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02 trend-report-summary

  1. 1. Business Innovation Observatory Semester 2 – February 2014 Trend report ‘Design for innovation, smart living and innovative business models; how to scale-up successes?’ Enterprise and Industry Contact ENTR-INNOVATION-POLICY-FOR-GROWTH@ec.europa.eu Learn more about the Business Innovation Observatory: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/bio Main messages from the trend report The policy gaps and challenges identified in the report call for trend-specific framework conditions since traditional framework conditions are often not adapted to the new innovation trends, practices and models. An important policy instrument is setting up platforms which bring together solvers and users, various sectors and trend-specific actors. The main challenge is in co-designing regulations and framework conditions which support these innovation trends and emerging sectors. It also involves the support to co- design activities, the scaling-up, as well as international outreach of successful practices. The trends call for a more active and strategic participation of policy makers in supporting and scaling-up of these successful and relevant trends. In order to promote and benefit from innovation the speed in policy learning has to be increased, and the rhythm and timing in policy making and scaling-up becomes essential. Policy makers should more actively join as partners in ‘co-designing innovation’. The need for co-designed innovation strategies is emphasised in the concept of Smart Specialisation Strategies. Choosing the fields of regional specialisation should not be done top-down by policy-makers, but in a joint entrepreneurial discovery process based on interaction with companies and other stakeholders. A common recommendation from the showcased companies refers first of all to regulatory issues, since legislation is often a main obstacle for the transformative power of the trends. Lack of standardisation and harmonisation, too much bureaucracy, and outdated and strict regulations are significant obstacles. The Business Innovation Observatory trend report: understanding and transferring new innovation practices The three emerging trends of ‘Design for Innovation’, ‘Smart Living’, and ‘Innovative Business Models for Global Competitiveness’ are investigated in the second batch of 12 case studies published by the Business Innovation Observatory. These new trends are designed and formalised through new innovation models and practices which not only transform the existing ‘business models’ of the involved companies, but also their ‘innovation models’. User involvement as well as the incorporation of design into the innovation process can be seen as an overarching trend. The second trend report, labelling the three trends as ‘co-designed innovation models’, identifies some key issues among the trends in order to better understand these new innovation practices and how policy can support the scaling up of the successes. The report also includes recommendations resulting from the second Business Innovation Observatory workshop held in Berlin on 26 February 2014.