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Social Media Tips & Tricks


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Social media tips and tricks presented to UNL faculty and staff at the January Content Convergence Conference

Social media tips and tricks presented to UNL faculty and staff at the January Content Convergence Conference

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  • 1. SocialMediaTips & TricksPresented by Tyler Thomas, Social Media Specialist@TylerAThomas |@UNLincolntthomas10@unl.eduPresented at the UNLContent Convergence Conference - January 23, 2013
  • 2. Tip #1: 1Create aContent Committee Establish a content committee of various faculty, staff and student members. They are the eyes and ears from across your unit. This team will help brainstorm ideas for what’s going on in your college, department, etc. This team helps to establish content governance and divide the work. Regularly schedule content committee meetings to figure out what’s going on and capture all of your ideas.
  • 3. Tip #2: 2Set YourSocial Media Strategy This is a great first team building exercise for your newly formed Content Committee. Utilize the Social Media10-step template. (download here) Set your goals and objectives for your social media strategy. Identify your audience and plan out specific content topics and themes. Identify the correct social media channels.
  • 4. 3Tip #3:Branding Your Channels Use approved logos and UNL identifiers and be consistent with imagery across all channels. Fully complete your channel profile to give off a professional image. Be consistent in naming your channels.  @UNLincoln on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram  Make it easy for your audience to find and identify you.  Use UNL as a Prefix  This provides authenticity to users and fans  Example: @UNLArts, @UNLAdmissions  Cross platforms pushes (Instagram > Twitter) works on both platforms.
  • 5. 4Tip #4:Create Engaging Content Create a simple content calendar of how you want to tackle promoting your content. example.  Organize your content by social media channel  Vary your content delivery to keep your community engaged. Some ideas include:  Videos (example)  Photos  Infographics  Links  New Webpages  Creative Copy Be Consistent!
  • 6. Tip #5: 5Engage With YourCommunity Actively monitor your social media channels to engage with your community.  Ask questions  Post consistently  Like and comment on posts on Facebook  Favorite and Re-Tweet on Twitter  Follow #Hashtags that make sense  Example: #UNL, #LNK, #LAW, #DANCE etc.  Like and/or comment on photos on Instagram
  • 7. Tip #6: 6Create Once & PublishEverywhere (when applicable) Promote your content across all your social media platforms.  If you have a new pinterest board, share it on Facebook  If you have a new YouTube video, tweet it out to your followers  Share a photo on Instagram and then add it to a board on Pinterest Re-purpose articles from enewsletters, magazines and blog posts and promote them via social media. If magazine articles aren’t online, create webpages and promote via social media. Tweet older/relevant articles.
  • 8. Tip #7: 7Maximize Your FacebookPresence Use photos, links, videos and other rich media in your posts. Make sure your Profile Photo fits in the space (180X180 pixels). Switch up your Cover Image once a quarter. Utilize the Scheduling tool. Use the “Highlight” “Reposition” and “Pin to the Top” features. Utilize the “Events” feature to promote your events. Don’t over use hashtags. Utilize URL Shorteners: Bit.Ly, Go.UNL.EDU. Monitor for questions and respond regularly.  example
  • 9. 8Tip #8:Tweet With the Best of Them Complete your profile with a photo, description, background, cover photo, website URL and any relevant hashtags. example Utilize #hashtags but double check they work. Create hashtags for your events, colleges and departments and then broadcast them (be sure to check them before you create a new one.) Participate in tweetchats for majors, disciplines, etc. Create and broadcast “lists.” Don’t auto-post from Facebook to Twitter or vice versa. Actively engage with your audience.
  • 10. 9Tip #9:Utilize YouTube Create a playlist under the UNL umbrella. Make sure your videos have the correct meta data included (video titles and complete descriptions). Provide a Call to Action (CTA) URL for successful SEO/Link Building. Utilize custom bumpers on each of your videos. Share your videos on your website or other web properties. Uncheck the “recommended videos” option before sharing.  Example
  • 11. 10Tip #10:Show Off on Instagram Establish an account with the same handle as your twitter account. Complete your profile with a photo, description and website address. Utilize hashtags. Promote your content by reposting on other social channels. Engage with your community.  example
  • 12. Tip #11: 11Promote YourSocial Channels Make it easy for your users to find you  Add “Connect with Us” calls to action to:  Email Signatures  Business Cards  Syllabi  Speaking Schedules & Presentations  Printed Materials  Marketing Materials  Posters and Signage  Website(s)  Submit your channels to the Social Media Directory
  • 13. 12Tip #12:Use Third Party Tools Hootsuite {Twitter} (Web, iOS, Android) Tweet Deck {Twitter} (Web Based) TweetChat {Twitter} (Web Based) Facebook Insights {Facebook} (Web Based) PicMonkey {Photo Manipulation} (Web Based) PicFrame {Photo Manipulation} (Mobile App) iWatermark {Photo Manipulation} (Mobile App) Statigram {Instagram} (Web Based)
  • 14. 13Connect With Us: @UNLincoln