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White paper on life skills for students
White paper on life skills for students
White paper on life skills for students
White paper on life skills for students
White paper on life skills for students
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White paper on life skills for students


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. WHITE PAPER ON LIFE SKILLS FOR STUDENTS/WORKING PROFESSIONALSWHAT IS LIFE SKILLS?Everyone wants to be successful in their life whether we talk of career, profession, education, etc.human are the only species which come with zero software from birth and they have to learn practicallyeverything under guidance of their parents/teachers and others. In contrast animals are preprogrammed and follow their instincts most of the times.To be successful one needs to develop several attributes to meet various challenges the society throwson us. Education gives us the label and respect we deserve but is no guarantee for success. As an ironymost successful people are not very highly educated take example of Dhirubhai Ambani, Dr.AlbertEinstein, Winston Churchill, etc.,Then what is the secret of these successful people?SECRET OF SUCCESSNLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has studied successful people and noticed all these have onecommon factor and denominator. Most people think lots of hard work has to be put to achieve success,which is a BLATANT LIE told to us since generations preventing our success.Somehow intuitively successful people have tapped into the universe secret of abundance to get theMIDAS TOUCH.
  • 2. Dr.Sumeet, Doctorate in NLP and among the few Master-Trainers in the world has learnt this formula ofsuccess and revealed it in his book “Making of a Millionaire.” He is not selfish he is teaching this for last15 years to corporate, individuals, organization and students.WHY LIFE SKILLS?We are in the era of Information Technology where everything has become digital and press of a buttonyou have at least basic information as a starter point and pick up threads of the subject in question.Graduates, Management Students, Engineering and Medical Professionals once out of college arethrown into ocean of unknown waters leaving them confused, angry, and depressed when things don’thappen their way.For these students to be successful they need to have a) Positive attitude b) People skills – both inter and intra personnel c) Handling difficult situations d) Crisis management e) Presentation skills f) Good communication g) Command on English and grammar. h) Confidence and commitment. i) Physically fit, mentally focused, emotionally balance, financially secure and spiritually connected. j) Good memory. k) Leadership qualities. l) Body language.
  • 3. m) Etiquettes and mannerisms and MUCH MORE……We at UTOPIA LEARNING – The L&D division of PAN ASIA GLOBAL GROUP a 57 years old organizationwith presence in 18 countries and 1.3 billion $ turnover conducts the above program for benefit ofstudents and individuals worldwide.HOW LONG IS THE PROGRAM?Extensively program is 6 full days and can also be broken into 3 hours daily or weekend’s as the need be.AND COST?No, it is an investment on yourself because knowledge is one thing no one can steal from you resteverything money, car, property, etc will either be stolen or fire will devour it or government will take it.If one has knowledge everything can be regained back “Nehi Gyanenum Sadrisham” – Nothing is aboveknowledge. All our programs investment is affordable and nominal.WHAT ELSE DO WE GET?Students get a detailed manual, CD’s and host of internet links to do more research and enhance theirknowledge. The training is completely technique oriented, simple to follow and immediately to put intopractice. NLP, Six sigma, Kaizen, TPQ, TQM and Yoga/Vedic principles are taught to bring about 3600transformation in self, practical games and activities are extensively done to stress a point.
  • 4. WHAT IS THE CERTIFICATION ?All students get a certification internally valid from NFNLP,USA after a simple objective type 1 1/2 hourexam which will also help them in getting a job or enhance their careers.WHO CONDUCTS THIS PROGRAM?Dr.Sumeet and Dr.Lalitha are seasoned corporate trainers since 1996 and have over 100,000 hours oftraining experience. Both are Master Trainers in NLP from NFNLP, USA and have trained 250 corporatecompanies and 50,000 individuals. Please see their detailed profile in the PPT presentation and alsotheir linked in profile on and