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Facebook for Military 101(Oct 2010: links or data may be outdated)

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A brief on using Facebook from the Washington, DC Facebook team.

A brief on using Facebook from the Washington, DC Facebook team.

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  • 1. (c) 2007 Facebook, Inc. or its licensors. "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.. All rights reserved. 1.0
  • 2. Facebook and Government 101 Adam Conner Facebook, Associate Manger, Privacy and Public Policy
  • 3. Facebook Basics
  • 4. Profile vs. Pages Profiles for Individuals Pages for Organizations Similar looking Different optimized features
  • 5. Pages vs. Groups Look similar Groups are for users Example Boston Red Sox - Page 1,000,000 Boston Red Sox Fans - Group Some of your biggest supporters Grassroots Can¶t control it Free Speech Not allow: Impersonations Threats of Violence
  • 6. A Page for Every Agency Citizens want to Connect
  • 7. Create A Page Facebook.com/Page Ensure that you have authority to create a page. For an agency (organization) select ³Brand, Product, or ³Organization´ and ³Government.´ For an agency head, (person) select ³Artist, Band, or Public Figure´ and ³Government Official.´
  • 8. Page Admins You do not ³login´ to a page, you login to your account which controls a page. All pages require an admin. Best practice is for all pages to have multiple administrators. You can invite admins who are already on Facebook or via email. Admins are not public.
  • 9. Page Admins Explained Adam¶s Profile Profile Adam's Account: Login as Adam admins Page admins Bob¶s Account: Login as Bob Bob¶s Profile Profile
  • 10. Wall Tab An active wall looks like, a stream of information. The US Army posts articles, photos, and videos. Distributed to their now almost 465,625 fans.
  • 11. Comments You can not turn off comments on posted items. Facebook does not work without comments. Wall posts can be turned off. Encourage you to allow posts. Have a posted comments policy like the US Army. Third-Party monitoring software is available.
  • 12. Deleting Comments and Banning Fans Ensure this complies with your posted comments policy. Admins can delete comments and ban troublesome fans. Click the ³Delete´ button to delete a post To Ban a Fan - Click the ³Report´ button to report the fan and check ³Permanently ban this person from this Facebook Page.´ Use only when necessary.
  • 13. Directory Pages Social Media Directory - Navy Involver makes an ³Other Pages´ tab to list pages to display on your Facebook Page.
  • 14. Examples US Navy had pages for ships, bases, and commands but not a page for the US Navy Created a page after the Haiti Earthquake Photos and videos of relief efforts More than 90,000 fans in just a week
  • 15. Examples Surprises - US Army Special Operations Command has 30,000 fans. Coast Guard has 30,000 fans and the best video content.
  • 16. Delivering Your Message Think about how your content appears on Facebook Example: Importing from a blog One shot at delivering your message. Image, key message, headline, see more, etc.
  • 17. Insights See the new Facebook Insights at facebook.com/insights Facebook Insights measures user exposure, actions, and behavior relating to your Social Ads and Facebook Page Insights is a free service Only Page admins can view this information Only authenticated large pages can see per-post- insights
  • 18. Coordinated Campaigns Embed an email sign-up on your page. Email your list and ask them to become a fan. Place your URL on materials Rapid-Response Applications Video Responses
  • 19. Facebook Plugins http://developers.facebook.com/plugins
  • 20. Facebook Connect Login Can now require email Fan Box On your site. Become a fan off Facebook. Livestream Events Question and Answers Build an application On and off Facebook
  • 21. Ads - Facebook.com/advertising Create
  • 22. Ads - Facebook.com/advertising Target Connections
  • 23. Best Practices and FAQs
  • 24. Concerns What if someone says something negative? Can I just turn off comments? We have a website, why Facebook? We don¶t have time for this. Can¶t we have a work profile, an organization profile, and my own profile? Archiving questions Disability Access
  • 25. Checklist Setup a Facebook Page, Add Content to the Page, & Publish the Page Establish a system for regularly updating a Page Add a Comments policy Brief your boss/management on Facebook and ask them to contribute Buy Ads to Promote the Page Add a username to the Page Put a Fanbox on your Website Add your Facebook URL to everything Post Content via Mobile Make a video thanking your fans Share comments from the page internally
  • 26. Resources facebook.com/government facebook.com/congress facebook.com/nonprofits facebook.com/facebookpages facebook.com/help
  • 27. Other Resources US Navy Social Media on Slideshare http://www.slideshare.net/USNavySocialMedia
  • 28. (c) 2007 Facebook, Inc. or its licensors. "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.. All rights reserved. 1.0