PETROTECH - 2010: 9th International Oil & Gas Conference


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The 9th International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition , PETROTECH- 2010 is being organized during 31st Oct- 3rd Nov by ONGC under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas , Government of India. The Conference will be inaugurated by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

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PETROTECH - 2010: 9th International Oil & Gas Conference

  1. 1. PHI TICK-I610 Tfiéfiefimfimfi r I 9 INTERNATIONAL OIL 8. GAS CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION ' 31 October- 3 November. 2010. New Delhi. India '41 Organised By Exhibition Partner ‘ml m m Pnnrmcli 0nG
  2. 2. THEME Global Energy Equilibrium This deceptively simple and elegant theme encompasses myriad dimensions and perspectives. The obvious interpretation is the geo—political context of establishing equilibrium between hydrocarbon suppliers and consumers. This utopian ‘equilibrium’ is yet to be achieved as hydrocarbon is increasingly being seen as a 'national' resource that can be used as leverage for the attainment of political objectives and not merely as a commodity that is traded freely in accordance with economic principles. No country can claim to be selflsulificient in its requirement ofhydrocarbons. if it has an abundance of one form. say oil. it is deficient in the other. say gas. Along the same vein. technology and services required to monetize hydrocarbon assets are not equitably resident. lntepdependence is therefore the key to establishing a 'Global Energy Equilibrium’. at least in the hydrocarbon sector. The need to contain ecological damage is another imperative that will necessitate a complete re-think of the 'traditional' energy basket. presently loaded in Favour of Fossil Fuels. Nuclear energy, once reviled, is now getting a re—loolt in the context of its ecological footprint vis—a—vis fossil Fuels. This along with nomconventional energy sources like wind Er solar could dramatically reconfigure the energy basket of countries. Other possible dimensions of this theme of energy equilibrium could be: Oil 6- Gas Operators Gr Service Providers Upstream v/ '5 the Dowiistreaiii Sectors OECD C7 BRIC Countries 0 O O 6 Energy Cr Climate Maintenance 0 6 Consumers Er Investors O NOCs€r lOCs xx xx ‘. pelt otuli III
  3. 3. AN INVITATION Dear Industry Colleague. The 9th international Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition. PETROTECH 2010 is being organised during 3 I" October-3'” November by Oil E-r Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum (7 Natural Gas. Ciovemment of India. The theme of event. "Global Energy Equilibrium" has been chosen taltinginto account the current global energy scenano and its impact on the future. Past eight editions of PETROTECH has seen its stature growing and being marked as a must attend by the who's who of the industry the world over. It IS now an established forum in this pan of the globe for companies in the Energy industry to showcase their capabilities and explore new growth opportunities. The event is attended by the policy makers. professionals fr top-level executives from the Indian and global hydrocarbon sector. It's my privilege to announce that the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh has consented to inaugurate the Petrotech 20 l 0 conference. 273 exhibitors. half ofthem international. were present at the 8"‘ edition in 2009: our endeavour is to create a much grander 9"‘ edition which provides even better opportunities to the participants to communicate. network and conduct business. The conference would provide a meaningful platform for deliberations and discussions to formulate a sustainable vision for the global energy industry. India has been recognized as the emerging and most promising business destination and I am sure that PETROTECH 20 I 0 will be the platform for you to further your business goals. I take this opportunity to invite you on behalf of PET ROTECH to showcase your organization at the exhibition and benefit. Looking forward to your participation at PETROTECH 20 I 0. A. K. Hazarilta Director Onshore. ONGC C-r Chairman Exhibition Committee. PETROTECH 20l0 wwvx petrotech in A. K Hazarika Director Onshore, ONGC 8 Chairman Exhibition Committee, PETROTECH 2010
  4. 4. INDIA BECKONS The Indian Oil Er Gas Industry The Indian economy is a net importer of almost all forms ofenergy. This fact. coupled with the country's growing energy needs. has intensified discussions on energy security for the country. The government of India is thus actively seeking private participation in the energy chain to bring in the required investment and technologies and is also promoting acquisition of oil 6- gas reserves overseas. To increase upstream investments. the Ministry of Petroleum 6- Natural Gas formulated New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) in I999 providing investors a level playing field and incentives to attract investment ér technology. Under the policy, blocks for exploration are awarded through global competitive bidding process which is most transparent. So far. eight bidding rounds have been held awarding over 230 blocks resulting in 7 I oil and gas discoveries in I9 exploration blocks. Advantage India 6 VVorId's largest democracy. fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity of GDP 6 Healthy GDP growth rates of more than 7% per annum from 2003-04, resulting in a surge in demand for energy and hydrocarbon sources 0 Fifth largest consumer of energy in the world with 6% annual growth in demand for petroleum products 6 Less than onerthird of the hydrocarbon reserves have been established so far, leaving a substantial resource base unexplored 6 Oil E-r Gas industry estimated at about USS I40 billion; a large domestic market where demand outstrips supply 6 One of the largest emerging gas markets in the Asia—Pacific: share of gas in energy mix likely to go up from 9% currently to 20% by the year 2025 6 Poised to become a mayor export hub with plans to augment refining capacity from current 178 to 240 million tonnes per annum by the year 20l2 6 Huge potential exists for the expansion of pipelines. transportation and infrastructure segments 6 U55 250 billion investment needed in inaior segments; sector opened up for private and foreign investment www petrotech in
  5. 5. THE PETROTECH SERIES Historical Perspective Petrotech was First held in I995 and it was clear from the response to the inaugural event that it had a bright Future as a focal point For lndia's energy industry. The event has continued to develop and is now respected as the leading Forum in South Asia For debating the issues that face the global hydrocarbon industry. Petrotech is a biennial event held under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and the Petrotech Society. Each ofthe eight conferences and exhibitions held since I995 have set higher standards. building momentum and uniting the upstream. midstream and downstream sectors in helping to secure India's energy needs as well as promoting the drive towards energy independence. Each Petrotech conference and exhibition has been themed specifically to reflect the key issues allecting the industry while being consistent in their aim to provide cleaner. greener and sustainable energy. The event has an enviable reputation in international circles as one of the leading Forums For the global hydrocarbon industry by giving an impetus to pioneering technology in this field. Petrotech explores and promotes innovation in the energy sector and has supported the push For sustainable energy as well as many environmental causes. This Forward—looking. responsible approach to the industry has helped to broaden the reach. scope and popularity of the event. Petrotech 20l0 is organised by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) and the Petrotech Society again under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum C-r Natural Gas ofthe Ciovemment oflndia. The 20l0 event will build on more than a decade of success - the leading platform For business and debate and an event that shouldn't be missed. v‘. pclictcch .11 Int ivltl-Inn , . I I i 'V 4 r ; .4, 4
  6. 6. PETROTECH 2010 Now in its 9" edition. Petrotech 20 I 0 is being organised under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum C-r Natural Gas. by ONGC and Petrotech Society in association with ITE Group Plc. Eidiibition Area: l8,000+ m’ / Wth the current edition's universally relevant theme, 'C-Iobal Enery Equilibrium’, Petrotech 20 l 0 will not only be a culmination of more than a glorious decade of energy initiative but an enriched energy bonanza, providing participants an opportunity to: / Vitness the latest developments in the Oil 6- Gas Industry Communicate 6- Network with the Nho's Who of the Industry Source New Business Opportunities Source New Products 6- Suppliers Source Latest Technologies Er Equipments Set up Supply Channels Evaluate New Projects Network with Trade Associations Gr Media OOOOOOOO Participation options include Exhibiting 57 Advertising Opportunities. Sponsorships fr Customized Packages. For details. please get in touch with the Petrotech 20 I 0 Exhibition team. or visit us at : VNvN. pelrOleCl‘I. In ‘» '» LWQII . JlCLli Ill SHOW STATS Dates: 3 l st October — 03rd November. 20l0 Venue: Exhibition: Hall Nos. I4 6- l8. Pragati Maidan. New Delhi. India Conference: Vigyan Bhavan. New Delhi, India Exhibitors: 300+ fitom over 30 countries (Expected) Delegates: 4,000+ from over 50 countries (Expected) Visitors: l5.000+ from over 20 countries (Expected)
  7. 7. IIYIAIIKIJDH ' 9! THE EXHIBITORS PROFILE The PETROTECH 2010 Exhibition will witness participation ofworld leading organisations From the following industry sectors : Oil and Gas - Upstream. Midstream C-r Downstream Engineering and Construction Cotnpantes Engineering Equipment Manufacturers and Providers Commercial Service Providers for the Oil fr Gas Sector Power Generation Transportation and Logistics Research and Development ‘ i . r' far; ‘ IT 5 Telecommunications ‘(Iii Petrochemicals and Fertilisers _, "4 HSI ‘ Alternate Energy Govemment fir Trade Consulates Finance and Insurance Training and Human Resource Development ‘ - _ _ C “ Trade Associations l'‘ l I ‘'3 ‘ll ) Media THE VISITORS PROFILE Top Management oflndian and Global Energy Sector Companies 3 Engineers, Managers and Scientists from the Hydrocarbon lndustry and its Afliliates Policymakers i Government Oflicials ' Academics Mainstream and 'l'i'ade Media '. “*. w L‘-eltufec I l. I
  8. 8. THE VENUE PETROTECH 20 I 0 Exhibition would be held at Hall No. I4 fr Hall No. I 8 ofPragati Maidan in New Delhi, India. Pragati Maidan. located in the heart of New Delhi. is more than just the premier exhibition complex of India True to the meaning of its name. Pragati Maidan stands for Development and Progress through trade. Its exhibition halls, complete with a network of infrastructural facilities. in a lush green setting. make it the preferred venue of leading exhibition organisers from India and abroad. ~ Pragati Maidan is well connected by road 6- metro. The Pragati Maidan metro station is iust walking distance from Hall Nos. I4 Gr l8. Taxis are the other convenient mode of commuting For visitors E-r are easily available around the venue. GENERAL INFORMATION VISA : All foreign visitors to India require a VISA before arrival. Please contact the nearest Indian Embassy in your home country f'orVISA. AIRPORT : Delhi is well connected to all the major cities of the world by intemational airlines. The International Airport at Delhi is known as Indira Gandhi lnternationaIAirpoi1. INDIAN STANDARD TIME (IST) Er WEATHER : Indian Standard Time is 5.30 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+5.30 hrs). The weather in New Delhi during October/ November is pleasant Cr the temperature varies between I 5 and 30 degree Celsius. ELECTRIC SUPPLY : In India the electric voltage available is 220 volts AC/50 Hz. Some hotels provide additional I I0 volt plug point outlets. ACCOMMODATION 2 October/ November is a high tourist/ Festive season in Delhi. Special rates at select 5 star hotels are available for Petrotech 20 I 0 participants. For details. please visit the Petrotech website. CURRENCY AND CURRENCY EXCHANGE : The official currency of India is Indian Rupee (INR). All major currencies can be exchanged at the airport. key hotels and banks. A Money Exchange Counter would also be available at the Petrotech 20 I 0 Exhibition. LOCAL TRANSPORTATION €r SIGHTSEEING : Delhi has a well developed transport system with availability of'air—conditioned cars. coaches and State—of—the—Art metro. The Petrotech 20l0 exhibition would have a travel counter to assist participants in their travel requirements 6- excursion plans. MEDICAL FACILITIES : Delhi has world class medical facilities with leading liealtlicare groups operating a stnng of super speciality hospitals across the city. Comprehensive onsite medical services would be available at the Petrotech 20 I 0 Exhibition venue to attend any medical requirements. www petrotech in
  9. 9. THE ORGANISERS ONGC Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) (incorporated on June 23, I993) is an Indian public sector petroleum company. It is a Fonuiie Global 500 company ranked 33 5th. and contributes 77% oflndia's crude oil production and 8| % oflndia's natural gas production. lt is the highest profit making corporation in India. It was set up as a commission on August l4. I956. lndian government holds 74. l 4% equity stake in this company. ONGC is one ofAsia's largest and most active companies involved in exploration and production of oil. lt is involved in exploring for and exploiting hydrocarbons in 26 sedimentary basins of India. It produces about 30% of India's crude oil requirement. It owns and operates more than I l .000 kilometers of pipelines in lndia. PETROTECH SOCIETY Petrotech Society is a non—profit organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act. I860. lt was founded by distinguished members representing the entire spectrum of the hydrocarbon industry. The Governing Council of the society is well represented by the multinational. private sector and maior public sector oil companies. The society functions within the ambit of the Memorandum of Association and its Bye-laws. ITE GROUP PLC lTE is one of the world's leading organisers of intemational trade exhibitions and conferences and specialises in organising events in growing and developing markets. The company was established in the early '90s when the founders of ITE launched a series of trade events in the new market economies of Russia and the ‘ CIS. Today. ITE organises around I 80 exhibitions and conferences each year in l l countries. In 2009. ITE sold over 400.000 sqms of exhibition space to companies who understand the benefits of doing business face—to—face. The group has many market leading events and well known brands in key industry sectors. lTE's product range of annual events includes everything from niche specialist conferences through to huge events such as Russia's largest trade fair (The Moscow Building (7 lnteriors Exhibition ' MosBuild). ITE also has a large portfolio of successful oil and gas industry events that include MIOGE (Moscow. Russia). KIOGE (Almaty. Kazakhstan) and Caspian Oil Cr Gas (Baku, Azerbaijan). The company also organised the IT" World Petroleum Congress (VVPC) in Johannesburg. South Africa and co«organised the I8“ VVPC in Madrid. Spain. www. petrotech. in
  10. 10. IN RETROSPECT PETROTECH 2009 , _ 7,, ‘ , 3 __ 1'! . ' ‘ t = ,' , J, ;/ ‘u ( | . L , _,‘ g , , ‘ E. i ‘I! '‘~ _ I _ L »‘'. J_‘_‘‘ ‘ ' ‘ . c' ‘‘ * _A. II ‘ . Va '. 1 4 ~ "': ::t-. '. " '- H ; I . ' _~ . ,. F‘ _ ‘ - 1 . ) ff". 2 " . “._ . ) , . 1.’, "' CCU olcul I ll! 1, ‘ rk, / ¥- 1 , 5 g . 9‘ , ‘ Tl . _}‘~ _. r. ‘. Pm: *c: ~:-2009 , ~», ; H La . . , . . .‘. ... ... . 3’ Eu r Meet I I ‘ — . FL 7 L", -‘ ‘ . 1.} r. » L—J ,1 _. _ 7. Q. ;. ’A. ‘»'-' L, -;'_, :;. J! " ,2 4 "‘ - - 41+» 7 I ‘~ ‘~. ‘
  11. 11. PETROTECH 2009 EXH| B|TlON»H| GHL| GHTS PETROTECH 2009 was held at Pragan Maidan. New Delhi from I l"»l5" Janua1y.2009 and was witnessed by over l3400 unique visitors. Exhibitors‘ Feedback Satisfaction with the Show Networluns Ovvorvuniw 115', E31. 2?‘: 13* 71% 7?“- I Outwits; Sausfed I Sanewhn Snafu. -n I Not A: II Sausf-ed I Cunvlaen Salsheu I some-rat Se-. :an»= -a I ‘In: A- ml sac arm Wdl Exhibit in next Peuotech 20l0 Visitor Quality at the Venue was 2* 9* 2 7‘l“& 329; I iutremdy Snushd I Son-mm: Souincflflot It In Sauna I Cnmahuly Sound I Sonmnhu Sauna I Nov. AL All Snzlmed Visitors’ Feedback Were you able to find exhibilocs of Quality of exlubitors u PET ROTECH 2009 interest to you at PETROTECH 2009 lhl II. M SJIIIGUW ”° ‘3“’ Nu Vcryslnhn as g. ,,‘. ,‘, ., S‘, g!d 29;, Sunmhu Saflaflflt Yes 87% W1 Sauna 61% Overall experience at PETROTECH 2009 Mr" wn Srnran PH swcwrat Sah. '~‘: e¢: 9% D m; .-w. ’. .l'. "M :9 If -2 ‘Mi Sam! »-<1 5]‘! ‘ll’ av 1. R. -.~-4: wxnx pelroleclx m
  12. 12. THE TESTIMONIALS “PETROTECH is a good platform for us to interact with industry captains and ministerial counterparts to promote collaboration. The technology on display at the exhibition is also very helpful to countries like ours. " HE. Mr. Al Zubair Ahmed Al Hassan Hon'ble Minister of Enery 5 Mining. Sudan “I am very impressed with the entire presentation of PETROTECH» 2009 event and the diversity of the topics C-r issues that were discussed in the event. ” Dr. Ermnanuel O. Egbogah Presidential Advuor of Petroleum. Nigeria “PETROTECH 2009 is a highly professionally organised event. Attending the event this year was like taking a walk down memory lane. A truly fantastic expenencel " Dr. Michael J. Watt: Exploration and New Business Director Cairn Enerw. UK "PETROTECH 2009 is a very important event as India will be playing a significant role in meeting the future global oil demands. " Ml’. Greg um President Shell Global Solutions. The Netherlands “It has been a wonderful experience like always. A place for all the key players of the oil and gas sector to be a part. ' Mr. Arun Balalriahnan Chairman G Managing Director Hindustan Rtroleum Corporation Ltd. . India "It was a very interesting exchange and discussion. l appreciated the opportunity to become better acquainted with the pressing issues of the petroleum sector in India from the perspective of the various stakeholders. " Ambassador Richard H Jones Deputy Executive Director liitertiatiotial Energy Agency. Pans "In the bad times of the economy. PETROTECH 2009 provides an excellent platform for the oil and gas industry players to come together and share their views on the rising challenges ofthe industry and find solutions for the future. " Mr. James Roby Kundsen Regional Technical Dlf‘ClOf BC Group PLC UK www p€lI’0lt': ‘l1 iii
  13. 13. THE EXHIBITORS PETROTECH 2009 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000 A P Em-vg» Bilsilirsx I'il-lit-. iimni Pir Lid ABS Eqmpim-nu PW Ltd Advance OII ficld Spccialiit. Dubai Advnnttu Aiappa IPMC Private Ltd AL Bucha-ri ltidmtml Services Nlpon Imerniuonil Pvt Ltd Aniniitc B. V - Giytn Indunrid Corporation Anton Fur Indu Aplib Lid‘ Atgui Med: Ane. -t LLC MA: Copco India Ltd 3 P Exploration Npha Ltd. 3 P lndti Serviocs Pvt. Ltd. BiIierAi1u Bike: Huflics Bah-r Huflics DnItn| Fluids Balizr Oi Tools Bdmu Lawn: 5 Co. Lid Bu-tcc Indii (P) Ltd, Baiting CEN Intcrmisonal Fur Co. Ltd. Bddcn India Pvt Ltd. Bcnyl Enuy Lid Berry Pluiici FM. Lid Bhu-at Cuudi Intemuioml Drilling Services Ltd‘ Blunt Pcirokum Corporation Ltd. Bhuia Brothers (Dehi) Bhautai Brothcn Cmlf F1: Bith Technical S€l’0C? S Blohm i-Voss BMS Da Vinci BDII Name A/ S Emil Oil Took India Pvt Ltd BSM V. iIu—s BV Bureau: oi'Encr.1y Eflicimcv 8V' I: ‘(IiDCI€‘fiJ‘§ Iw I'Ianr)vi‘II CAJTII India Liinitcd CaIscp A5 {atwii S(‘l’‘)L‘t' IIDL US- Cm in-II dnlliiig L'| 'VlL‘& Ii Lld L: Al‘Ih. Il$II Uioup LLEL} S I'A {EN I RAL IYRES I’/ T LID kéiiieriliii OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD Ccriiitcd OtIIit: Id RA-iil. iIs SiITg, [E‘ll' C4rtcIi Lid COG Vctiin CImttg}atig Group Co Ltd (CCL Tc; IiiioIogit-3) Clitiiiirols Eiigtns. -cnng Lid Clamp On NS Coniinciiul Atrium; Cor: Libomlones Inicnuiioiui B V Comeii Sysmns Inc . USA Clutive CTR Mmufictunng Induslnts Lid Ddotilc Touche Toliiiiaisu India Pvt Ltd DEW Jounul Dirt-clout: Cienenl of Hydrucubons Dmon Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd DNV E H. Wu. -Its USA Euttrn AC5 Libs Pvt Ltd Eastman TEFT Eng P“. Ltd. Economic Rneatrlt India Ltd EGS Survty FM. Lid Elcoinc Mun: Services Pvt. Ltd. Ehco Marketing Pvt. Ltd Employi-ticni 5 NR! Times Enerflaw Industries Inc Enerwrtcs Entry SoIutions Intzrnuiotnl (India) Pvt Ltd. Encrotl Offshort Drilitng Dd Engineer: Inén Lad ENI India Ltd Etwim Tech Synemi. USA ESP (AIR) Pvt. Ltd Eivngi NS Eulutictvc SE2 (Gurpon) Pvt Ltd Edit-at Lid I-‘TI Intrmiiiionail Fagioli PSC India Priviii: Lid Focpatuia Mam: Frcnzrlii VVrrIu: GmbH lr C0! Fugm Surwy IIndi. i) Pvt Lid on TIMAI E. ..-. ,;, Services Pvt Ltd Gail ilndu) Lmutcd GPA EcoIIn liidu IF‘) Lid Grits-r. i|[iiri'g Miiiagrinciti Svsiciin Ii Lid www petrotech in OOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Gt-oI‘inIt. i Toriiii Sp I o o Crologin Lid (1.-. »,~. .‘c. ..ti. i~i cs. -.. ... ... . GGS S; -rt iiuin CLIS CinbI’I Gocnlu [ngii-ct-ting i‘; Indinimil PV1 Lid COi"'b Eiigmn-ting PI Lid Ctmuppc C| |'l| d)('i I"Iux rt-tum Cimuppc I_lIIIC)II-‘Cr Cmi. u.ii InI't. t PIPCI I‘vi Lid Giitttnii Suit Pl‘1l0I(’lItI Corpi. Vt. iioit Lid Hnlltbutlon Huiyliou Simiiii TuY‘IJtl)L‘ Co Lid I Iudliiia Mcdu I: EciII5 IIH Lid I’I<'. itrit. Hi CtTeIi Humid Odin-Id S4.'f-‘h. ’L‘) Pvt Lid Hinduiun FL-irolcuiii Corporiitcit Lid Hiuchi Plant Technoloyn Lid HLS Asia Lid Hocrbigt. -1 India P“ Ltd Hughes Chtstenicn Hyiorc Indld Hytorc USA ICE (Ana) Pvt Lid Indumin com Induin Institute of Phroleum Indun Oil Corporation Ltd lndoccn Electronics Sysiemi Irtdnpnstha Cu Ltd IIVIOVIIIOH Norway Intzq Inicrmnorid SOS Servzccs Indin PM Ltd Ittiemuiotul Tubdar Services India Pvt Ltd. '00 Ctophvsicd IPR Gmup ofComputi¢t ISMT Lid J C Vdvci and Control: India Pvt Ltd J. D. Jena 5 Co. II’) Ltd. Jiyuhtr: To-itlci Josh Engiicmng Company Ltd Kuuhim Initrumcnts Pvt Ltd Kaich Kan Kawutilu Heavy Industries, Ltd Kins Control Systems
  14. 14. THE EXHIBITORS PETROTECH 2009 000000000000000 00000000 0000000 0.0000000000000000 K: m~TtonTechnoIofiei. Itic Kcnnatnrtallndiabd. LappIndiaIM. Ltd. LettiiiBa| ticLatvn(EU) L¢ttiiiIndtaPvI. Ltd Bopp£rRnd'icr. C¢1tttany. CatbovacFi-anon MnCtotn¢t: r.AimraIt'a. MatiTutboInd‘iaP«. Lid. MaiterMai'ln¢ASA MnlFctIIIIn¢ltI) Mettclosfiaticc Nli'&ittaOibGuSuviusfNtLiil. Mdvvwfiuuwiutflld. Midwaylkti-ol¢tittiEqta'pttietitil’vi. Lid. Mvfliwa-Etietultid'uPv&Lid. NACEIt-autiatiotialflaiaway ItidIaSeubti NqiiuiicO¢canoyu: liacs. UK Nat: os. Norway NctSal'¢tyMotiitotiiu Nttzi= It‘I'cdititiInp‘asltidiaPvt. Lid. NorLata¢ NotuCitIItm5AbatidotItia'IN5 Nonliitarbtilsiutiiisieis lCuvrusl. i'ttitotIl Nonrain NovSarI(Indta)PvLLid. NO‘/ .USA TWMA UIidcIridiaFt~‘ivaIrLid. IJItnT¢cIinoIo¢‘i¢sPvt. Lid. Ut'iIudDrtlItnuTooIsLtd Lkwusly offitrolzum Er Energy Studies Upstream Vavu Chemicals Vauid - Shah Hudfact P-1 Ltd We Kay Vinm 5 Co Wnim Wanda India Ltd Weatlicrford Oil Took Middle East Lid VVcir - Jones Group. Canada N¢II Itiiiovaiion VWrizhmi Coosarvalvr Co Ltd V‘/ cpulio Hydratilili GrtiI'iH Gtrmany VI/ esttntnster Imemational UK VI/ itidlass Engineers I: Services Pvt Ltd A/0Odr| ¢'Id Sysititts (India) Pit Ltd WOfI(’N1£k‘OVIu. ‘f LOHI 0 0 0 0000 00000000000 00000 000000000000000000..0 Xi'an Kosun Machinery Co‘ Ltd X—tntnc Entry Group Clridw Mccaniche Callaratest $. l’A- Italy Odaciid lndiimei Oil 6 Natural Gai Cotvoratien OI Data OI India Lul OI Itidustty Safety Diucaoratc ONS Fotlidauin Otuu Hi ndi Olwal hdtnris Lad Parveui ltiduwtci I'M. Lid K34 SA PCRA (fiwlatiti Caniurvaiati Ihfiil fllroleittn Slrvicu Pvl. Ltd. will! Dcveloptnmt Cottuliana Ltd. KIOIQIIII Fade: -aliut of India (Euclid) Ihmlutiti Geo Serviuci Ania Pacfic Pvt. Ltd» Enchant Nalonal Ieihad Malays’: 0’etmnasI huonaili Fae Hflolfl LNG Ltd Iitruntct-iflttiet'iLcottt lktrotcdinili Lid. Planter Klrotedt Services Inc Pot-tier Iripnicutuselsdnft GmI>I"I Ritciitial Endrzmng n’°dI£ll01| Quest PSL Ltd Q'Max Quality Win Product: Co, WLL Qucuot Techiioloy Inc RaiCiaa Company Ltd RCIIADCC Industries Ltd Ktsonaricr Systems Rusiia Rcicliwt-ll Aiitoriiaiiaii India Pit Ltd Rmen Europe 8 V ROIAI Russian Fhctiual Ucoscrviuc SK Oil Field Equipment Co Pit Ltd S. Iw. iii flrtiolciiiii Tculiiiologiri Co WLL Sat Tools Saipetii S. iii: IiiL Asia Lid Saudi Amtiico SilI¢I. lhl. l Oil Ci. i Mag. i2iiit- www petrotech in 0 0000 0 000000 000000000000000000000000.0000". .. Sdicidt fr Baclittiaitti CitibH Schlumbetuer Asia Services Ltd Sch Tzdiriutron Japan Slnndotts Kenn Fhrolcutn Equipment Co. Ltd. SlutidongIIottdtI‘hroIcttmMaduicty Co. Ltd. SlietifiOfl'i¢ldFr¢¢tI’atoleuni Etu'pmetitCo. lad. $liipItutiVaIv¢s SIiivVaniOil&GasEa; :IorationLid. SItruLaita Si¢matitLtd. S? u‘siPIioioui¢t¢tAG Siitu: lridt. ntiuLtd. 59¢ SIyiadiSyItutu(h&a. IHn. Sladadiartittict-OITooIsINt. LId Sttfatihetiiaihtial Sttfier SodetyJI¥t: alaiittiEttdrieas SolarT. IbiicItIcniati'otialCotItpatV Sadie-nMuiI SF'TGroup Stboe¢anGtoqi, UK StiivtvalSyitatulnd'n Swnfinuy $t¢| onEriuyLtd TaalT¢ch TaraLoIiiaFu. Lid. TanBPSoIar TDWlridiaLid TeclimniotitlCBH-+vaieLtd T2dirioCanadaInc TecIinogniaS. A. Tccliiioi lminitiictiti TERI Tcico Corporation DI! Albt-na Govt Tlicrmtt-clt AS TIE Chemical: ACi—Grrmany Tllllld Eiigiticcntig PW Lid Tmhniwal Systrini lr II'I)lI‘Ul“(l| l_ PVV Lid Iovvo Elfl}il’l'l‘llfi India Ltd Tianter India P1 Ltd Tndctii Ti. ilT Drilling Pvt Ltd TIIXIIJLO Ptiiiips Pin. .iic Ltd Twiitcr BV Nrthrrlatidi
  15. 15. _V I Hi‘ 1.} For detaiis on exhibiting Er advertising opportunities, sponsorships C-r customized packages. please get in touch with the Petrotech 2010 Exhibition team: M: .An3ali Babbu'Trivedi MnAbhay Kalymhr Hcadsales D. QM. (HodJG7on), ONGC5- B-I71. East ofK; xiL1sh 9 Floor, Tower II‘ Jecvan Bhclrili Building. New De| hi—l IOO65, India I24. Indira ChowkNew Delhwl |000l. India Tel: +9|»l L46577363 Tel +9!-I l»2330l320 Fax: +9|—l I-2692861] Fax: +9I—l 123725369 E-mail: aniali-in itenmediain Email. abhay. nk. z.r <1 gmajl com Ms. Riikfmnlibaunn‘ Head ofsdes ITE Group He. I05 Saiusbury Road. London. NW6 GRG. UK Tel: +44‘(o)2o' 7596 5091 Fax: +44 (0)20 7596 5105 Email: rulthsaralibennanfflitc»exhibiLions. com