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Put it Together

  1. 1. Lets put it all Together:Why UX Practitioners and Marketing Researchersneed to join forces NOW. David Kozatch and Susanna Kirk DIG
  2. 2. •  Since 1998•  Combining marketing research & user experience research•  Focus on development of new services and technologies•  Web, mobile and beyond
  3. 3. MarketingUX Research
  4. 4. UX/Marketing  Quiz  
  5. 5. Q   1. Last time you read a marketing research or branding study conducted by your marketing team? 2. How easy would it be to get your hands on one? 3. Can you articulate your key brand approach components? •  Ad strategy •  Brand definition •  Brand positioning •  Intended customer communication takeaways 4. What role did your Marketing Research department play in helping you build personas? 5. Do the people who collect and analyze Web analytics share data with you to discuss how to improve UX?
  6. 6. “One of the biggest challenges in larger organizations is communication and usability. UX is part of corporate, and then we have four large business units, each with their own marketing and development teams – and budgets.”Director  of  Usability,  Fortune  100  company  
  7. 7. Problem: Management expects online communication to be bothusable and persuasive, but howcan UX designers be experts at“persuasion” without access to the right tools and info?  
  8. 8. 1.  Why is this happening?2.  Why is it important to get together?3.  What can you do about it?
  9. 9. We’re  Different  
  10. 10. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchBrain hemisphere … Left RightPoke their stick at … Users CustomersGet excited about … Practical, Emotional measurable actions responses and responses “Coffee  =  mother?”   “Can you find the login?”
  11. 11. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchWant their interface to “Achieve specified Deliver a compelling… goals with brand message, or effectiveness, promise, that leads to efficiency, and a sale satisfaction in a specified context of use”—as defined by ISO 9241-11
  12. 12. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchFilter learning through Human factors / Sociologythese disciplines…   HCI Information design Psychology Logic Anthropology Computer science Statistics
  13. 13. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchAre always User flows Interview biasyammering about …   Information Order bias architecture Interaction design Conjoint analysis Navigational Multivariate frameworks techniques Heuristics Projective techniques/laddering Hierarchical task analyses Perceptual mapping
  14. 14. UX Practitioners Marketing Research DemographicsMake key assumptions Personasabout their target Psychographicsaudience via…   Market SegmentationMeasure short-term Greater insights Task completionresults by… into the voice of the customer (VoC)Are responsible for an How users relate to Customer needs andongoing proprietary desires as they relate tounderstanding of… technology brand
  15. 15. The  Lab  Test  
  16. 16. Huh?     UX  
  17. 17. 1.  Why is this happening?2.  Why is it important to get together?3.  What can you do about it?
  18. 18. Marketing Research:A very selective history featuring: 2 ½ trailblazing old white guys  
  19. 19. George  Gallup    American  Institute  of  Public  Opinion  (1935)    Audience  Research  Institute  (1938)  
  20. 20. Robert  Merton,  sociologist    Bureau  of  Applied  Social  Research  
  21. 21.   The  focus   group!     Institute  for   Motivational   Research  
  22. 22.  =  rational  opinions,  scientific   methods      =  the  individual  within  social   context      =  individual  motivations,  deep-­‐ seated  values  and  beliefs  
  23. 23. 5  basic     1.  Surveys   tools  of   2.  Focus  Groups   marketing   3.  Personal   research   interviews     4.  Observation   5.  Field  trials  or   test  markets    
  24. 24.  Is  controlled  beta  testing  possible?  
  25. 25. What’s  ahead?  
  26. 26. Marketing  research  trends…     1.  Better  use  of     Technology     2.  Better  tracking  of   Social  Media  Sources:    Tom  Anderson’s  NextGen  Market  Research  blog,  Jan  2010                                    Temkin  Group’s  Experience  Matters  Blog:  “8  Customer  Experience  Trends    for  2011”                                    Forrester  blog:  “Trends  That  Will  Shape  Market  Research  In  2011”  
  27. 27. Marketing  research  trends…     •  CRM  analytics/data  mining   •  Enterprise  Feedback   Management  (EFM)   •  Onsite  Web  analytics   •  Offsite  Web  analytics:     ü  Social  network  analysis   ü  Blog  mining   ü  Audience  measurement   and  marketing  effectiveness  Sources:    Tom  Anderson’s  NextGen  Market  Research  blog,  Jan  2010                                    Temkin  Group’s  Experience  Matters  Blog:  “8  Customer  Experience  Trends    for  2011”                                    Forrester  blog:  “Trends  That  Will  Shape  Market  Research  In  2011”  
  28. 28. Monitor    and  aggregate  Web  traffic    Online  audience  measurement  tools    Track  and  measure  social  media    Social  media  management  and  marketing  Source:  Tukaiz.com,  April  2010  
  29. 29. Brain.  Hurts.  
  30. 30. “The  single  most  reliable  indicator  of  a   company’s  ability  to  grow.”    
  31. 31. Detractors:   Passives:   Promoters:    Unhappy  customers   Unenthusiastic,   Loyal  enthusiasts  can  damage  your   vulnerable  to   who  buy,  refer  and   competitive  offerings   fuel  growth  brand   % % Detractors (0-6) NPS Promoters (9-10)
  32. 32.   a.k.a.   The  Beyonce   Score       “If  you  liked  it,  then  you  shoulda  put  a  ring  on  it”    
  33. 33. MarketingUX Research
  34. 34. Common  Ground  
  35. 35. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchLove… Data Data Listening Listening Direct observation Direct observation Problem solving— Yep! that Aha! moment when it all makes sense
  36. 36. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchUse these tools…   Contextual explorations Focus groups In-depth UI interviews In-depth interviews Remote usability testing Remote interviews Ethnography Ethnography Co-discovery methods Dyads, triads Pluralistic Structured visioning walkthroughs sessions Etc. Etc.
  37. 37. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchThink they are…   The most The most important important person person on the on the Technology Marketing team teamKnow they are …   The most The most misunderstood misunderstood person on the person on the Technology team   Marketing team
  38. 38. UX Practitioners Marketing ResearchAre in …   The customer YES! experience business!
  39. 39.  “Usability        is  no  longer  just  about  effectiveness  and  efficiency,  it’s  about  creating  meaningful  experiences  for  your  customers.”   David  Kozatch,  DIG     November  2010,  IxDA   presentation  
  40. 40. The  Pyramid  
  41. 41. 1.  Why is this happening?2.  Why is it important to get together?3.  What can you do about it?
  42. 42. Think  of  ways  of  working    together  
  43. 43. Get  real:  focus  on  qualitative:     •  Less  about  “time  to  task”   •  Integrate  external  info  sources   •  Integrate  internal  sources   •  Help  answer  the  “why”  question  
  44. 44. Build  “smart  personas”  using:  ü Onsite  Web  analytics  ü Offsite  analytics  ü Other  primary  research  (e.g.,   surveys,  focus  groups)  
  45. 45. Integrate  UX  into  VoC  program:     •  Leverage  intranet  for  research   •  Publish  and  share  project  updates   •  Help  marketing  w/  unstructured   data  
  46. 46.  Cross  disciplinary   training!    
  47. 47. Bring  other  departments   into  the  mix…     Marketing  UX   Marketing   Research   Advertising   Sales   Product   design   Customer   Service   Etc.    
  48. 48. Q:    When  was  the  last  time  you  attended  a  meeting  in  which  someone  from  senior  management  or  marketing  discussed  goals  for  satisfying  customer  experiences—both  online  and  offline—across  a  broad  range  of  communications  channels?    
  49. 49. ‘Chief  Experience  Officer’  J.  Allard,  former  CXO/CTO   Ingrid  Lindberg,  CXO  CIGNA  Microsoft’s  Entertainment  Division  
  50. 50. You  can  make  the  first  move  …    
  51. 51. Contact Information•  David Kozatch, Principal Web: Ph 646.416.6784 www.digsmarter.com david@digsmarter.com Blog:•  Susanna Kirk, Senior blog.digsmarter.com Analyst Ph 617.475.5105 susanna@digsmarter.com