 3,500 Customers in 22 Months
    1,500+ Customers Deployed in Clouds
  • 11. Notable Customers
  • 12. Notable Partners
  • 13. How Have we Done Since Last Year?
  • 14. Thanks!
    Try New Relic for yourselfGo to: newrelic.com
    Follow us @newrelicHelp us spread the good word