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What you should know about Google+ Pages
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What you should know about Google+ Pages



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  • 1. Google owns google search, gmail, android, chrome, and other vital online tools. So, they have the power to increasingly integrate plus features into these tools and to even tailor plus to become seamlessly integrated.


  • 1. What You Should Know About Google+ Pages Google+ Pages Guidance
  • 2. Google+ now has “Pages” for organizations and brands Google+ launched for individuals a few months ago (our helpful guide: http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/whats- the-deal-with-google) Google+ now has “Pages” for business & brands to create a presence in Google+ Much like a Facebook page, a Google+ Page can be used by an organization to promote its activities, broadcast information, and interact with fan/stakeholders Keep in mind that currently, Facebook boasts 800 million to Google+’s 40 million users Google+ Pages Guidance
  • 3. A few companies and government agencies have already created a Google+ Page NASA was one of the first Other companies using Google+ government agencies to create a Google+ Page and they seem to be embracing the unique features of Google+ such as Circles and Hangouts. NASA already has 18, 000 followers on Google+. The Marine Corps also has a Google+ Page that it appears to use as another platform to publish the same content from their Facebook Page. Note: You must have a personal Google+ account to create a Google+ page. Google does not yet allow shared administrator rights for Pages. Currently, you must establish the page under an actual email rather than a shared company alias. Google+ Pages Guidance
  • 4. Why would an organization need a Google+ Page? Google+ Pages Guidance
  • 5. Google+ will increasingly impact search results rankings• Google decides what appears first. In the future, it could Consider a single news story decide to highlight Google+ pages in exciting new ways, or published by two distinct significantly modify its algorithm to ensure that Google+ organizations. One has a Google+ pages appear at the top. Page and one does not. Which one will appear first in the search• Even without changes, Google’s existing algorithm rankings? The answer is not so clear indirectly favors Google+ pages by placing a high cut now. Eventually though, Google’s importance on factors such as “content freshness.” Google+ algorithm may favor the story from pages, especially those with an engaged audience, are more the Google+ page. likely to have fresh content than non-Google+ pages and therefore appear higher in search results. “You should be willing to accept that Google is going to have a powerful• Google also announced Direct Connect, a feature that is social network on which you should design to enable users to bypass search altogether. With have a presence,” says Rand Fiskin, a Direct Connect, a user can enter a “+” before his/her query former marketing consultant and and go immediately to the organization’s Google+ page. If current CEO of SEOMoz, an SEO this catches on, organization’s without a Google+ page may software company. be overlooked. Google+ Pages Guidance
  • 6. As Google+ evolves, Google willhave the means to promote itssocial network and the Pages withinit in ways that Facebook or Twittercannot Features Implications• With the popularity of Google’s overall suite • Users will be intimately tied to Google+. Even of tools, Google+ offers a workflow for Facebook resisters may find themselves on sharing and connecting that is actually more Google+ because of its close ties to other natural for some than Facebook or Twitter. applications they use on a regular basis.• Google has access to a lot of data that it • Google’s analytic capabilities will offer new could utilize to enrich its social analytics insights into how key audiences feel about reports on Google+. and engage with the Navy.• Google is trying to establish its “+1” feature • “+1”s will help expand the reach of Navy’s as the Facebook “like” button of the entire images and content and drive traffic to the WWW, serving to help users decide what to Navy’s page. read and share. Google+ Pages Guidance
  • 7. Google+ Pages offer more opportunities to engage “Hangouts” = start live group video Navy could use hangouts to organize brown chats with anyone (currently bags, webinars, and live chats/interviews limited to 10 participants). with leadership. Navy serves a diverse audience, including “Circles” offer the ability to sailors, families, the public, and industry. segment your target audiences and Navy could use circles to tailor and deliver publish targeted messages to them. messages with greater impact for their intended audience. Google+’s smaller, more Imagine that Navy sent the same message concentrated audience means through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The one sent through Google+ may have a there is less competition for your higher click-through rate because it stood audiences’ attention. The downside out in the smaller crowd on Google+. is there is less total reach. Google+ Pages Guidance
  • 8. Sounds great! Should I get started today?Not just yet…• Google+ has yet to reach a critical mass of users. It is difficult to tell whether and to what extent our target audiences are using Google+.• Google+, like Facebook or any other social media presence, takes time to update, maintain, and grow. We need to be sure the investment is worth it before committing the resources.But, don’t worry…The Navy has already established a Google+ page so that your command canreap the search benefits without incurring the cost of maintaining your own page.U.S. Navy Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/106302139671770333605/postsFor now, our main goals for using Google+ will be to extend the Navy’s brand presenceonline, maximize our SEO/maintain our search relevance, and begin to build a network ofstakeholders who are on Google+ or who will be in the future so that we are well positioned totake advantage of the tool as it evolves.What you can do NOW: Think about what content you would like shared on the Navy’sGoogle+ page and send it to us! Google+ Pages Guidance