Core Work


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Lynn Chang, Ph.D.
Sanger Learning & Career Center

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Core Work

  1. 1. Core Work: { Using motivation to understand our students Lynn Chang, Ph.D. Career Counselor Sanger Learning & Career Center
  2. 2. Motivators:Knowledge Relationship Action Explains drive and reason behind actions Understand strengths, weaknesses Identify common stress behaviors Apply effective strategies
  3. 3. If I could, I would stay in school forever. I love learning.My research advisor says I should consider grad school.Maybe it’s because I spend hours in her lab!  “Knowledge is power”  Seek to discover and create knowledge  Detail oriented, exacting  Want to know a lot about everything  All knowledge is potentially useful  Analyze and formulate new concepts Knowledge driven
  4. 4. My friends and I love hanging out together,volunteering at the animal shelter, and giving each other advice.Since I enjoy helping people, I’ve been thinking about becominga nurse or social worker.  “It’s all in who you know”  Strive to create and deepen relationships  Nurturing, patient  Interpret world through people and relationships  Understand others intuitively and effortlessly  Mental rolodex of people based on commonalitiesRelationship driven
  5. 5. I have big goals in life. I want to run a successful business,eventually go to law school, and maybe even run for office one day.I should probably spend more time studying but being presidentof my org takes up a lot of time!  “Money is power”  Energize others to take action  Multitaskers, big picture oriented  Persuasive, engaging communicators  Inspire others to transform beliefs into tangible action  Natural-born leadersAction driven
  6. 6. The 3 core types can befound everywhere…
  7. 7. TV shows
  8. 8. Cities
  9. 9. Cars?
  10. 10. Which is your core?  Knowledge  Relationship  Action Which is your secondary?
  11. 11. TASK:Get in groups based on your type.Create a Facebook page for a typical student of yourtype Possible categories o Arts & Entertainment o Activities & Interests o Favorite quotes o Number of friendsActivity
  12. 12. Helping our students
  13. 13.  May have anxiety because “not knowing” is uncomfortable  Might isolate self from others, not take action  Encourage staying open to new experiences  Provide online resources  Approach with an analytical strategyDuring stressful times,Knowledge driven…
  14. 14.  May feel frustrated or lost  May stay in adverse situations out of loyalty or emotion-based reasons  Help connect them to professionals, professors, and mentors for guidance  Validate challenges and encourage next steps  Share inspiring storiesDuring stressful times,Relationship driven…
  15. 15.  May prioritize socializing before academics  May feel stuck or ineffective because lack of goals  May engage in risk-taking behaviors  Teach that not everything is solved by taking action.  May need to engage emotionally or reflect on past events.  Help create a concrete plan with experiential componentsDuring stressful times,Action driven…
  16. 16. May the 3 motivators inform the way we help students! Lynn Chang, Ph.D. Sanger Learning & Career CenterFor more information:The Human Fabric- Unleashing the power of coreenergy in everyone (2004) Goswami & Wolpert