NTTF Review and Promotion 2013
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NTTF Review and Promotion 2013






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NTTF Review and Promotion 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. NTTF Faculty Review and Promotion Promotion and Tenure for Untenured Faculty Barbara Altmann Presented by Doug Blandy Senior Vice Provost For Academic Affairs 12 November 2013
  • 2. DISCLAIMER • Materials presented are for general informational purposes only and do not constitute official University rules, policies or practices, or interpretations or summaries of such rules, policies or practices. No warranties or representations are made as to the accuracy of any information presented. Any discrepancy between the information presented here and the official rules and policies of the University of Oregon and the Oregon University System is not intended to and does not alter or amend the official rules and policies.
  • 3. CBA: ARTICLE 19 Reviews:  regular reviews, associated with contract renewal  every contract period or every 3 years, whichever is sooner  promotion reviews  only 1 review in a year when up for promotion  independent decisions made on renewal and promotion
  • 4. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES  Development of written procedures and criteria at unit level (Process: see Article 19.2)  Policies and procedures must be made available  If procedure or criteria change over course of six years, employee can elect current or prior version  Promotion process must involve review committee  Policy must include process for reviewing adjuncts  Must specify whether external reviewers needed
  • 5. REVIEWS FOR CONTRACT RENEWAL OF CAREER NTTF  Purpose: to determine “if the NTTF member is meeting the standard of excellence appropriate to a major research university”  Goal: “to help the [BU members] grow as scholars, researchers and educators, identify areas of strength, and identify areas that need improvement”  Timing: each contract period prior to consideration for renewal or once every 3 academic/fiscal years, whichever is sooner
  • 6. REVIEWS FOR CONTRACT RENEWAL OF CAREER NTTF (2)  Instructional NTTF  Review includes student evaluations and one peer review per contract period  Research NTTF  Assessment of quality of work and outcomes by established procedures  Librarians  Review of demonstrated achievement in professional roles
  • 7. REVIEWS FOR CONTRACT RENEWAL OF CAREER NTTF (3)  Review process must include an opportunity for individual to discuss performance with supervisor  Evaluation of professional development activities will consider availability of support, opportunities, and individual’s efforts to secure funding  Faculty members will be evaluated only on criteria approved and made available
  • 8. PROMOTION REVIEWS OF CAREER NTTF  Eligibility: 6 years of service at average of .4 FTE or greater (counting a maximum of 3 terms per AY on 9mo contract, 4 terms per AY on 12-mo contract)  “Up or out”: no longer applicable except for librarians. Promotion is elective. Employment can continue at current rank  Accelerated review: possible for particularly meritorious case
  • 9. PROMOTION REVIEWS OF CAREER NTTF (2)  Credit for prior service: determined at time of hire; flexible use; consideration of 6 years prior to promotion  Multiple or joint appointments: expectations and process specified at time of hire; must be signed  Initiating promoting process: candidate notifies unit head in year prior to the year in which promotion is sought
  • 10. MATERIALS PROVIDED BY CANDIDATE  CV  Personal statement: teaching, scholarship, research and/or creative activity, service, contributions to institutional equity and inclusion (all as measured against criteria)  As applicable:  Teaching portfolio  Scholarship portfolio  Service portfolio  Professional activities portfolio  List of qualified external reviewers
  • 11. WAIVER AND NOTICE OF MEETINGS  Waiver of access to materials: individual may choose to waive, in writing and in advance, access to evaluation materials (doesn’t preclude redacted versions or summary)  Notice of meetings: individual must be given 3 days notice of meeting; can bring colleague or union rep as observer
  • 12. EVALUATION FILE SUBMITTED BY UNIT     Statement of duties and responsibilities Conditions of appointment Criteria for promotion Candidate materials: CV; personal statement; portfolios as applicable; waiver if applicable      Supervisors’ letters of evaluation External reviews, if applicable Committee report; unit recommendation and vote Unit head’s review and recommendation Review and recommendation by vice president, dean, or director (added after that level of review)
  • 13. FINAL DECISION MADE BY PROVOST  File reviewed by provost or designee, with input from Academic Affairs and Office of VP for Research and Innovation (as appropriate)  Candidate notified in writing
  • 14. AFTER THE REVIEW  Assumption of new rank: beginning of next academic or fiscal year (or nearest next term)  Reapplication for promotion if unsuccessful: possible after 3 additional years at average of .4 FTE or more  Appeal of denial: as provided by CBA Article 21  Withdrawal of application: made in writing to provost and dean anytime before provost’s decision
  • 15. RESOURCES Collective Bargaining Agreement available on Academic Affairs web site: Barbara Altmann, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs (6-2172) Jane Gordon, Senior Project Leader, Implementation (6-7891)
  • 16. Promotion and Tenure for Untenured Faculty Presented by Doug Blandy Senior Vice Provost For Academic Affairs