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Social media tips and tricks presented to UNL faculty and staff at the January Content Convergence Conference

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Social Media Tips & Tricks

  1. 1. SocialMediaTips & TricksPresented by Tyler Thomas, Social Media Specialist@TylerAThomas |@UNLincolntthomas10@unl.eduPresented at the UNLContent Convergence Conference - January 23, 2013
  2. 2. Tip #1: 1Create aContent Committee Establish a content committee of various faculty, staff and student members. They are the eyes and ears from across your unit. This team will help brainstorm ideas for what’s going on in your college, department, etc. This team helps to establish content governance and divide the work. Regularly schedule content committee meetings to figure out what’s going on and capture all of your ideas.
  3. 3. Tip #2: 2Set YourSocial Media Strategy This is a great first team building exercise for your newly formed Content Committee. Utilize the Social Media10-step template. (download here) Set your goals and objectives for your social media strategy. Identify your audience and plan out specific content topics and themes. Identify the correct social media channels.
  4. 4. 3Tip #3:Branding Your Channels Use approved logos and UNL identifiers and be consistent with imagery across all channels. Fully complete your channel profile to give off a professional image. Be consistent in naming your channels.  @UNLincoln on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram  Make it easy for your audience to find and identify you.  Use UNL as a Prefix  This provides authenticity to users and fans  Example: @UNLArts, @UNLAdmissions  Cross platforms pushes (Instagram > Twitter) works on both platforms.
  5. 5. 4Tip #4:Create Engaging Content Create a simple content calendar of how you want to tackle promoting your content. example.  Organize your content by social media channel  Vary your content delivery to keep your community engaged. Some ideas include:  Videos (example)  Photos  Infographics  Links  New Webpages  Creative Copy Be Consistent!
  6. 6. Tip #5: 5Engage With YourCommunity Actively monitor your social media channels to engage with your community.  Ask questions  Post consistently  Like and comment on posts on Facebook  Favorite and Re-Tweet on Twitter  Follow #Hashtags that make sense  Example: #UNL, #LNK, #LAW, #DANCE etc.  Like and/or comment on photos on Instagram
  7. 7. Tip #6: 6Create Once & PublishEverywhere (when applicable) Promote your content across all your social media platforms.  If you have a new pinterest board, share it on Facebook  If you have a new YouTube video, tweet it out to your followers  Share a photo on Instagram and then add it to a board on Pinterest Re-purpose articles from enewsletters, magazines and blog posts and promote them via social media. If magazine articles aren’t online, create webpages and promote via social media. Tweet older/relevant articles.
  8. 8. Tip #7: 7Maximize Your FacebookPresence Use photos, links, videos and other rich media in your posts. Make sure your Profile Photo fits in the space (180X180 pixels). Switch up your Cover Image once a quarter. Utilize the Scheduling tool. Use the “Highlight” “Reposition” and “Pin to the Top” features. Utilize the “Events” feature to promote your events. Don’t over use hashtags. Utilize URL Shorteners: Bit.Ly, Go.UNL.EDU. Monitor for questions and respond regularly.  example
  9. 9. 8Tip #8:Tweet With the Best of Them Complete your profile with a photo, description, background, cover photo, website URL and any relevant hashtags. example Utilize #hashtags but double check they work. Create hashtags for your events, colleges and departments and then broadcast them (be sure to check them before you create a new one.) Participate in tweetchats for majors, disciplines, etc. Create and broadcast “lists.” Don’t auto-post from Facebook to Twitter or vice versa. Actively engage with your audience.
  10. 10. 9Tip #9:Utilize YouTube Create a playlist under the UNL umbrella. Make sure your videos have the correct meta data included (video titles and complete descriptions). Provide a Call to Action (CTA) URL for successful SEO/Link Building. Utilize custom bumpers on each of your videos. Share your videos on your website or other web properties. Uncheck the “recommended videos” option before sharing.  Example
  11. 11. 10Tip #10:Show Off on Instagram Establish an account with the same handle as your twitter account. Complete your profile with a photo, description and website address. Utilize hashtags. Promote your content by reposting on other social channels. Engage with your community.  example
  12. 12. Tip #11: 11Promote YourSocial Channels Make it easy for your users to find you  Add “Connect with Us” calls to action to:  Email Signatures  Business Cards  Syllabi  Speaking Schedules & Presentations  Printed Materials  Marketing Materials  Posters and Signage  Website(s)  Submit your channels to the Social Media Directory
  13. 13. 12Tip #12:Use Third Party Tools Hootsuite {Twitter} (Web, iOS, Android) Tweet Deck {Twitter} (Web Based) TweetChat {Twitter} (Web Based) Facebook Insights {Facebook} (Web Based) PicMonkey {Photo Manipulation} (Web Based) PicFrame {Photo Manipulation} (Mobile App) iWatermark {Photo Manipulation} (Mobile App) Statigram {Instagram} (Web Based)
  14. 14. 13Connect With Us: @UNLincoln