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Newspaper supplement (final) (1)

  1. 1. UPEShorizons500050350450STUDENTSFACULTYINDUSTRY LINKAGESSPECIALISED PROGRAMSJust 2 ½ hours from Chandigarhis located a young university busypreparing nation buildersUPES is Asia’s FirstEnergy & CoreSector Universityrange of domain focussed programs.The Energy and Core Sectors are Engineering with specialization inAll the three colleges in the campusIndias growth sectors offering Refining & Petrochemicals, Geoprovide degrees in a range of coursesopportunities to youngsters keen on Informatics Engineering, Energywhich cover sectors like, Oil & Gas,participating in the India growth Technology, Aerospace Engineering,P o w e r , I n f r a s t r u c t u r e ,story for the next 20 to 30 years. If Material Science Engineering withTransportation, Informationyou are interested in nation building Specialization in Nano Technology,Technology, Electronics, Logistics &and would like to have a career in a Mechatronics Engineering, B. TechSupply Chain, Informationsector of immense national i n C o m p u t e r S c i e n c e w i t hTechnology, International Business,importance then UPES is the right specialized in association with IBMEnergy Technology, and Computerplace. UPES offers an opportunity to include - Cloud Computing &Sciences & Cyber Law along withbuild further on domain-specific V i r t u a l i z a t i o n T e c h n o l o g y ,other multi-disciplinary courses inskills, required in engineering and Mainframe Technology, Openengineering & courses in legalmanagement, something that most Source & Open Standard, Oil & universities offer, but Informatics, Telecom Informatics,which is unheard of in India. The Retail Informatics, BusinessThe university is suitable for youngcourseware & programs are designed Analytics and Optimization andminds that have a penchant forkeeping in view the emerging Infrastructure Management etc,combining academic pursuits withindustry requirements of technology Computational Fluid Dynamics,imaginative creativity. Theand skill sets. The subjects of Health Safety & Environmentaluniqueness of the specializedspecialization and advanced E n g i n e e r i n g , P e t r o l e u mcourses of UPES can be ascertainedresearch have been integrated to Exploration, Robotics Engineeringand evaluated from the hugesectors that are of immense and Artificial Intelligence & Artificiald e m a n d o f s e c t o r s p e c i f i cimportance when it comes to Neural Networks. Even when youundergraduate, postgraduate andeconomic development of the come to the management courses,the doctoral programs. Have younation. the exclusivity remains with BBA &heard of any university in the MBA programs in subjects such ascountry that offers such a diverseThe UPES campus houses 3 colleges Oil & Gas Marketing, Auto Retailing,namely the College of Engineering range of subjects within the campus? E n e r g y T r a d i n g , A v i a t i o nStudies, College of Management and At UPES one can opt for a Management, Port & ShippingEconomic Studies and College of specialization in sectors like Applied Management, InfrastructureLegal Studies which offer a wide Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Managementetc.To contribute in the development of a Community Outreach Programmesnation and pave way for overall like adoption of 5 nearby villagegrowth, one must trigger the thirst for schools. UPES is providing materialknowledge and cater to the well-being support in the form of computers,of communities right at the grass root furniture, stationery, etc and fullylevel. UPES has undertaken various supporting educational expenses of 11initiatives to provide service to the girls adopted from nearby villages.communityinmultipleways. UPES also runs a rigorous 10 daycoaching camp in Physics, Chemistryand Mathematics to prepare class 10thand12thstudentsfromnearbyvillagesfor the AIEEE examination. ThisBeing a core sector educational service is provided gratis and includesinstitution UPES realizes its duty free boarding facilities. Thesetowards environmental issues. To this opportunities are provided to theeffect, the university ensures that its students by the University to assistoperations are “Green”. The efforts at them to gain self-confidence andDesktop Virtualization and Server bigger exposure towards developmentConsolidation have resulted in 74% andmotivationinlife.reduction in power consumption forIT. A university vehicle in the campusUPESs Womenis run on bio-diesel which is producedDevelopment Centre runs regularin-house. Recycling of wastehealth check-ups in 5 adopted villagescomponents are highly encouraged atto improve the quality of life of womenthecampus.and children in these villages. UPESalso organises regular annual BloodDonation camps in the campus and isproud to be recognized as the HighestBlood Donor Institution in the State ofUPES has undertaken a number ofUttarakhand.A commitment to save theenvironmentAbhilashaHelping local communitiessustainthemselvesUNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM AND ENERGY STUDIES, DEHRADUNFueling India,Propelling the Future!“University of Petroleum and Energy Studies is oneof the unique institutions in the country impartingeducation on Petroleum and Energy, which is thelifeline for all activities in the nation.”Dr. A P J Abdul KalamA testimony from the former president of India on his visit to the campus gives an idea of the exclusivity thatthe University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) possesses. An institution dedicated to fuelling thenation with domain specific and industry ready management, engineering and legal professionals, at thegraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels for the petroleum, energy and allied sectors. The universitybestows a genial learning atmosphere for its students.UPES becomesin IndiaThe University of Petroleum & EnergyStudies (UPES) has been honored with“GRIHA (Green Rating for IntegratedHabitat Assessment) Award” by theHonorable President of India, ShriPranab Mukherjee at a function inVigyan BhawanFULL STORY ON PAGE 3The University has the distinction ofcompleting 10 eventful years. UPESwas an innovative experiment in thefield of higher education, as for the firsttime a sector specific university wasconceptualised in the domain ofenergy.FULL STORY ON PAGE 3UPES wins prestigiousThe only Indian University toreceive the exceptionalrecognitionIndias and Pan Asias first Energy andCore Sector University, University ofPetroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)has received the prestigious 2012World Oil Awards as a beneficiaryUniversity forits endeavor tocontributeSkills,Education andResearch & Development of the Oil &Gas Sector.FULL STORY ON PAGE 3and created amodel sectoralspecific institutionof higher learning.”says Dr. Parag Diwan,Founder ViceChancellor - UPES.FULL INTERVIEWON PAGE 3FIRST GRIHA RATEDUNIVERSITY10 years of UPES2012 World Oil Awards“We were at the RightPlace at the Right TimeFueling Growth A Socially Conscious University
  2. 2. 2 multiple collaborations and international alliancesits R&D initiatives. Can you tell usabout these achievements?During the course of the R&D work,UPES has also developed fewprototyped technologies. One suchtechnology is Multfuel NeelamCookstove (Indian patent granted),which is able to handle three differentfeedstocks (Forest biomass, Biogas fromwaste, LPG) individually or incombination. This cookstove has a totalweight of less than 5 Kgs, and weanticipate that the cost of domesticCan you please tell us about the Nanotechnology, Computational areas, funded by various agencies, are cookstove (3-5 persons) will be ~ Rsfocus areas for Research & Research, Environmental Research, going on. These include Hydrogen 1000, and for outdoor cookstove (40-50Development at University of Energy Economics, Earth Science, production through photovoltaic persons)willbe~Rs3000.Petroleum & Energy Studies? Automotive Research, Infrastructure & electrolyzers system, and performanceUPES aspires to conduct R&D in diverse Project Finance, Aerospace and Energy enhancement, evaluation and analysis Other such technology is an integratedareas aiming to cover the full spectrum, Law. These Research Centers represent of an IDI diesel engine using Straight and automotive Biomass Gasificationfrom fundamental and theoretical our view of the integrated solutions to vegetable oil by H2 supplementation Unit (patent filed). This unit has beenstudies, through researchofrelevance to most pressing energy challenges for the from the Ministry of New and developed with an objective to meet thebusiness and industry with practice- present society to which we believe our Renewable Energy (MNRE). MNRE has entire energy demands for a family of 10based studies in Energy. We seek to expertise and research can make a real also funded a project Biogas Training persons. Few salient features of this unitsupport each research area with and lasting contribution. Our focus and Development Center (BTDC) and is its amenability to convert lantana (Acrosscutting functions, including areas bring together experts from a development of new Technologies for common weed found all over theindustry partnerships, knowledge and variety of disciplines to effect change BiogasfromJatrophawholeplant. country destroying forest land) to lowtechnology transfer, analysis, and anddeliverpracticalsolutions. tar gas, new design of down draftprogram integration. We aim towards Department of Science & Technology Biomass Gassifier, and throughput of 1developing quality research & How has the journey been so far? (DST) has funded projects, such as, KWelectricityandheatforcooking.development, spanning all three Could you share some interesting Analysis and Improvement of Oxidationcolleges, configured to provide the highlights with us? Behaviour of Bio-Diesel and Novel With all these efforts, UPES has severalmaximum of opportunities for various During last more than five years, there Biomass Pyrolysis Pilot Plant and its state-of-the-art pilot scale units,multidisciplinaryareas. has been a significant growth in the Performance Evaluation using different including integrated Biodiesel plantexternal funded research to UPES. We biomass feedstock and Catalytic (100 liters per day capacity) and biogasThe objectives of R&D at UPES is to have completed projects funded by Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to production units (total 100 m3/day).provide a world class environment for various agencies, such as, the Methanol. Recently DST has funded two We have sophisticated instrumentscareer development and training, Department of Science & Technology projects in Nanotechnology domain to laboratory housing various equipmentsattract high quality staff, students and (DST),GovernmentofIndia;Ministryof development of Novel Enzymatic involved in the R&D activities in thefoster knowledge & strategic New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Biofuel Cells (with IIT Kanpur) and aforementioned areas. We alsop a r t n e r s h i p s , i n c o r p o r a t e Government of India; Oil & Natural Gas Microfluidic-diffusivity-meter. The collaborate with various organizations,interdisciplinary collaborations of Corporation (ONGC); Uttarakhand Uttarakhand Council for Science & nationally and internationally with ainternational quality and target UPES Council of Science & Technology Technology (UCOST) has funded four focus to develop partnerships with thebecome an institutional champion for (UCOST) and International Association projects to UPES in the areas of Energy organizations located in Dehradun andthe core areas. To accomplish this, of Universities (IAU). These projects and Environment. These include its vicinity. More information on R&DUPES has formed eleven centers of include 100 KW solar panel installation, Endurance analysis and tribiological activities at UPES can be found from ourresearch, each working in a particular NewChemicalsfordrilling&production studies of diesel engines fueled with bio- website.strategic area, by bringing together its o f h y d r o c a r b o n s , T e c h n i c a l butanol, diesel and their blends, Studyresearch expertise, knowledge-base and Performance analysis of diesel ethanol of Energy Consumption pattern of Ruralkey skills into interdisciplinary teams. blends in DI diesel Engine, Physio- Uttarakhand, Assessment of HSE issuesThese centers work in diverse areas, chemical characterization of Gasoline in small scale industries in Uttarakhandsamples, Consumption pattern of and development of an Expert SystemAutomotive Lubricants and their for Integrated Solid Waste ManagementEnvironment concerns, Development of forDehraduncity.Lab Facility for Biodiesel ProductionCentre and Research Capacity Indian Oil Corporation (R&D) hasDevelopment on Renewable Energy granted a project to develop Catalyst(withUniversityofNairobi,Kenya). and Process for single step conversion ofIsomerization of n-pentene and hexane,Please tell us about some of the Dimerizationofn-butenetoiso-octane.i n t e r e s t i n g R & D p r o j e c t scurrently under way at UPES? UPES has patented some of thesuch as Alternate Energy, Robotics, Currently several projects in various technologies developed throughQ A&Since its inception, UPES has striven towards being an institutionthat justifies the exclusivity it enjoys and plays a significant role inthe nation building process. UPES has dedicated its objectives todeveloping specialized, ready to deploy managers and engineers fordomain specific Industries. The university envisions taking theleadership role in establishing academic benchmarks for entry levelprofessionalsandcreatingthefuturereadyleadersoftomorrow.The core objective and the aim of its faculty have been to design,develop and deliver prolific standards of education and training.The university provides support to research, consultancy anddevelopment activities in all technical and managerial aspects oftheEnergy,InfrastructureandTransportationsectors.In the past 8 years, the university has been recognized and awardedfor its undeniable contribution to specialized education. UPES haswon 11 coveted awards on national and global platforms including:the recent SAP ACE award for Customer Excellence, BestPlacement Brochure Award, B-School with Excellent IndustryInterface 2010, B-School with Innovation Leadership Award 2010,Academic Brand of the Year for Sectoral Specific Business School2009, Gatenergy, London recognized UPES as the Best GlobalEducation/TrainingProviderin2008.Dr. S J Chopra, Chancellor - Dr. Parag Diwan, Vice-Chancellor -Prof. G C Tiwari, Pro Vice Chancellor form the pivot of progress forthe university. The education board for the university provides themuch needed structure and developmental plans for UPES. TheBoard of Governors at UPES constitutes eminent academicians,industry doyens, government representatives and academicadministrators and is the highest regulatory and decision-makingbody responsible for laying down policies, statutes and rules as wellasapprovingthebudgetandannualreport.When the teachers role is to guide, providing access to informationrather than acting as the primary source of information, thestudents search for knowledge is met as they learn to find answersto their questions. For students to construct knowledge, they needthe opportunity to discover for voluntarily and practice skills inauthentic situations. Providing an access to hands-on activities andallowing adequate time and space to use materials that reinforcethe lesson being studied creates an opportunity for individualdiscovery and construction of knowledge to occur. Equallyimportant to self-discovery is having the opportunity to studythingsthataremeaningfulandrelevanttooneslifeandinterests.To encapsulate the soul of UPES and its vision, Dr. Parag Diwansums up the philosophy of the university, “India has always had thebrains & the intellectual exclusivity, but we need to nurture theenergies and program minds in a way that they develop and grow tobecomegoodlogicalthinkersandgreatinnovators.UPESisacradleof innovation and growth, not for the reason that it is a one of itskind institution in the continent, but for the fact that life here isbased on the principles of progression and pro-active vision. Wedont just fuel up the thirst for knowledge within an individual; wealso energize their souls to become exemplary individuals who giveshapetothemodernIndiansociety.”TheaccoladesGuidingforceThevisionMentoring & Guidance The objective of R & D at UPESis to provide a world classResearch Evironment.Growth of Funded Research at UPESInternational Alliances of UPES15 Countries37 Universities/ InstitutesBiodiesel fuelled car at UPES“UPES has several state-of-the-art pilot scale units, including integrated Biodiesel plant (100liters per day capacity) and biogas production units (total 100 m3/day),” says Dr. S J Chopra,Chancellor, UPES.
  3. 3. 3India’s first green rated universityUPES becomesin IndiaThe University of Petroleum & Energy Studies(UPES)has been honored with “GRIHA ( Green Rating forIntegrated Habitat Assessment ) Award” by theHonorable President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjeeat a function in Vigyan Bhawan. Mr. Sanjay Kaul,President HERS received this prestigious rating“GRIHA- Award”on behalf of UPES which becomes thefirstGRIHAratedUniversity inIndia.GRIHA rating is promoted by the Ministry of New &Renewable Energy (MNRE) and “The Energy andResources Institute”(TERI). GRIHA Ratings reinstateTERIS commitment to enable the design, construction,and operation of environmentally sensitive buildingsand in turn, recognizes the efforts of owner and designteamsbyratingthebuildingsonagreenscale.The GRIHA rating system has 34 criteria coveringvarious aspects of sustainability. These criteria accountfor a total of 104 points including the innovation points.The UPES campus attempted all 34 criteria and hasachieved a 4 star rating with 81 points. GRIHAprimarily refers Indian standards and guidelines tomeet the sustainability criteria whereas LEED refersinternationalstandardsintheratingsystems.This campus of UPES is an impeccable example of aproject that was ahead of its times. The constructionstarted in 2004; the construction practices adopted bythe UPES were eco-friendly and more than sufficient tocomplywiththeGRIHAguidelines.UPES has incorporated various energy efficientmaterial and technologies i.e. utilization of localmaterials, native plants, follow the natural terrain ofthe site, use of renewable energy, cavity walls etc.Additionally, UPES has paid appropriate emphasison rainwater harvesting, zero waste, andmanufacturing bio-fertilizers, bio-fuels, and bio-gasetc. to develop a higher of a sustainable environmentin and around the campus.FIRST GRIHA RATEDUNIVERSITYUPES wins prestigiousThe only Indian University to receive theexceptional recognitionIndias and Pan Asias first Energy and Core SectorUniversity, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies(UPES) has received the prestigious 2012 World OilAwards as a beneficiary University for its endeavor tocontribute Skills, Education and Research & Developmentof the Oil & Gas Sector. The University has received therecognition in the august felicitation ceremony held at theHoustonian Hotel, Houston, TX , USA on 18thOctober,2012. It is the only Indian University and sixthUniversity outside the Americas to have received theexceptional appreciation. The World Oil Awards served asa contributor to the future of the oil and gas industry bydonating to praiseworthy universities with establishedpetroleum departments.World Oil Awards are the most celebrated recognition inthe Petroleum and Energy sector worldwide. GulfPublishing Company, an internationally renowned mediahouse honors the exceptional technological innovationsand encourages the Skills, Education and Research &Development to the Oil & Gas Sector. The 2012 World OilAwards marked the 11th annual program and paid tributethis year to "Innovations for the Future." The awardsprogram provided an opportunity to spotlightaccomplishments and leading innovations achieved from 1July 2011 through 30 June 2012.Established in 2003, UPES conscientiously built adynamic interface with domain industry by providingindustry-ready engineers and managers in Oil and Gasand allied sectors. Through its graduate andpostgraduate domain specialized programs likePetroleum Exploration, Pipeline Engineering, ProcessDesign Engineering, Applied Petroleum withspecialization in Gas, Upstream, Down streams, EnergySystems, Oil and Gas Management, Energy Trading,specialization in Refining and Petrochemicals; UPES hasbecome the Institution of Choice for the studentcommunity and the corporate sector.An ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified, UPES isapproved by UGC and accredited by NAAC in India. In itsunique bouquet of domain focused programs, it offers 50specialized programs through its three constituentcolleges - College of Management & Economic Studies,College of Engineering Studies and College of LegalStudies. UPES is also pro-actively involved in researchand development in various fields related to Energy andCore Sector. Nine exclusively dedicated research centershave been developed which are continually involved inexploring and innovations.“2012 World Oil Awards”UPES has conqueredwhere others are stillcontemplating to reachenergy of a 10 year old,enthusiasm of a 10 year old,exuberance of a 10 year old,optimism of a 10 year old,wisdom of the timelessresilience of the timelesssagacity of the timelessachievements of the timeless10at10 years of UPESUniversity of Petroleum & Energy Studies was an Schlumberger Asia Ltd, Shell India, Tata Projects Ltd,innovative experiment in the field of higher The three colleges at UPES, Engineering, Management ABPS Infrastructure Advisory Ltd, CESC, GMR Group,education. Has it been a successful experiment? Studies and Law – provide innovative specialized programs Indian Energy Exchange, Power Exchange India, TorrentYes, indeed. It is the first time that a domain specific inallthesesectors. Power. This of course, is a limited list from among the 450+university was developed for the energy sector and now recruiters who have taken up UPES students in the last 10looking back seven years, we can see that we were in the ThecontributionbyUPEStothegrowthoftheeconomyand years.right place at the right time. The result is a unique -sector thereby the nation is very relevant as it provides the newspecific institute for higher education. Our programs are talent necessary to drive this burgeoning economy. UPES is How important are soft skills for youngrespected by the industry and we have a positive and innovative and continually introduces new programs to professionals? How does UPES prepare itssatisfied response from our students giving us a deep sense keep up with changes in the industry and the economy, students for success in one of the most globalizedof fulfillment for having created this unique yet successful constantly moving to meet the needs of changing economic sectors around?experiment. scenarios. For instance, the LLB is combined with B.Tech Soft skills are essential and UPES has full-fledged center toEnergyTechnologyandthisyearsawtheintroductionofthe impart and hone softer aspects of professional life, be itHow well has the industry received your M.TechNuclearScienceandTechnology. communicationorpersonalitydevelopment.programs?We have had an overwhelmingly positive response and Do you have any internationalcollaboration? Everyone, at some point or the other, facessupport from the industry. UPES graduates are industry Yes, UPES is in partnership with many international challenges in life. Whats your advice to youngready with in-depth knowledge of their chosen domains. renowned universities in the U.K., U.S.A, Europe and Asia. professionals just starting out on their career?Our graduates are sought after by Industry recruiters as These partnerships have led to joint seminars, faculty and Challenges are part and parcel of life. One should alwaysthey are ready to deploy and thus there is better student exchange programs, professional development & have a positive attitude and turn challenges intoproductivity and savings in terms of investment in initial continuing education, joint research initiatives, review of opportunities. Young people starting their professional lifetraining. PhD theses and joint publications. Our partners include must always remember this popular story. Once two friendsMcGill University in Canada, Coventry University, the joinedashoecompanyandtheirbosssentthefirstpersontoHow well are your programs received by the University of Aberdeen and Dundee in Scotland, U.K., Africa. He notices that in Africa everybody is barefooted. Hestudent community? Marist College, U.S.A., University of Applied Sciences, calls his boss and says that there is no scope for shoes asWe have a very positive response from the student Germany,tonameafew. nobody wears them. He returns. Boss sent the secondcommunity. Our programs are very well received, person to the same place. On reaching, he calls his boss andparticularly as they fill a niche by providing a wide range of Does a student restrict his career options by opting says, this place is full of opportunities and each one can buyprograms in high growth sectors such as aviation, energy, for domain focused programs offered by your a pair of shoes. So, it depends how you turn challenges intoinfrastructure. In fact, today we get ten times more university? opportunities.applicationsthanseatsonoffer. On the contrary, students stride ahead in their chosencareer with the advantage of domain specific knowledge. At And last, do you have any advice for your readers?In light of the special thrust given by the the same time, a thorough grounding ensures that they are I would like to offer the following adage as advice, “Thegovernment to infrastructure development, do you abletoexpandintootherareasoutsidetheirchosenstream. larger the island of knowledge the longer is the shoreline ofsee an increasing relevance for the UPES wonder”. So, everyone should invest in continuousprograms? Can you name some of the main recruiters who hire upgradingofskillsandknowledge.In the recent times, to drive our economy back to the growth MBAs or engineers with specialized energy-sectorrates of 9%, core sector infrastructure – such as energy, oil skills and qualifications?and gas, port and shipping, as well as infrastructure for Some of them main recruiters are, Adani Gas, Bharat Omanroads, bridges and real estate development etc. needs to be Refineries Ltd, BPCL, Cairn Energy, Greka, Essar Group,developedexponentially. GSPC, HPCL, IOCL, L&T, ONGC, Reliance Industries Ltd,UPES becomes theonly Indian Universityto win this awardThe larger the island of knowledge,the longer is the shoreline of wonderUniversity of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES) was aninnovative experiment in the field of higher education, as for thefirst time a sector specific university was conceptualized in thedomain of energy. “Now looking back, we feel that we were at theright place at the right time and created a model sectoral specificinstitution of higher learning. The courses have been wellreceived by the industry and we have got good response fromstudent community as well. We have a deep sense of fulfillmentfor having created this unique yet successful experiment,” saysDr. Parag Diwan, Founder Vice Chancellor, UPES.ReadonforafulllengthinterviewwithDr.Diwan.Q A&Mr. Sanjay Kaul Receiving GRIHA Awardfrom the Honourable President of India,Shri Pranab Mukherjee.
  4. 4. UPES has Dedicated Career Services office.Facilitating Easy Recruitment4600 students in over 450 reputed national andinternational companies.Over the years, the university has forged a close associationwith the corporate world. Industry professionals regularlyvisit UPES for guest lectures, for consultancy on designingthe curriculum, seminars, conferences and more. Conference hall with a seating capacity of 250, equippedwith audio systems, multimedia computer, and LCDAdded to this, the office of Career Services at UPES works projection facilities for pre-placement presentations.closely with corporate partners to develop and supportcollaborative activities which benefit the recruitment Halls for conducting written tests and air conditionedprocess. rooms for conducting interviews.The Process starts with the declaration of the placement A computer centre with internet connectivity forcalendar for the year, formation of the student placement conducting online examinations with over 80 students at acommittee, CV building of students, contacting and time.inviting interested corporates, circulating brochures witheligible students’ profiles amongst them, short listing of Video Conferencing facility at Dehradun Campus & Newcandidates based on a company’s eligibility criteria, and Delhi office.facilitating corporates to choose the right candidateaccording to their discretion. So far UPES has placed overPlacement Support4You have mentioned that UPES hasimplemented many best practices in IT. Couldyou spell out a couple of such best practices?Keeping pace with digital evolution, UPES hassuccessfully rolled out a smartcard based, automatedstudent attendance and time-tabling system. Thesystem can generate time-tables mathematically tooptimize the existing resources of the University. Thesystem has facilitated constant online attendanceIn todays digital world, technology is an monitoring and speedy report generation andabsolute need one cannot escape from. How is communication. UPES is one of the first in UttarakhandUPES leveraging technology to gain enhanced to implement such a system. In addition to that UPESefficiencies? hasintroducedaLearningManagementSystem(LMS).Very true, technology has become a sine qua non today.We too are a forward thinking IT focused institute. We What does the LMS do and how has it helped thehave adopted many best practices in IT which has given faculty and students at UPES?us a competitive edge. UPES is the first Indian LMS at UPES is an e-enabled student-facultyUniversity to have successfully implemented the SAP interaction system; it ensures symbiotic exchange ofSolution for Higher Education & Research. UPES has tacit information between the students and faculty. Thealso implemented a private virtualized cloud computing system has helped us in enhancing the efficiency ofinfrastructure through virtualization software. The communication in terms of speed, ease and accuracy.implementation has resulted in the University The faculty and the students can share presentations,becoming a global success story from Dell Corporation, research papers, assignments and projects etc, online.USA. UPES IT infrastructure is fully ITIL compliant LMShasbeenofrealuseincollaborativeprojects.andcertifiedbytheleadingauditorKPMG.You said UPES is a forward thinking IT focusedSounds impressive, could you please throw institute, what new technology initiatives dosome more light on the implementation of SAP you have in pipeline?at UPES? WenowplantotheITintegrationtothenextlevel.UPESUPES holds the distinction of being the first University is well on its way to implement the electronic evaluationto implement a Student Life Cycle Management (SLCM) system. The faculty would be electronically evaluatingsolution from SAP. The solution addresses the academic the soft copy of the answer scripts of the students.administration function from students entry to the Further, In the near future, SAP solution may beUniversity to exit. The SAP system can be fully extendedtoincludesubmissionofthequestionpapers.integrated with the standard off-the shelf virtualclassroomsolutions.The SAP has been enhanced to include Finance,Materials, Human Capital etc., UPES has not onlyimplemented SAP but earned an award for customerexcellence. Recently UPES has been awarded with “SAPACE Award for Public Services 2012: SpecialRecognition for Excellence in Higher Education &Research.”UPES holds the distinction of beingthe first University to implement aStudent Life Cycle Management(SLCM) solution from SAP.PVC - UPES, Mr. UtpalGhosh, talks about thepioneering technologyinitiatives at the universityQ A&Q A&UPESAuniqueinstitutionSocial Responsibility flavor ofUPESLandmark achievements ofUPESGrowth of UPES, Journey sofarof India ,Dr Kalam as the Chief Guestin its very first Convocation in year2005, the Honorable Minister of Oil &Gas from Sultanate of Oman flew inhis Private Jet to be the Chief Guest inUPESs 5th Convocation in year 2009,and it is the first Asian University tohave have won the OutstandingPetroleum University Award .in year2012 in Houston, USA. UPES is alsoCollege of Engineering and College of the first University in India to haveManagement, UPES today runs been accredited by renowned EnergyUPES has completed 10 years thisnearly 50 domain specific Programs Institute, UK. Besides, UPES todayMarch and has become an Institutionwith over 5250 students and close to has association with 34 Universitiesof choice for students desirous of350 faculty in Petroleum, Energy all over the globe on its variouspursuing programs which areincluding Power, Transportation academic programs, is engaged inindustry / business centric and fullyincluding Automotive , Aviation and innovative research in the field ofalivetogroundrealitiesinrealworld.Ports & Shipping Sectors and many Renewable & New Energy, Innovatives p e c i a l i z e d T e c h n i c a l a n d Automotive Design, Nano technologyUPES believes that education mustManagement programs – through its including nano-materials, andnot stop by imparting conceptual3 colleges dealing with Technical, Energy Policy related issues. UPES,knowledge but must arm the learnersManagement and Law subjects because of its emphasis on creatingwith skills to apply the knowledge torespectively. University lays very industry ready professionals, hasreal world situations. Educationstrong emphasis in developing a mix been having a very envious placementtherefore must have a combination ofof the knowledge related as well as record. Only this month, UPES saw aknowledge and how to apply thatpersonality related skills in the globally renowned Exploration &knowledge. From its very inception ,students so Communication and Production Companys CEO andUPES adopted this philosophy and itsPersonality Enhancement Programs Technical Experts descending on theprograms focused on specificare a part of the regular academic campusintheirprivatehelicopteranddomains relevant to the business andprogramsforallstudents,. recruit 102 of engineering andIndustry so its faculty came from hardmanagement passing – out batchcore Academic Institutions as well asIn 10 years, UPES has come a long studentsfortheirprojectsworldwide.Subject Matter Experts from theway on Industry relationship. TodayIndustry In the last 10 years UPES hasIndustry sponsored researchproved that Industry – Academiaprograms are being conducted inassociation is the key ingredient inUPES, Industry experts regularly visitgrooming the students to prepare UPES has also been actively pursuingthe Campus to meet with faculty andthem as industry ready, readily- various CSR projects such asstudents, Industry executives areemployable resources immediately supporting primary educationpursuing continuing learningupon their graduation. More than schools in the vicinity of the Campus ,programs including doctorate4500 UPES Graduates are working in coaching resources deprivedprograms with UPES and studentsIndustries, Business Houses and as engineering aspirants to prepareand faculty from UPES routinelyself-employed entrepreneurs all over them for engineering entranceinternwithindustryandcorporate.the world, bringing credit to their examinations, health facilities toAlma Mater because of this villagers and construction workersuniqueness around the campus, supporting girlstudents from the neighboringprimary schools in pursuit of theirBesides having the distinction ofa c a d e m i c a n d p e r s o n a l i t ybeing the first domain specificdevelopmentprogramsUniversity in the country, UPES hasStarting in year 2003 with just 3seen many firsts. It is the first PrivatePrograms and 224 students related toUniversity in India to have had thePetroleum Sector Domain, in itsprivilege of having the then PresidentMr. G C Tewari, Emeritus Pro-ViceChancellor, UPES shares key milestonesin UPES’s journey of 10 yearsUPES: A new paradigmfor creating professionalsSince its inception in 2003, UPES has research and development activities. 11 equipped with ceiling mounted LCD /become the "Institution of Choice" for centres are exclusively engaged in DLP projectors, computers and PAstudents and corporates in the core e x p l o r i n g , d i s c o v e r i n g a n d system with wireless More than 3500 students understanding various aspects of core Multipurpose Smart Cards forhave passed out through its sectors in chosen domains. UPES is attendance, payment transactions andconsecrated portals andhavegone onto focused on four strategic themes for access control are some of therender their services in the most crucial intensive research. They are Research technology induction provisioned atsectors of economic significance for the E n v i r o n m e n t , I n t e r n a t i o n a l campus.nation. Excellence, Inter-discipline ResearchandKnowledgeTransfer.The high tech labs are abuzz withThe UPES campus is located in the To facilitate the educational andactivities throughout the day and aretranquil surroundings of Pondha valley developmental journey of its studentsthe epicenter of the campus. 61 livingat foothills of the Himalayas in with state-of-the-art facilities: superlabs catering to the needs of studentsDehradun, Uttarakhand, offering an specialized Living Labs, Sports &and faculty are actively engaged inenvironment conducive to academic, Recreation facilities, canteens anddifferent activities related to academicspersonal and professional growth. The hostel facilities. Besides, extensiveand research in pursuit of excellence.Indian Air Force has donated 2 aircraft c o u n s e l i n g a n d P e r s o n a l i t yThe new age Learning Resource Centreengines and have placed an MIG Development Programs (PDPs) duringat campus has ample seating capacityaircraft in the campus in order to aide the tenure at UPES, Industry Tours andand contains over 50,000 volumes ofthe students in their learning process. Summer Internships are mandatory topublications including books,The moment one beholds in the scenic groom and facilitate students for theirstandards, reports, proceedings andcampus and the picturesque locales careerahead.more than 150 national andthat surround it, one gets enormouslyinternational journals in the fields ofimpressed with the kind of life it has to Student Clubs and Cultural Fests arePetroleum, Exploration, Power,offertoitsstudents. regularly organized to profferInfrastructure, Chemical, Computer,opportunities to pursue non-academicElectrical, Electronics and MechanicalLife at UPES is not only focused on interests. The students at UPES areEngineering, Information Technologylearning and education but is also closely involved in organizingand Management, law etc. Theexciting, exuberant and full of energy. seminars, conferences, etc. all of whichResource Centre also has a richThe campus environment encourages provide an opportunity to interact withcollectionofonlineresources.academic and professional growth, and corporates and develop professionaloverall development of an individual. skills.One can explore multiple forums forThe Advanced Computing Centre atexpression, learning and recreation atUPES provides world class facilities –campus. The flowery pathways, graphiceasily comparable, and in someroads, crowded corridors, ever-busyinstances, surpassing the equipment incafeteria, energy-filled sports ground,labs of some of the best engineeringchirping friends, bustling library,institutes in the world. A fully wi-fimeditative classes, arrestingcampus and integrated learningamphitheater and wi-fi facility acrossmanagement system (Moodle)the campus bears the testimony to theprovides a knowledge repository forexcitingthrillandlearningatUPES.academic resources. Available 24x7, italso provides a platform for onlinetestingandassessment.The more you explore, the more you geto v e r w h e l m e d . U P E S h a sThe University has more than 100 wi-fiinfrastructural facilities for its studentsenabled, multimedia equipped, smartthat could be parallel to any world classlecture halls that make it a pleasure toorganization in the country. Theattend classes! All the classrooms areuniversity is pro-actively involved inE n c o u r a g i n g o v e r a l lBubblingwithlife developmentGlobalintellectApplication&researchChannelizing the Energyover 4600 students already placedUPES PatentedTechnologyMultifuel CookstoveBiomass GassificationprototypeAlso at UPESEngine Reasech Test benchfor IDI diesel engine usingStraight vegetable oil byH2 supplement