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ONF Snapshot presented by Dan Pitt, ONF at US Ignite ONF GENI workshop on October 8, 2013

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  • The key principles of SDN are based on the ideas of simplification and programmability. Abstraction layers are at the heart of that design philosophy. By abstraction, we mean developing a separation between the controller (network operating system) and the applications and services. The first layer of abstractions between the control plane and hardware. This involves defining a small set of primitives (forwarding instructions) that enable network equipment manufactures to develop the control plane separately from the data plane and then rapidly integrate with new merchant silicon. Abstractions such a protocol blindness are available with some silicon. The SDN architecture also abstracts the control plane and network services, enabling the control plane and the underlying data plane to be policy independent.
  • ONF is excited about SDN and that the industry is so active in driving SDN implementations. SDN has taken many manifestations since the ONF was founded two years ago—some are moving in the right direction, some are not. In 2013, the ONF believes that the acceleration of an open SDN ecosystem is dependent upon an open vibrant SDN community committed to open Standards such as OpenFlow.In 2013, our mission is to drive initiatives that further vendor-neutral, interoperable, and open initiatives. These include:OpenFlow Foundation.Evolving the OpenFlow foundation, enhancing OpenFlow 1.3 and beginning work on OpenFlow 1.4/1.5, embarking on new extensions to the OpenFlow substrate to meet market needs, includingOpenFlow configuration, management, security, and transportDrive OpenFlow as the south-bound interface for programmability of the forwarding planeImplementing an OAM framework for OpenFlow which includes an event framework, bootstrap, and certificate exchangeONF has also created new working groups for Optical Transport to ensure that OpenFlow works with optical transportONF will also prototype new features before they are implemented into the standard to accelerate adoptionImplementation & DeploymentThrough ONF certification programs by end of 2013. The ONF will sanction independent labs for certification testing and the foundation will be responsible for conformance suite development.ONF will continue its tradition of bi-annual PlugFests where networking vendors get together to test the interoperability of their equipment and conformance to the OpenFlow standards.The ONF will also foster a supply chain ecosystem by developing a chipset advisory board and providing table typing pattern specification from the Forwarding Abstractions Working Group.SDN InnovationONF has announced an Open Source competition to make it easier for developers to build value around the OpenFlow protocols component and to more easily keep up-to-date with new OpenFlow versions. The OpenFlow drive is a module that any developer can use in a controller or switch to maintain compatibility among switches and controllers.ONF has expanded it research associates program, adding 9 new members to the roster, representing a dozen of the research communities most active SDN researchers. This advisory council will assist the ONF in advanced technical investigations of SDN. Support Services above OpenFlowThe Framework & Architecture WG will be publishing new documents to outline the OpenFlow FrameworkPart of that effort is to publish a study on NBI and make recommendations for the management layer above OpenFlowThe ONF is forming new relationships with the MEF, NFV, and other standards organizations to support the integration of SDN into Carrier Ethernet and Network Functions Virtualization. In addition, the ONF has extended the chargers of the Architecture & Framework working group and Config & Management to look more broadly at OAM requirements, both south bound and north bound. This includes efforts to catalog and publish North Bound APIs.Transition: Let’s look in more detail at the work in building on the OpenFlow foundation.
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    1. 1. Dan Pitt Executive Director Open Networking Foundation www.opennetworking.org 1 ONF Snapshot
    2. 2. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation2 • Dedicated exclusively to SDN • Driven by end users • Innovating in standards process • Run like a Silicon Valley startup About ONF Drive SDN Standards Collaborate with the innovators Gain visibility in the community Influence the future of networking
    3. 3. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation3 We are: • Promoting SDN as a whole – its commercialization – for users • Standardizing only what needs to be standardized by a committee – Alert to how different software standards evolve, vs. protocol standards • Believers in OpenFlow as the Southbound API standard • Advocates of experimentation, coding, open-source We are not: • Your grandmother’s SDO; & being just an SDO is not enough – Disruptive technology won’t emerge from legacy SDOs • Beholden to any coalition, cartel, cabal of vendors • Democratic To us, SDN is: • Physical separation of forwarding and control – All the good stuff follows from that • Of individual value for every deployer ONF Identity
    4. 4. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation ONF organization & governance 4 ONFBoard Executive Director (Dan Pitt) Technical Advisory Group Chipmakers Advisory Board Council of Chairs Arch & Framework Extensibility Config & Management Testing & Interop Forwarding Abstractions Market Education Optical Transport Migration Working Groups Study Groups • Security • Mobile/Wireless • Research Associates No voting, except at the Board Board appoints the Chairs
    5. 5. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation ONF Progress 5 • OpenFlow 1.0.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 • OF-Config 1.0, 1.1 • OpenFlow Conformance Testing Program • Open-Source OpenFlow Driver Competition • Research Associates • Optical, Wireless, Security, Migration, Architecture, NBI • Solution Briefs, White Papers, Technical Reports, Tutorials, Webinars
    6. 6. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation6 • Build out the OpenFlow substrate • Foster implementation and deployment • Encourage SDN innovation • Support services above OpenFlow ONF 2013 Initiatives
    7. 7. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation ONF in the World 7 ONF Standards Consortia Open Source Research End-User
    8. 8. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation88 6WIND A10 Networks Active Broadband Networks ADVA Optical Alcatel-Lucent/Nuage Alibaba Aricent Arista Networks Beijing Internet Institute (BII) Big Switch Networks Broadcom Brocade Centec Networks Ceragon China Mobile Ciena Cisco Citrix CohesiveFT Colt Coriant Corsa Technology Cyan Dell/Force10 Deutsche Telekom Ericsson ETRI Extreme Networks F5/LineRate Facebook Fiberhome Technologies Freescale Fujitsu Gigamon Glimmerglass Goldman Sachs Google Hitachi HP Huawei IBM Infinera Infoblox Intel Intune Networks Institute for Information Industry IP Infusion Ixia Juniper Networks KDDI KEMP Technologies Korea Telecom L3 Communication Systems-East Lancope Level3 Communications LSI Corporation Luxoft Marvel MediaTek Mellanox Metaswitch Networks Microsoft Midokura NCL Communication NEC Netgear Netronome Netscout Systems Nokia Siemens Networks NoviFlow NTT Communications Optelian Oracle Orange Overture Networks Pica8 Plexxi Procera Networks Qosmos Rackspace Radware Riverbed Technology Samsung SK Telecom Spirent Sunbay AG Swisscom Tail-f Systems Tallac Networks Tekelec Telecom Italia Telefónica Tellabs Tencent Texas Instruments Thales Tilera TorreyPoint Transmode Turk Telekom/Argela TW Telecom UBIqube Vello Systems Verisign Verizon Virtela Vmware/Nicira Xpliant Yahoo! Zhone Technologies ZTE ONF Members as of October 8, 2013
    9. 9. © 2013 Open Networking Foundation Conclusion 9 • SDN: changing the world for users’ benefit • ONF: accelerating the adoption of open SDN