2013 USTA South Carolina TD Workshop


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Shown at the three USTA South Carolina Tournament Directors Workshops for 2013, this presentation included updated rules, regulations, marketing & promotions materials for the year.

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2013 USTA South Carolina TD Workshop

  1. 1. 2013 TD WorkshopUSTA South CarolinaTournament Director’s Workshop
  2. 2. Agenda TDM & Tennislink Information Tournament Committee Responsibilities Staffing of Officials-Junior Tournaments TD Timeline Leagues & Tournaments: Working together to grow the game Tournament Evaluation Results Junior Rules/Regulations Updates 10 and Under Tennis
  3. 3. Tennislink Updates/TDM http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/Lo gin.aspx Must Login to USTA Account using Tournament Director USTA # Updated Tennislink Search/Tournament Homepages TDM: Basic layout the same; small changes to notes section TDM: MUST HAVE WEB ACCESS TDM Training available online
  4. 4. Tournament Committee Should consist of no less than 3 people  TD, Referee & tournament Chairman Appeals Committee  Suggested 3 people, not including referee  Persons can be reachable by phone  Establishedin event that player decides to appeal DQ or unilateral player default
  5. 5. Tournament CommitteeResponsibilities Obtain tournament sanction Secure courts Accepts entries Provides referee w/entrants Keeps order on tournament grounds once event starts Submits draw sheets (posts to TDM) once tournament is complete
  6. 6. Referee Responsibilities Appoints deputy referee Lists seeded players (Power of 2 Seeding)  TD should look at as well Handles late entries/substitutions Makes draw (TD should look at as well) SCHEDULES MATCHES Supervises all aspects of play Assigns tournament umpires
  7. 7. Staffing of Officials: Junior Requirements SC Level 1 & 2 Tournaments  Referee + 2 certified Umpires per 8 courts SC Level 3 Tournaments  Referee + 1 certified Umpire per 8 courts  For L 1-3 tourneys, one relief umpire is required for every 4 umpires used SC Level 4 & 5 Tournaments  Referee + 1 certified Umpire per 8 courts, recommended that 1+court monitors used
  8. 8. TD Timeline July of preceding year:  Two weeks out: e-blast Sanctions Forms Due to club members Six months out:  One week out: Order Contact sponsors player gifts Three months out:  Registration closes: Update your web page post seeds within 24 Six to eight weeks out: hours registration opens and  48 hours before first get your free posters match: post first match One month out: Email times and Facebook  24 hours before play starts: post full draws
  9. 9. Head Taxes Adult Head Taxes  Level 1-4: $1.50 per player if both singles & doubles offered; $2.00 per player otherwise  Level 5: $1.00 per player Junior Head Taxes  Level 1-3: $2.00 per player, minimum $175  Level 4: $2.00 per player  Level 5: No head taxes assessed
  10. 10. Tournament Evaluation Feedback DO’S DO NOT Do have water on, or  Don’t overpromise or directly next to courts. under deliver. Do have uniforms for  Don’t over schedule your staff. players. Do whatever you have  Don’t forget that the posted on your web players are the reason page. you host your Do have fruit tournament. available.  Don’t use bad manners Do have a working with your players. phone number listed  Don’t forget to promote on your site. your tournament. Do post if there are delays in matches.
  11. 11. Junior Tournament Notes Common Issues/Errors  Players can only enter in 1 age division per event (singles/doubles)  Referees are responsible for making the draws & scheduling matches  Players cannot finish matches outside of sanction dates  Use of Withdrawal vs. Walkover  Use WALKOVER once tourney has started
  12. 12. Junior Rule Changes 12 U Division in L5 tournaments will use Green low-compression balls  CHALLENGER L4 tournaments will offer both yellow & green ball divisions for 12U play USTA SC offering Ball Stipend for Red, Orange, & Green ball divisions Medical Release-on all Jr. Tourn Homepages Parenting My Champion Video-L4 & L5 tourneys  http://www.southerntennis.com/sportsmanship/
  13. 13. Juniors: 3 Minute Coaching Break When playing 2/3 sets with 10 pt tiebreak for the third, players who split sets are entitled to a 3 minute on court coaching break  Coaching must occur on court or at fence line of court  Cell phones may be used during the break  Bathroom break can be requested AFTER coaching break—if player elects to use restroom during break, they forfeit the coaching opportunity
  14. 14. 10 and Under Tennis Acceptable Scoring Format  10’s: 2/3 short sets to 4 games (win by 2), 7 pt tiebreak at 4-4; 7 pt tiebreak for 3rd set (win by 2)  8’s: 2/3 7 point tiebreak games. Racquet Length-MUST check before player goes on court  10’s: no longer than 25”  8’s: no longer than 23” TD responsible for acquiring volunteer court monitors & setting up courts When run in conjunction with other age divisions, may be appropriate to lower entry fee
  15. 15. Recovery Rule In all singles matches in Junior, Adult, Senior, NTRP, and Wheelchair Divisions in which the match format is two out of three standard full sets or more, a rest period of two hours shall be offered by the Referee before the players next singles match. This Rule does not apply to short set matches and matches that play a tiebreak in lieu of a final third set, nor to any match played indoors where the duration of the match is less than 120 minutes.
  16. 16. Promoting Tournaments Think small- everything helps Get by with a little help from your friends- Enlist other pros and players to promote your event Use existing resources- USTA SC staff, templates, mailing lists, etc. Use your sponsors- you’re promoting them, they should promote you Use local media- weekly papers love free content Use social media- it’s FREE. If you don’t know how, find someone who does. Think return on investment- will $25 in posters get you $100 in entry fees?
  17. 17. Notes and Observations $200 League Team Bonus One Day Adult Circuits Free Posters Player Survey Results 1st Time Jr. Tournament Player Reimbursement 10U Junior Tennis Passport
  18. 18. Closing Questions? Comments?