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history of math pascal triangle

history of math pascal triangle

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  • 1. The history ofPascal’s triangleBy ::ST Z NURHAJARURAHMAH
  • 2. One of the most interestingNumber Patterns is PascalsTriangle (named after Blaise Pascal,a famous French Mathematicianand Philosopher).In mathematics, Pascals triangle isa triangulararray ofthe binomialWhat is thePascaltriangle ???
  • 3. 1623: Born in Clermont-Ferrand.1631: The family moved to Paris.1639: Writing a short treatise onthe "Mystic Hexagram"; Étienneking appointed tax commissionerin the city of Rouen1642: Built a mechanicalcalculator.1647: Out with the "Experiencetouchant Nouvelles le vide“1651: His father died.BlaisePascal’stimeline
  • 4. 1653: Came to the Traité du trianglearithmétique now called Pascalstriangle1654: Facing a deadly accident onthe bridge near Neuilly1655: Pascal traveled to themonastery at Port-Royal1656: First appearance "with theProvincial Letters".1656-57: Published series of letters181659: since he was 18 y.o he gettingsick1661: His sister, Jacqueline died.1662: Died in Paris on August 19.
  • 5. Finding the shortestpath from a location thathas a lot of ramificationsKnowing the number ofAssociation Part Of Aset of11n of Pascal triangleIn binomial NewtonFibonacci sequenc3Theapplications of Pascaltriangle
  • 6. Focusing on the history and construction of Pascal’sTriangle, as well as on its patterns and applications inseveral areas of mathematics, I hope to have conveyed toyou some of the most interesting and useful pieces ofinformation known about the triangle. Yet, “we have onlyscratched the surface of the iceberg” (Neff 46). I extendan invitation to you to begin or continue to search for theunknown secrets lying behind the infinite set of numbersin Pascal’s magnificent triangle.CONCLUTIONS
  • 7. tHe End.Thank you.Blaise Pascal –Le couer a ses raison ne connait point
  • 8. In mathematics andcomputing,a triangulararray of numbers,polynomials, or thelike, is a doublyindexed sequence inwhich each row is onlyas long as the rows
  • 9. In Mathematics, binomialcoefficients are afamily ofpositive integers thatoccur as coefficient inthe binomial theorem.