Communicating the Art of Networking

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Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah Rodriguez

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  • 1. Help Your Students HelpThemselves: Communicating the Art of Networking Sarah Rodriguez Professional Development Day
  • 2. Introductions Sarah Rodriguez Higher Education Administration, PhD program GRA Gates Millennium Scholar Experience with career counseling
  • 3. Objectives Attendees will understand and be able to communicate the art and impact of professional networking with the students that they work with Attendees will learn relationship-building techniques and be able to access networking resources that they may share with the students that they work with Attendees will become a valuable resource for their students in regards to professional networking
  • 4. What is Professional Networking? Networking - No. 1 way most people actually find a job or internship ART of gathering helpful information from personal contacts and professionals in student’s field of interest  Learn about career paths, job leads It’s a way of life - Not just when looking for a job  Regular practice  Realizes the value in building and maintaining a strong networking relationship throughout their career
  • 5. Examples of Professional Networking Informational interviews Face-to-face contact Introduction by mutual acquaintance Online connections, social media
  • 6. Significance of Professional Networking to College Students Need to fight for jobs!  Unemployment Rate – 9% Gives students an edge  80% of job market is NOT POSTED More networking connections, more opportunities
  • 7. Why this is our problem, not someone else’s Not JUST Career Services issue Work closely with students Students trust us We have very large networks!
  • 8. Obstacles to Professional Networking for College Students Lack of emphasis placed on professional networking Limited knowledge of techniques, soft skills Confusion on how to maintain professional networks and relationships
  • 9. What we can do to help… How to present professional networking Techniques for professional networking Resources for professional networking
  • 10. How to Present Professional Networking Present networking as an ART  No one’s process the same  Not just about getting the job  Students will develop their own style, process Believe in the process  Kick the negativity – “It’s not what you know…”  Have them visualize it, draw it  Not just for business students Encourage general “professionalism”  A word on giggling, dress, handshakes etc.
  • 11. And…more. Mention it early, often. Expect it from your students  Starting…YEAR 1  Building in networking everywhere you go! Networking as relationship building  Can’t just meet people  Help students see networking as a 2-way street where BOTH benefit
  • 12. And some more… Demystify networking – not some back room, wheelin’ dealin’ or cosmic force Give Handouts  5 must haves for each student Be blunt, constructive criticism  Don’t sugar coat it. If it’s broke, let’s fix it now.  Help them set up goals for improvement  Invest in them!
  • 13. Techniques for professional networking Start off well  Firm handshake – demo  Eye contact  “Hello. My Name is ___. It’s a pleasure to meet you (their name).” STUDENTS MUST RESEARCH  Know about field – What Can I Do With This Major?  Salary  Key people Let people know their interests, plans
  • 14. Techniques… Maintaining relationships  Not enough JUST to meet them  Try to connect, at least every 3-6 months  Voice, email, Facebook, Twitter, conference WHATEVER Utilize connections, not just for themselves  Student look at themselves as a networking instrument
  • 15. Resources for Professional NetworkingThe Five Must Haves for Every Student 30 Second Commercial What is Networking? Networking Contact Sheet Informational Interview Connecting Experience with Career