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Impact of Cloud @ UST Global
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Impact of Cloud @ UST Global


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Impact of Cloud @ UST Global …

Impact of Cloud @ UST Global

Presented by:
Corby Brendle
Practice Director

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. UST Global Impact of Cloud @ UST Global Presented by: Corby Brendle Practice Director 20 Enterprise, 4th Floor, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
  • 2. About Us UST Global Corporate Overview      2 UST Global is a US based company established in 1999 Global operations spread across four continents Focused verticals: Healthcare, Retail & Consumer Goods, BFSI, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing & Distribution, and Energy & Utilities 10,000 + associates globally with one of the best retention rates in the industry Fortune 500/Global 1000 clients account for over 95% of revenues Confidential & Proprietary
  • 3. Who We Are Our Workforce  Cloud Advisory consultants   AWS  Azure  Google Cloud  Rackspace  Cloud Security  Certified in Azure Cloud by Microsoft  Certified in AWS Cloud by Amazon 3 Confidential & Proprietary
  • 4. Cloud Services @ UST Difference from what we do today TOMORROW TODAY HOST IMPROVE BUILD PAAS FULL SERVICE BUILD IAAS SAAS (Infrastructure as a service) (Platform as a service) (Software as a service) 4 Confidential & Proprietary
  • 5. OnDemand SAP Cloud Products Products People Customers Money Employee Central (EC) Cloud for Customer Talent Cloud for Sales Cloud for Travel & Expense Recruiting Cloud for Social Cloud for Financials Learning Cloud for Service Workforce Planning & Analytics Cloud for Marketing Sales & Ops Planning Business ByDesign (evaluating for UST Global Purchase) Collaboration (SAP JAM) UST Global is an implementation partner and operates these systems internally UST Global is an implementation partner only 5 Confidential & Proprietary
  • 6. Where We Were Before SuccessFactors Recruiting  Difficult to coordinate and manage Talent acquisition in geographically diverse areas  Critical information required to analyze talent and workforce is unavailable  Long cycle times for recruitment and on-boarding Compensation processes  Compensation management was expensive and Employee Performance and Goals required a significant headcount and budget  There were deficiencies in the process of linking • Lack of insight into workforce employee performance to compensation competencies and talent  Significant time was spent on compensation • Lack of performance and goal administration measurements made planning difficult  Complicated and difficult to modify compensation administration reports • Identification and retention of top performing employees was difficult Succession and Development Planning • Employees were not aligned with organizational goals and strategies 6 Confidential & Proprietary  Difficult to identify high performing employees  No formal career path  Limited awareness to training and career development  Difficult to identify existing and potential leadership gaps
  • 7. Where We Are After SuccessFactors Recruiting • Recruitment is more collaborative and streamlined across different geographical and business areas • Significant and relevant candidate information is effectively captured • Candidates are easily compared over a variety of Compensation attributes and skill levels • The number of resources engaged was reduced to 2 Employee Performance and Goals • Employee goals are aligned, meaningful and based on organizational strategy and direction • Current performance review process is more accurate, clear, engaging and consistent • Performance reviews have been calibrated to enable accurate comparison of employee performance data 7 Confidential & Proprietary • Employee compensation increases are auto calculated based on employee performance • More than 12 reports including budget roll-ups and compliance Succession and Development Planning • Success planning has lead to more effective leadership a more united company direction • Talent utilization has increased and company goals are receiving more attention globally
  • 8. Where We BeforeWereCloud for Travel & Expense SAP Travel Expenses     Travel Expenses account for more than $13M annually Un-reconcilable 2011 Travel Expense over $500,000 30000+ transactions annually (Travel) 15000+ transactions annually (Expense) Travel Policies Travel Expense Information  Not possible to view true travel expense for a trip  Expense processing was semi-automated using PeopleSoft but it does not include Travel automation  There was no ability to forecast expenses; just reporting on actuals  Employee expenses slow to be submitted  Some employees used consumer mobile apps for travel receipts but there was no integration  Lost revenue by not billing clients for client billable travel 8 Confidential & Proprietary  Travel policy not enforced at time of travel booking or at the time an expense report was entered  Enforcement of travel policy “after travel planning” was causing conflict and frustration (too late to be effective)  Delays in approval process was causing higher airfare (in some cases) due to lack of relevant decisionmaking information and volume of emails (even as delivered to mobile devices)  Manual policy enforcement leads to inconsistent interpretation and enforcement of the policy Self Service  There was no self service
  • 9. Operations around the Globe SAP Cloud for Travel Global Implementation Value Added Tax (VAT) • Comply with Statutory Value Added Tax (VAT) configuration for travel Expenses • Conform with localized tax and legal requirements of accounting for travel expenses Compliance • Stay within UST corporate travel policy. • Comply with UST travel policies for the Country • Defined booking practices and preferred travel suppliers for each country • Stay under expense limits for each country Statutory Rates • Statutory rates are delivered and updated by SAP • Statutory rates cannot be changed manually • Company-specfic rates for UST are defined for each country 9 Confidential & Proprietary Per-diems • Per diems for each country are defined as per UST Travel Policy • Per diems are applied to Travel requests as per the configuration automatically
  • 10. UST Today After SAP Cloud for Travel & Expense Results  Saves $350K annually (3%) in airfare due to late booking caused by delays in approval  Reduced travel management team by 3 FTE - $120,000 Savings annually (1%)  85% less time to enter expense reports by traveler resulting in 8,750 more productive hours annually - $725,000 Savings annually (6%)  90% less time for managers to approve expense reports resulting in 5,000 more productive hours annually - $500,000 Savings annually (4%)  Reduced finance expense report audit team by 2 FTE - $90,000 Savings annually (1%)  Reduced average daily meal and misc expense recorded on expense report by ½% or $115K annually Savings annually (1%)  Online travel booking restricted to company policy Saves $1,450,000 annually (12%)  Travel expense that is billable to customers now is an automated to ensure we capture all revenue Value  Currently in negotiation with airlines, car rental companies and hotels for corporate rates based on verifiable volume – Unknown Value Impact  No reduction in travel volume - $3.350,000 Annual Savings 25.7%  Expense Reports submitted timely resulting in planned impact to P&L 10 Confidential & Proprietary
  • 11. Thank You Copyright © 2012 UST Global Inc. All Rights Reserved