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This presentation can be used by affiliates when presenting to real estate agents.

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USFI realtor presentation

  1. 1. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />U.S. Foreclosure Institute<br />Real Estate Agents<br />
  2. 2. WHY ARE WE HERE?<br />
  3. 3. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />Number of U.S. foreclosures is highest in history<br /><ul><li>Current foreclosure inventory estimated at over 10 Million Homes in foreclosure
  4. 4. Buyers are looking for deep discounts
  5. 5. Sellers are looking for a way out
  6. 6. Banks are NOT eager to negotiate</li></ul>According to the Treasury Department: only 9% of <br />homeowners eligible for mortgage modifications have <br />had their payments reduced.<br />- Only 1 in 50 has their debt reduced <br /> - 39 of 50 see their debt increase with late <br /> charges, attorney fees and missed payments<br />*within 1 year over 63% of modified loans end up back in default<br />*comptroller of currency, office of thrift supervision June 2009<br />Map of U.S. Foreclosures: Q1, 2009<br />
  7. 7. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />IS THIS THE PERCEPTION OF FORECLOSED PROPERTIES?<br />
  8. 8. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />THIS IS THE REALITY OF TODAYS FORECLOSURES<br />
  9. 9. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />The Worst Part <br />Much of this property did not have to be foreclosed upon had the owners simply understood all of their options before it was too late. <br />15 Options When Facing Foreclosure:<br />
  10. 10. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />Obstacles <br />Representing buyers and sellers of property that is facing foreclosure, or even property that is simply overleveraged, can be quite a hassle:<br />Process takes too long.<br />Waist time negotiating with the lenders when you could be out promoting other properties and yourself.<br />Stress level for the clients is very high.<br />Many deals simply don’t get done.<br />And many more issues.<br />
  11. 11. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />We Can Help <br />We educate homeowners who are over-leveraged, facing foreclosure, or in foreclosure on the 15 options they have. This usually happens in a 45-minute appointment. We would be happy to meet any of your clients for free.<br />
  12. 12. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />We Can Help <br />2. For each option, we can refer clients to places they can get help. One of the options is the short sale. We will be happy to recommend you as the person to help them with the short sale, if you are skilled in this area.<br />
  13. 13. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />We Can Help <br />3. If the short sale does not work out, or if clients are interested in other options, we can refer them to other programs that we know about. These programs are a great options for many people.<br />
  14. 14. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />US Residential <br />US Residential is a property investment company that offers two very unique programs: <br />
  15. 15. ©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />Example – Walk-AWAY<br /><ul><li>Investors owns rental property worth $200,000.00, but encumbered for $300,000. He wants out.
  16. 16. USR contracts to manage the property.
  17. 17. Client hires attorneys referred by USR. Client pays a small retainer (roughly $1500) to attorneys. All other attorney fees are paid by USR.
  18. 18. Client no longer has to deal with property. Has peace of mind that he still owns property, but doesn’t have to worry about it.
  19. 19. Bank agrees to settlement for $120,000, no DJ, and negative trade line removal. USR buys property and immediately resells for $190,000.
  20. 20. After normal costs of sale (real estate commissions and closing costs), resulting profit is $60,000. Original owner gets $12,000!</li></li></ul><li>©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />Example – Owner-Occupied<br /><ul><li>Couple is behind on payments, can’t catch up, and will lose the home. It is currently worth $200,000, but they owe $300,000 on it.
  21. 21. They enroll in Owner-Occupied program and sign contracts with USR.
  22. 22. USR refers them to attorney and they contract attorney for a small retainer (usually around $2,000) and monthly fees (usually around $1,000). Attorneys begin to litigate on their behalf.
  23. 23. They live in the home for another 6 to 24+ months while litigation is taking place.
  24. 24. The bank agrees to settle for $120,000, no DJ, and negative trade line removal.
  25. 25. USR buys the home for $120,000 and immediately resells it for $190,000.
  26. 26. Couple moves.
  27. 27. After normal costs of sale (real estate commissions and closing costs), resulting profit is $60,000. Couple gets $12,000!</li></li></ul><li>©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />What’s the catch?<br /><ul><li>No “catch”. Companies are very reputable and dealings are all honest and transparent. The programs are not right for every person, but are the best solution for many.
  28. 28. They don’t take properties worth less than $150,000 because it is not worth it to clients (attorneys fees are higher than what the results will be).
  29. 29. Settlements with banks vary, so there’s no guarantee on time or amount of profits.
  30. 30. The goal of the programs are to resolve the client’s real estate situation. They work to do that while profiting.
  31. 31. It’s a win-win program.</li></li></ul><li>©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />BENEFITS TO THE SELLER<br /><ul><li>Up to 20% - they will get some of the proceeds of the sale vs. walking away with nothing
  32. 32. Legal representation by working with US Residential.
  33. 33. Work with industry professionals that have bought and sold over $100MM in real estate.
  34. 34. Get to live in the home a lot longer if in the Owner-Occupied program.
  35. 35. Peace of mind in both programs.
  36. 36. Possible credit score relief
  37. 37. Attorneys work toward deficiency judgment waiver(s)</li></li></ul><li>©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />Benefits to the AGENT:<br /><ul><li>A more professional approach for clients – offering more solutions.
  38. 38. More credibility. A third party (USFI) endorses you and refers business to you.
  39. 39. Be able to give people that are beyond your help an option (you’ll be remembered as someone who cared, your image will grow, and referrals will flow).
  40. 40. If appointments result in a referral to US Residential, we will reward you.
  41. 41. If settlements are reached, you may become the listing agent for the property (this is likely, but not guaranteed because the process takes many months.)
  42. 42. You may find buyer for property.</li></li></ul><li>©2011 US Foreclosure™ . All Rights Reserved. <br />GET STARTED TODAY<br />We look forward to helping some of your clients!<br />