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Snapshot blogger relations (Apr 2010: links and data may be outdated)
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Snapshot blogger relations (Apr 2010: links and data may be outdated)


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Published in: Education

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    April 16, 2010
  • 2. Blogger Embark 2009
    Blogger Embark 2009
    Are these DVs?Is this a journalist?
  • 3. Engaging with media, bloggers and the local community can be greatly enhanced with the use of social media
    It is increasingly difficult to distinguish between media, citizen journalists and bloggers
    As public affairs officers we need to recognize each of those groups’ important role in the public affairs ecosystem
    Social media can help you:
    Inform, engage and energize these groups
    Organize people in those groups to make in-person connections at DVs, media embarks, blogger embarks, family cruises, homecomings, Navy weeks and other community events
    Maintain relationships after in-person events
  • 4. Two Types of Bloggers in this World
    Treat milbloggers as media
    Knowledge level and types of posts more akin to a Navy Times reporter
    Bloggers not Familiar with the military
    Treat as DVs
    Many have little connection to the military
    Connectivity for bloggers is critical. Unlike media with filing deadlines, bloggers live in the medium and they, and we, benefit from maximum connectivity.
  • 5. Since You Know How to Embark Military Reporters …Let’s Focus on the Bloggers not Familiar with the Navy.
  • 6. It is like a DV embark …
    Only the experience is
    to the entire world.
    No, we’re not kidding.
  • 7. Set Up Blogger Embarks Just Like DVs
    Identify & invite bloggers
    Prepare them for ship life
    Make embark fun & informative
    Follow-up and thank for participation via your social media presences!
    Identify & invite DVs
    Prepare them for ship life
    Make embark fun & informative
    Follow-up and thank for participation via your social media presences!
  • 8. Tips for Blogger Embarks
    Look for bloggers and those active on social media within your community and beyond.
    Does the blogger reach a unique audience you have yet to tap?
    Determine a hook and make the pitch.
    What will the blogger get out of the embark?
    Provide information about the ship (including links) in advance, designate
    hashtag (e.g. #NimitzEmbark) for group, set up a Twitter list to promote ,
    communicate potential Internet access issues while underway
    Encourage photo, video, audio capture at appropriate times; notify
    attendees if there are times where recording is not allowed
    Follow up with post-embark e-mail, encourage them to share their
    media products and blog posts with you so you can share them with
    your fans/followers. Continue the conversation on Facebook, Twitter,
    blogs and other platforms
    Ask for feedback about improving experience and best part
  • 9. Best Practices for Blogger Embarks
    Invite bloggers that know each other or would like to meet to
    foster conversation
    Encourage bloggers to invite others
    Offer opportunities for great visuals
    Read their blogs ahead of time, know what they care about
    Set expectations, much like you do for media and DVs: wear
    comfortable shoes, bring sunscreen etc.
    Have info for them on Navy presence in social media
    Make sure your Web sites, Facebook pages etc. are up-to-date
    Everything recorded can and will be shared online instantly
    The unfiltered perspective bloggers offer lends to a more authentic and credible presentation of your command
  • 10. Case Study 1
    Navy Region Hawaii PAO suggested a group of bloggers
    hold a “tweet up” during a Family Cruise aboard USS Chung-Hoon
    7 bloggers attended (combined Twitter following over 4,000)
    49 tweets about event with hashtag #808MilTweeps
    4 blog posts with a total of 75 comments
    Content was excited and informed
    Amazing photos captured, 150+ views between 2 albums
    Built relationship with local community by seeing a need that they
    could fill while being relevant to the ship’s mission
    Raised awareness about the USS Chung-Hoon, Navy Region Hawaii and the Navy’s mission overall
  • 11. Case study 2: Blogger embark in May 2009 on USS Nimitz hosted high-profile bloggers garnering extensive coverage
    USS Nimitz hosted high-profile bloggers in May 2009
    Reached ~300K Twitter users through the bloggers Twitter accounts alone (total number of combined followers of bloggers in attendance)
    Robert Scoble's 142 photos and 5 HD videos on Flickr have received more than 4,000 views:
    Guy Kawasaki's lengthy post on the embark. Guy has one of the most widely read blogs on the Internet, with tens of thousands of daily readers:
    Jennifer Van Grove, a young writer for the most prominent social media blog on the Internet (, posted an emotional video recap immediately after the trip:
    The social media editor of LA Times has discussed the embark on Twitter, posted photos on Flickr and linked to the other bloggers' content via Friendfeed:
    Neptunus Lex, a former naval aviator and blogger, wrote 4 lengthy and knowledgeable posts on the embark so far, and the other bloggers have linked to his posts:
  • 12. Need help organizing a blogger embark? Having difficulty determining who you should invite? Call us!
    LT Lesley Lykins
    Deputy, Emerging Media Integration
    CDR Scott McIlnay, APR
    Director, Emerging Media Integration CHINFO