University of Portsmouth, Student IT Induction 2011


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  • Preparation: Run ppWelcomeAny house keeping e.g fire exits FormatAim of sessionWho is ISInfo & supportServices availableQuestions at end
  • Information Services are know as IS around the UniversityMaintain the Universities NetworkMaintain and develop student support systems and servicesOffer support to students through the 4 main core areas: IS web pageService DeskStudent IT Support CentreOpen Access areasNote to presenter: All these areas are covered in detail further on in the presentation
  • Student Resources one stop page containing info on the most common areas students need support with:Anti- virus – advise and links to free downloadsWireless – advise on the different options, links for downloadsTV + Phone – details on Freewire for discounted phone charges (free in halls) and getting TV on your laptop/PCGuides + links – links to relevant web pages or system log insBacking up data – advise and recovery optionsUtilities / downloads –explanation and list of useful links and downloadsEmail – description of student email acc, links to relevant info web pagesIS Student Induction page dedicated to providing resources aimed at new students, contains screen casts of using Google and using the Student Portal and this presentationHelp and Advice information on ‘Out of Hours Support’ and who and how to contact, when they have an IT fault, ‘Service Desk’ Work Anywhere student advice on how to set up their PC/Laptop to access the Network while not logged into their student acc. Offers a choice of 3 ways to do this:File access – access to N and KWeb proxy – enables students to browse the web as if logged inVPN – Virtual Private Network, enables students to use internal resources not available if not logged in.
  • Service DeskPhone, email or onlineKeep hold of Ref number for future correspondence when faults logged by studentsPhoneInternal calls – 7777External – 02392847777Service Desk staff will try and fix the fault on the phone, if the student is logged into their account on a University PC, they will use remote management to remotely gain access to the account, permission must be given by the student first. If the fault can not be corrected using remote management the fault will be assigned to the specialist group that can.EmailStudents can email Service Desk the fault details, try to include any possible screen shots, room/building information if relevant as much history for the fault as possible. If a repeating fault then ensure any previous ref numbers are included in correspondence. Service Desk will reply via email receipt which includes the ref number for the fault.Log and track problem on lineService Desk provide a system called supportworks, for students and staff to log faults and to track recent activity on a fault.Log in using University acc log in
  • Student IT Support CentreLocated next to Blackwell's book shop behind the Student Union between Co-op and cash points.The Student IT Support centre is there to provide students with a face to face service to help answer questions relating to:Student computer accountHalls broadband, telephone & TVUniversity WirelessIS open access areasEmail & GPAS printingReplacement/re-issue of student campus cardAnd also offers a free virus removal serviceOpen term time only, 10am to 4pm
  • Open Access AreasWhat are open access areas:Communal area for study and network accessWireless connectionResources available:Accessibility consolesA4/A3 scannersMono printingColour printingA3 printingLarge format printingLaminatingLaptop lockerssome group working spaces.GPAS print credit machine for topping up print accountScreens showing PC availability in other Open Access areas.If you need help:Service Delivery Advisors (SDAs) who can assist with basic printer and PC errors & queries and report anything major to Service DeskWhere they are: Library (ground floor), *** recently refurbished, flexible, self service laptops, sofas, quick access PCsPark (Basement), Anglesea (Foyer), Portland Building (multiple)
  • GPAS AccountAll students are supplied with a printing account known as a GPAS account to enable students to print to the networked printers every time a student prints, an amount is debited from their account£10 is credited to their account at the start of each academic yearTop UpStudents top up their accounts using one of the GPAS machines located in all Open Access Areas or online using their University computer acc log in detailsPrint Quota can be checked from start > utilities > Print Quota or student portalLive print queuesStudents can view the print queues in the Open Access Areas via the IS web page while logged into the network onlyTariffTariff for different sizes, black and white, colour etc, can be viewed via the IS web page
  • Printing and ScanningGeneralSizes – A4 + A3 standard paperDouble sided by default but students can print single sided if required, instructions can be found at charges available format printing and scanningAvailable in PortlandDedicated team to supportMuch cheaper than external resourcesVideo help guides – on the 1st floor of the Library (Map Library)Enables students to obtain professional scans of original materialManaged by library staffUSB is requiredTo view the tariff view
  • Printing from a personal laptopStudents can connect to a networked printer through a personal laptop by downloading the iprint client and then installing the required printer/sInstructions for different operating systems
  • Student Website LOOKUPThe students have a web site administrated by the marketing department. These pages are set as the students home page.Student online resources:News articles that are updated regularlyEvents coming up that students can participate inGoogle – links to the students University email log in pagePopular linksSome link to log in pagesSome link to web pagesSome link to support web pages
  • Students Login using their computeraccount details Student personal details Access to student timetable Course assignment results+ Printing account balance (GPAS) Link to student library accLink to Victory (next slide) - linked from IS page + Student Lookup page
  • VictoryVictory is an elearning platform for student online modules, lecture notes, course materials, reading list etc.The students can access Victory using the link via the lookup web page or directly from to login using their computer acc detailsLecturers will advise on usage – varies between courses / lecturersSupport for VictoryStudents can assess support materials/tutorials via the link below
  • Google Mail All students are issued with a Google account, for email and other apps. Google apps are designed to be collaborative and enable students to work together on group projects. Student’s own account, with masses of storage, to keep for ever Don’t use a personal google mail account (for uni related stuff) all formal correspondence sent to Uni accountGoogle Calendar - Organise your time and share dates with friendsGoogle Documents - Share documents and work together, even when you’re not togetherGoogle Sites - Build your own website for work or for playGoogle Mail on your smart phoneStudents can access their mail from their smart phones, Android or iphone. IS provide instructions on how to do this on the IS web page, (email address on slide)
  • InternetResNet (Residential Network) is the free, fast - up to 100mbps broadband connection available in all University halls of residencesTVWhilst living in halls, students can use the ResNet network to watch Freewire TV on their computer for freeTV licence IS requiredTelephoneStudents can sign up for Freewire for free and can call other Freewire users for free, wherever they are in the world. Freewire users can also benefit from very competitive call rates with the advantage of no additional setup or subscription fees.The students can connect to their games console to the web Contact student IT support centre or servicedesk for faults
  • Students can access the internet via our ‘Hotspots’ all over the Uni campusWireless- hotspots across campus (listed on IS website) Instructions on web OR through the Student IT Support Centre includes connection for supported mobile media devices Remote File access Students can access the N or K drives without being logged into a networked PC which will enable them to get to files stored on the university network from home / anywhere in the world?Choice of toolsWeb proxy – need to use Uni web services as though you were here (resources restricted to ‘internal users’). Good for library services etcSimple set up in web browser – instructions on web siteVPN - (advised by your course tutor if needed) - use your computer as if you were on campus (resources normally only available on campus)useful if you are using specialist software that uses a license server or if you need to connect to University servers that are located inside our Firewall.
  • University of Portsmouth, Student IT Induction 2011

    1. 1. IS Student Induction 2011 Presentation <br />Information Services<br /><br />
    2. 2. Aims of Induction<br />Students to have a clear understanding of the following areas:<br />Who Information Services (IS) are<br />Where and how to find help<br />Where the Open Access areas are<br />What the Student Support Centre is<br />How to access the IS web pages for resources<br />
    3. 3. Activating Your Computer Account<br />Activate account online before arriving<br />Instructions in the students Fresher’s packs<br />Web link on login screen in Open Access areas and in Halls<br />If all else fails contact department<br /><br />
    4. 4. Who are Information Services?<br />Responsible for IT infrastructure and services across the University<br />Support via <br />IS web page, Service Desk, Student IT Support Centre, Open Access Areas <br /><br />
    5. 5. IS Student Web Page<br /><ul><li> Student Resources
    6. 6. IS Student Induction
    7. 7. Help and Advice
    8. 8. Work anywhere</li></ul><br />
    9. 9. Service Desk<br />T - 02392 84 7777 – 24 hours<br />E -<br /><ul><li>Log your faults online
    10. 10. Track your faults online
    11. 11.</li></ul><br />
    12. 12. Student IT Support Centre<br />Free face-to-face advice & help with your university related IT problems.<br />10:00 – 16:00 Term Time<br /><br />
    13. 13. Open Access areas…<br /><ul><li>Over 450 PCs and some Macs
    14. 14. Individual & Group working
    15. 15. Printing
    16. 16. Digital Signage
    17. 17. Support
    18. 18. Library / Park / Portland / Anglesea
    19. 19. Opening times
    20. 20.</li></ul><br />
    21. 21. GPAS Printing Account<br /> Free start credit of £10<br /> Top up via <br /><ul><li> GPAS payment machines
    22. 22. Online via </li></ul><br /> Live print queues <br /><br /> No credit = No Printing<br /><br />
    23. 23. Printing and Scanning<br /><ul><li>General</li></ul>A4 + A3<br />Black & white / colour<br />Double sided by default<br />Tariff –<br /><ul><li>Large format colour printing (Portland, room 1.34)</li></ul>A4 to A0 (black and white, colour)<br /><ul><li>Large format scanning</li></ul>The Map Library, 1st floor<br /><br />
    24. 24. Printing from a personal laptop<br /><ul><li> Use the iPrint client
    25. 25. Install a GPAS printer
    26. 26. Set up instructions</li></ul><br /><br />
    27. 27. Student Website LOOKUP<br /><ul><li> Student online resources
    28. 28. News
    29. 29. Events
    30. 30. Google
    31. 31. Popular links
    32. 32. Student Portal
    33. 33. Victory
    34. 34. Library
    35. 35. Information Services</li></ul><br />
    36. 36. Student Portal<br />My Course<br /><ul><li> Course and unit details</li></ul>My Home <br /><ul><li> Broadcast messages
    37. 37. Useful links
    38. 38. Downloads</li></ul>My Timetable<br /><ul><li>Access your course timetable</li></ul>My Assessments<br /><ul><li>Course assessments
    39. 39. All my unit marks
    40. 40. All my unit marks this year</li></ul>My Library<br /><ul><li> Check your loans
    41. 41. Reserve an item
    42. 42. Book a Library study room </li></ul>My Details<br /><ul><li> Personal details
    43. 43. Change details</li></ul>My Services<br /><ul><li> View GPAS account
    44. 44. Change password
    45. 45. Wireless network information</li></ul><br />
    46. 46. Victory<br />Student and staff elearning platform<br /><ul><li> Course materials
    47. 47. Reading lists
    48. 48. Discussion forums
    49. 49. Blogs
    50. 50. Submit coursework
    51. 51. Access online units </li></ul><br />
    52. 52. Google Mail<br />Google Calendar<br />Other Apps<br />Mail on your mobile<br /><br />
    53. 53. IT In Halls<br />Free, reliable, high speed<br /><ul><li> Surf the net
    54. 54. Freewire phone
    55. 55. Freewire TV
    56. 56. Connect to your games consol</li></ul><br />
    57. 57. Work Anywhere using....<br /><ul><li> Wireless Network
    58. 58. Remote File access
    59. 59. Web proxy
    60. 60. VPN (Virtual Private Network)</li></ul><br />
    61. 61. Questions<br /><br />