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Unity - Social Integrated Campaigning-Crisis


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Objective: …


Over three years, with Unity’s help and recommendation, Crisis has been shifting its marketing focus from middle England towards young urbanites - a group regularly confronted by homelessness. We wanted to increase their understanding of the charity and cause and - ideally - raise some money.


A marketing savvy and cynical group, this campaign had to radiate credibility so, using music as a bridge, we created a track/gig combo with a twist.

‘Crisis Consequences’ was inspired by the parlour game Consequences (draw a head, fold it over, pass it on etc). It worked as it provided:
— An original/marketable creative theme, making the campaign instantly recognisable
— a powerful hook: ‘the consequences of you buying a ticket…’
— a novel twist to the clichéd charidee record; over the course of a week, each artist added their bit without knowing what had gone before, building it layer by layer – with drummers kicking off the process and vocalists completing it - and all without a pre-written track. The gig would also bring the theme to life.
— context. Homelessness isn’t pre-destined. ‘Consequences’ neatly communicates that the future is un-written.

Method deployed:
We leveraged the success/credibility of our 2006/7 campaign sticking with spokesperson Pearl Lowe, persuading Parlophone to release it, and using the creative jeopardy of a pioneering recording process to entice the likes of Paul Weller, Beth Ditto, Supergrass, New Young Pony Club, Graham Coxon, The Enemy and producer Paul Epworth.
The track was recorded in November ‘07, kick-starting the marketing, designed to build interest over four months, culminating in an early March ’08 release, coinciding with a gig at Camden’s Roundhouse.
An identity/website was created, featuring illustrated interchanging artist’s body-parts.
We worked recording week hard:
• Partnering with The Observer and NME and ghost-writing daily blogs from artists.
• Creating artists’ own games – to be auctioned off later.
• Commissioning a leading music photographer to document the week.
• Recording daily fly-on-the-wall films, which, to maintain interest, were released fortnightly as home-page exclusives to YouTube, Orange, MSN, MySpace and Bebo.

• Creating/maintaining dialogue with fans through social networking groups and placing content on the artists’ own sites.
• Recording a promo film featuring live footage of our artists talking about Consequences, with mish/mashed body parts. This was heavily propagated online, then played-out over five weeks on CBS’s brand-new cross-track projection at Euston, as well as on MTV and Sky.

Top line stats:
- Pieces of coverage – 412 (inc. five in The Sun) with opportunities-to-see of 625,406,050
- cross-track-projection - 75,000 views
- online film viewings - 49,306
- online community-built - 3,113 strong
- U-MYX’s made - 1,695.

"The first decent c

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