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Navy Social Media - Effective Use - NOV 2010 - for DINFOS



This brief given to the Public Affairs Qualification Course (PAQC) Navy Unique Class on 11/17/2010.

This brief given to the Public Affairs Qualification Course (PAQC) Navy Unique Class on 11/17/2010.



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    Navy Social Media - Effective Use - NOV 2010 - for DINFOS Navy Social Media - Effective Use - NOV 2010 - for DINFOS Presentation Transcript

    • Effective Use Navy Social Media CDR Scott McIlnay Director, Emerging Media Dept. of the Navy, Office of Information 1 1
    • Objectives – Effective Use  How to effectively listen in social media  How to put together a strategy for engaging in social media  How to effectively use content in social media  How to manage social media presences  How to evaluate the effectiveness of social media  Tutorial: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs 2
    • Listening 3
    • Listening  The most important thing you can do is listen!  Listening to the conversation about your command and its issues can save your bacon!  Identify those keywords that relate most to your command and its issues  Listening can be as simple as doing a search about your command on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. 4
    • Listening can seem overwhelming 5
    • RSS Feeds Can Help RSS Really Simple Syndication 6
    • Google News & Blog Search offer RSS Feeds 7
    • Twitter Search Offers RSS Feeds Too 8
    • Copy the Feed 9
    • Paste it into Google Reader 10
    • And you have added to your reader! 11
    • Strategy 12
    • Your command should have a social media strategy Goal What big picture reason do you have for using social media? Objectives Set realistic & measurable objectives to track progress Target stakeholders Identify the groups you hope to engage Content Determine the story you want to tell and how TIP: Ground content decisions in goals and target audience SOP Create a set of standard operating procedures governing Communications Strategy
    • To develop a strategy, ask your command: Why should we use social media? Who do we want to engage? What are we going to talk about? How will we manage our accounts and who will do it? HINT: Responses to these questions should come directly from your command’s communication strategy/plan Communications Strategy
    • Why should we use social media? Tip 1 What is your goal? Social media goals should reflect your command’s communication goals. Tip 2 What are your measurable objectives? Plan for the near, medium & long-term. BONUS: Consider engagement not headcounts of fans. Communications Strategy
    • Who do we want to engage? Be specific!  Sailors in our command  Veterans  Local community authorities  Local residents  Navy families in your geographic region Communications Strategy
    • 3. What do we want to talk about? Tip 1 Find topics that interest your stakeholders and achieve your communication goals. Tip 2 Create a content calendar, providing a quick visual for plans BONUS: Share the calendar across your organization for full communication integration Tip 3 Be flexible & allow your stakeholders to shape conversation too. Listen to your audience & enable a real dialogue. Communications Strategy
    • How is the account managed? Tip 1 Determine most appropriate team to manage account(s). BONUS: Use mix of public affairs, leadership, other personnel. Tip 2 Determine the right roles and level of access for each manager on each tool BONUS: Have a back-up plan for emergencies. Tip 3 Develop a standard operating procedure to manage workflow, assign tasks & allow for seamless personnel transitions. Communications Strategy
    • Experiment with different platforms and content  Consider your social media efforts in a constant beta and don’t be afraid to try different methods…  Ask for feedback from your community • Is this how you want us to communicate with you? • Would you like to receive information about XYZ topic on Facebook, Twitter, via email, via phone call, or another method? • How can we better communicate with you? Communications Planning 19
    • Content 20
    • Chain of Command  Everything published online must be released in accordance with the Navy Public Affairs Regulations (SECNAVINST 5720.44B)  Release authority is delegated by both higher command and your commanding officer • Standing public affairs guidance (PAG) by your next senior command may specify what may or may not be released from subordinate commands • Anything not expressly prohibited from release may be released in accordance with the PA Regs by your commanding officer or those he or she delegates  Content present on official Navy public websites or social media presences can be shared Chain of Command 21
    • Accuracy > Speed We are living in a 24/7 news cycle and speed of information is very important, but accuracy of information released from official Navy sources is essential. While we need to do everything we can to publish information as soon as it becomes available, we cannot compromise accuracy for speed. Chain of Command 22
    • But don’t wait to communicate DO NOT wait to address an issue of particular relevance to your command! Comment on the most current information you are able to release showing care and responsiveness to your community and update them as soon as you have new information. Chain of Command 23
    • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough!  It is up to you to weigh the needs of accuracy with timeliness  Mistakes happen, what you do with them is what makes the difference!  Social media affords you the ability to quickly correct those mistakes  Admit any mistakes, learn from them and use them to better inform your audiences 24
    • Content is King!  Traditional content is still important: • Press Releases • News Stories • Imagery • Packaged & Raw Video  We also need to think of content in new ways: • 140 character posts • 420 character posts • Blog posts (1st person narrative) • Video formatted for social media (minimal editing, little to no production or voiceover, short clips (30 seconds – 3 minutes), multimedia • Engaging content: Questions and calls to action • Microcontent: Quotes, statements, etc.
    • Content is King! During Operation Unified Response: Personal stories, photos and videos of Sailors resonate with fans
    • Content is King! Mainstream Media articles and clips Information for the Command as long as it does not violate OPSEC Notes from the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer or Command Master Chief
    • Content is King! Would you share this post with your friends?
    • Content is King! Photos are very popular on social media and easy to share - try a photo contest.
    • Content is King! Would you share this photo with your friends? Would you re-tweet this post?
    • Content is King!  To sum up: • Be creative • Be engaging • Be informative • Be personal • Be visual • Add value • Build trust http://www.slideshare.net/ • Ask yourself “would I share this?” USNavySocialMedia/sna pshot-awesome-content 31
    • Management 32
    • HootSuite 33
    • HootSuite 34
    • HootSuite 35
    • Posterous
    • Posterous Make sure you choose your command name as easily searchable as possible for the name
    • Posterous
    • Posterous
    • Posterous
    • Facebook Mobile 41
    • Google Calendar 42
    • Evaluation 43
    • Facebook Insights
    • Twitter Maersk Alabama Repels a 2nd Pirate Attack Graph A: Tweet Stream for “pirate” + “alabama”  300+ comments on Twitter and growing at a rate of ~5 tweets per minute  Twitter traffic including terms “pirate” and “Alabama” did not trend at all on Twitter until last night and exploded this morning (see graph A at right)  Blog, forum and comments online Graph B: Total online traffic for “pirate” + “alabama” + “maersk alabama” + “navy” reflected the same timing as Twitter (see graph B at right)  Sample Twitter updates: • “Maersk Alabama thwarts 2nd pirate attack” • “Pirate Attack On Maersk Alabama Repelled By Guards” • “Another pirate attack on U.S.- flagged Alabama”
    • Bit.ly and Ow.ly
    • Radian 6 • Top stories related to the Navy and Haiti Top keywords related to “Haiti” and “Navy” as of 0500, January include 15, 2010 • Carrier as floating airport • Hospital ship • Go Navy! / Thank you • Evacuation of Americans • Comparison to Indonesian Tsunami • Logistics challenges Mentions of “Haiti” and Mentions of “Haiti” “Navy” over the past 5 days and “Navy” by region over the past 5 days
    • Don’t just rely on built-in tools 35.00% Posts to NSA Mid-South Facebook Page during flooding in TN 30.00% 25.00% 20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% Post from Navy Asking question Providing Post from NSA family page Adding new Asking if they about relief Posting photo support/prayer Off-Topic Thank you Mid-South mentioning information can help efforts s NSA Mid-South Series1 18.18% 11.23% 10.70% 29.41% 4.28% 12.30% 9.09% 2.14% 2.67%
    • Social Media Tutorial 49
    • Social Media Tutorial Facebook, Twitter & Blogs
    • Objectives – Command Use How to effectively listen in social media How to put together a strategy for engaging in social media How to effectively use content in social media How to manage social media presences How to evaluate the effectiveness of social media Tutorial: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs 51
    • Questions? CDR Scott McIlnay, APR LT Lesley Lykins Director, Emerging Media Integration Deputy, Emerging Media Integration Department of the Navy, Department of the Navy, Office of Information Office of Information scott.mcilnay@navy.mil lesley.lykins@navy.mil (O)703-692-4718 (O)703-695-6915 Navy Emerging Media on Slideshare www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia
    • Facebook 53
    • Types of Facebook Accounts  Accounts • Personal Profile • Business 54
    • Types of Facebook Pages 55
    • Page Naming  Official pages are open to the public and indexed by search engines such as Google.  In order to be best found the name of your page should be clear and easily understood.  Ex.: If you are a member of Strike Fighter Squadron 11 “The Red Rippers”: • Good – VF/A 11 • Better – The Red Rippers • Best – The Red Rippers, Fighter-Attack Squadron 11 (VF/A 11)
    • Building your page … 57
    • Building your page … 58
    • Add Admins 59
    • Add Admins 60
    • Upload Logo 61
    • Add Posting Policy/Disclaimer http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/socialmedia.html 62
    • Setup your Wall 63
    • Add Some Content 64
    • Get Your URL http://www.facebook.com/username 65
    • Register Your Page Navy Social Media directory http://www.navy.mil/socialmedia 66
    • Facebook Best Practices  Customize your page using Facebook apps (and don’t be afraid to experiment)  Be transparent – identify yourself and let your audience know what’s going on  Listen to your audience and be responsive – it takes two to have a dialogue  Use Facebook insights to learn about your audience  Give your audience the kind of content they want  Manage the signal-to-noise ratio  Keep posts short (420 characters is the max)  Use multimedia to help tell your story  Everything you and your audience posts is being 67 watched by the world
    • Facebook Resources  http://www.allfacebook.com/  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/facebooks- how-to-build-a-govmnt-pages-manual-from-facebook  Social Media Roadmap (on PANet)  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/us-navy- intro-to-facebook-presentation  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/us-navy- family-readiness-groups-and-facebook  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/facebook- basics-for-navy-commands  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/navy- privacy-facebook-february-2010-new-homepage- application-settings  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/facebook- geo-targeting-post  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/opsec- snapshot 68
    • Twitter 69
    • Starting your Twitter account 70
    • Your Twitter Account 71
    • Register Your Page Navy Social Media directory http://www.navy.mil/socialmedia 72
    • Twitter ‘Home’ vs ‘Profile’
    • Kinds of Tweets Posts or ‘Tweets’ ReTweets or ‘RT’ Public replies or ‘@Replies’ Direct Messages or ‘DMs’ 74
    • Following 75
    • Followers 76
    • Lists 77
    • Favorites 78
    • Hashtags
    • Shortened URLs
    • Register Your Page Navy Social Media directory http://www.navy.mil/socialmedia 81
    • Twitter Etiquette  Don’t ask for people to retweet your posts  Follow those who follow you*  Thank those who follow you  Thank those who retweet you frequently  Give credit to those you retweet  Retweet content of value to your followers**  Be responsive to those who @reply or DM you when they are asking a question *Establish guidelines for who you should follow (ex. may not be the best idea to follow an account with a political agenda) ** Be mindful of retweeting content from non-USG/DoD/DoN parties. It is ok to do, just avoid the appearance of favoritism 82
    • Twitter Best Practices  Assume everything is public, only tweet releasable info.  140 Characters max but 80-120 Characters ideal  Abbreviations and creative spelling acceptable as long as meaning is clear  Tweets need to have value to the reader  Be engaging, be a person  Humor and wit are acceptable and even desirable  Don’t make your tweet obscure, make it clear what you’re talking about  Include a URL to more content  Include the “so what” on why this is important  Include call to action  Make your tweet searchable by using keywords and hashtags  Manage your signal-to-noise ratio 83
    • Twitter Resources  http://tweetmeme.com/  http://business.twitter.com/twitter101/  Social Media Roadmap (on PANet)  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/ho w-to-set-up-a-twitter-account  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/na vy-recommended-privacy-settings-for-twitter  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/twi tter-lists-2520857  http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia/sn apshot-twitter-management-3621642 84
    • Blogs 85
    • Starting a blog
    • Posts 89
    • Comment Moderation 91
    • Register Your Page Navy Social Media directory http://www.navy.mil/socialmedia 92
    • Blog Best Practices  Transparency in authorship and edits  Admit mistakes  Regularly update the site with content  Be responsive to your commenters  Posts should be told in the first person and should read as they are coming from a person not a release  Don’t use the blog as a dumping ground for your other content  Build a small library of content before promoting  Be mulitmedia on your blog  Build a sense of community 93
    • Blog Resources  http://technorati.com/  http://blogsearch.google.com/  Social Media Roadmap (on PANet)  http://www.usa.gov/webcontent/technology/blogs.shtml  http://www.usa.gov/Topics/Reference_Shelf/News/blog.sh tml  http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Files/rc/papers/2009/0 8_blogs_mahler_regan/08_blogs_mahler_regan.pdf  http://www.ihelpyoublog.com/20070217-complete- blogging-resource-list-for-the-pro-blogger  http://www.socialmedia.biz/2009/08/24/6-experts-on- corporate-blogging-best-practices/ 94
    • Navy Emerging Media Integration CDR Scott McIlnay Official Navy Website Director, Emerging Media Integration (OI-54) www.navy.mil Department of the Navy, Office of Information Office:(703) 692-4718 Email: scott.mcilnay@navy.mil Navy Social Media Directory www.navy.mil/socialmedia LT Lesley Lykins Deputy, Emerging Media Integration (OI-54A) Navy Social Media Department of the Navy, Office of Information Office:(703) 695-6915 Resources Page Email: lesley.lykins@navy.mil www.chinfo.navy.mil Ms. Tracy Johnson Navy Emerging Media Contract Support, Emerging Media Integration (OI-54CTR) on Slideshare Department of the Navy, Office of Information www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia Office:(703) 377-9272 THIS SNAPSHOT AVAILABLE HERE Email: johnson_tracy@bah.com