Mission Shaped Church (Steve Dutfield)
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Mission Shaped Church (Steve Dutfield)



Christology - Missiology - ECCLESIOLOGY

Christology - Missiology - ECCLESIOLOGY



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Mission Shaped Church (Steve Dutfield) Mission Shaped Church (Steve Dutfield) Presentation Transcript

  • Mission-Shaped Church
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  • When the Church is the Church View slide
  • When ferocious cannibals captured a hapless missionary he had the privilege of giving them their first real taste of Christianity. Sauce unknown
    • C ommunity Action
    • W inning People for Christ
    • M aking Disciples
  • Worple Road Evangelical Church
    • Fakes Chapel (Bradford, Arizona)
    • Penguin Baptist Church (Tasmania)
    • Boring Methodist Church (Maryland)
    • Cowboy Cathedral (Indiana)
    • Frostproof United Methodist Church (Florida)
    • Coolville Methodist (Coolville, Ohio)
  • The Decade of Evangelism
  • Breaking New Ground Church House Publishing, 1994
    • How do churches grow?
      • Dr. Roy Pointer (MARC Europe, 1984)
    • How your corps can grow.
      • John Larsson (The Salvation Army, 1988)
  • A Purpose Driven Willow Creek Cell Church running Alpha, doing NCD and engaging in numerous Faithworks initiatives.
    • An artist was engaged to paint the picture of a ‘dying church’. It was assumed he would portray a ramshackle building, with broken windows and neglected grounds. But when it was unveiled the painting was of a fine Gothic church, stately, elegant and expensive – glorious stained glass, carved wooden stalls, a rood screen, a great organ and comfortable pews.
    • Everyone was bewildered, but one day an old man who had spent much time looking at the painting solved the problem. There in an inconspicuous corner the artist had painted-in a box on the wall labelled
    • ‘ FOR MISSION’.
    • Covering the box were cobwebs.
    • Source unknown. Published in The Monarch Book of Christian Wisdom by Robert Patterson
  • Rather than face the challenge of the field, it is easier for us to provide an all-round, meet-every-need-of-the-barn-members’-lives programmatic structure. All you need is a hired leader with good managerial skills and a pleasant personality who is not too boring in the pulpit. No history, no future, just endless repetition of the introverted present.
  • An army marking time until it has worn a hole so deep that it vanishes from the landscape. A macabre theatre performing the same play for the same pasty-faced audience, world without end, while the real world rolls by outside. A hospital where the only patients are the staff trapped in an infection-laden institution of their own making. A farm wilfully keeping its fields as set-aside in a time of famine. John Houghton, Outhere, p.27
  • Stir in a few cultural taboos of our own making, add some incomprehensible music to accompany bad poetry, wear blinkers to avoid eye contact with all but your special clique, and you have the perfect, totally irrelevant sub-culture. John Houghton, Outhere, p.29,30
  • Who in our culture goes to hear a speech lasting forty-five minutes, especially when it is preceded by something as uncool as community singing? John Houghton, Outhere, p.31
    • Byddin Yr Iachawdwriaeth
    • Army of Well-Being
  • Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy; Attributed to St. Francis of Assisi
  • If mission is at the heart of God’s will for his people, it follows that the only way to glorify God is to make it the heart of our churches. John Houghton: Outhere , Nexgen, 2004, p.18
  • There is Church because there is mission, not vice versa. Bosch, p.390
  • It is not the Church of God that has a mission in the world, but the God of mission who has a church in the world. Tim Dearborn, Beyond Duty: a passion for Christ, a heart for mission , MARC Europe, 1998
  • We are sent to war. We are not sent to minister to a congregation and be content if we keep things going. We are sent to make war… and to stop short of nothing but the subjugation of the world to the sway of the Lord Jesus. We must bear that in mind in all our plans… our aim is to put down the kingdom of the devil… This mission is going to be what its officers make it. William Booth in Christian Mission Magazine
    • Too many clergy are heard to say, ‘Until my parishioners get out of their houses and into the church, God help the church.’ They should realise that until the church has got out of the pews into the homes and work-places, God help the world, and the church!
    • Reverend Robert M.E. Paterson
  • If your church is full of members, you get an occasional missionary. If your church is full of missionaries, the rest is just about geography. Erwin R. McManus, Seizing Your Divine Moment , Nelson, Nashville, 2002, p.166
    • The church is the catalyst of mission not the goal.
    • Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christian , p.157.
    • The church doesn’t exist for itself; it exists to serve the world. It is not ultimately about the church; it’s about all the people God wants to bless through the church. When the church loses sight of this, it loses its heart.
    • Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis , p. 165
    • The church is the only organisation in the world that exists solely for the benefit of its non-members.
    • Attributed to Archbishop William Temple
    • The church doesn’t exist to satisfy the consumer demands of believers; the church exists to equip and mobilize men and women for God’s mission in the world.
    • Brian McLaren, A New Kind of Christian , p. 157.
    • A church that never looks beyond itself is a church headed toward a slow but certain erosion.
    • Thom Rainer, Breakout Churches , p.178.
    • If we huddle in our trenches (however well equipped they may be) making occasional forays farther afield to win converts in order to bolster our numbers, we are condemned to watch as the church, and the world along with it, perishes.
    • Steve Chalke, Intelligent Church , p. 25.
    • Christ can not … really be present in a congregation whose energies and interests are focussed on themselves, and who do not show, as a body and as individuals, an interest and compassion for the needs of the immediate neighbourhood, and a consciousness that the congregation exists, as a Christian group, to serve the needs of others.
    • Gerard Hughes, God of Surprises, p. 132.
  • Mission shape
    • Not Quadrilateral
    • Possibly a hexagon
    • God-shaped
      • God must have his place
      • 1 Cor. 1:23
  • We Preach Christ Crucified
  • We Preach Christ Crucified
  • We Preach
  • We
    • Prayer-shaped
      • Prayer must be at the heart of what the church is about
      • Revivals have started through prayer
      • ‘Onward Faithful Intercessors’
    • Outward-shaped
      • Focus on the community
      • Be relevant to your community
      • Understand your community
      • Get involved
        • Join local committees (SACRE, School Governors, Communities First, etc.)
        • Explore ‘Chaplaincy’
      • Be first to respond to needs
      • ‘Build compassion capacity’
    • Conflict-shaped
      • It will be inevitable
      • so be prepared for it
      • ‘ Peacing Together’ by David Cormack
    • Leader-shaped
      • Be the best leader you can be
      • Develop your own leadership development plan
      • Read leadership books,
        • ‘ the Emerging Church’ by Dan Kimball chapter 20. Check out his comparison between Captain Kirk and Captain Picard on page 229
      • Leadership Journal
      • Watch ‘The Apprentice’
      • Watch K***y Boots
      • Bill Hybels
        • Keep the vision clear
        • Engage your people
        • Be in it for the long haul
        • Make your meetings memorable
    • I beg all who desire to have an impact in the emerging church to be “shrewd as snakes”, thinking strategically, studying the culture, and functioning as missiologists like never before. We need to be the poets, theologians, and philosophers once again. We need not be afraid to rethink everything we are doing. We need to set the pace for social justice in our communities and be thinking globally. We need to be fluid when we lead, instead of being rigid or controlling. We need to be relational leaders instead of super-goal-driven leaders.
    • But please, please, please, above all, pay ruthless attention to the prayerful care of your souls as leaders. Live pure and holy lives as innocent as doves in a corrupt and polluted culture. Be constantly connected to the Chief Shepherd of the emerging church for his leading and guidance. Nothing is more important than this. Nothing.
    • Dan Kimball, p. 240
    • Culturally-shaped
      • Don’t throw away your Faith in Context notes!
  • Which model?
    • A Jerusalem type church (Acts 9:26-29)
      • A gathered model
      • The temple / synagogue
      • For the Jews
      • In here/out there
  • This centralist paradigm is an in here/out there model. It sees mission or evangelism as an extension of its gathered life, a form of recruitment rather than the heart of our existence. John Houghton, Outhere, p.52
    • Antioch type church (Acts 13:42-52)
      • Missionary communities
      • They went out
      • Jews & Gentiles
      • Out here/in there
      • Disciples first called Christians in Antioch
    • The church is only ever one generation away from extinction so it’s up to you to take up the baton!
  • Bibliography
    • Mission-shaped church – Church House Publishing
    • Outhere – John Houghton
    • Peacing Together – David Cormack
    • Courageous Leadership – Bill Hybels
    • Leaders – Bennis & Nanus
    • The Leadership Challenge – Kouzes & Posner
    • And loads of others…