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Promoting Disaster Reduction through Multi-National Cooperation in Asia region: Recent ADRC Activities
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Promoting Disaster Reduction through Multi-National Cooperation in Asia region: Recent ADRC Activities


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  • 1. Promoting Disaster Reduction through Multi-National Cooperation in Asia region Recent ADRC Activities
  • 2. 27 Member Countries/ 5 Advisor Countries/ 1 Observer ADRC is a Hub of Regional Cooperation in Asia
  • 3. Main Activities of ADRC
    • Information Sharing
    • Human Resource Development
    • Building Community Capabilities
    ACDR2008, Bali, Indonesia
  • 4. Recent Significant Activities
    • Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) Project
    • Japan-SAARC Special Fund Project
    • Multi-disciplinary Hazard Reduction from Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Indonesia
    • Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development
    • Sentinel Asia
    • Disaster Management Support System in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • 5. Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) Project 1. Promotion of School Education on Disaster Reduction [Objectives] 1) To establish sustainable disaster education training system for school teachers in elementary school and junior high school 2) To build teachers' and children's capacity on disaster preparedness through   the disaster education in school using tailored materials and various kinds of teaching methodologies 3) To foster the disaster resilience of community through involvement in school   activities 2. Capacity Building of Local Government Officials on Disaster Management [Objectives] 1) To establish sustainable disaster management training system for local government officials 2) To build the capacity of the local government officials on disaster management based on the training modules using tailored materials Photo: Brunei Darussalam, and Vietnam Photo: Indonesia
  • 6. Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) Project 3. Promotion of Satellite Imagery Application to Disaster Management [Objectives] 1) To increase the awareness and develop necessary skills in using satellite data/images of government officials who are engaged in disaster mitigation and risk management activities 2) To provide appropriate capacity building programs including seminars, workshops and hands-on training programs 4. Development of Web-based and GLIDE-associated Disaster Database [Objectives] 1) To organize and assemble the past disaster data to build up the web-based d-dbase (disaster database) associated GLIDE and to use d-dbase for DRR 2) To harmonize practices of d-base system by applying GLIDE system into the national and regional d-dbase in ASEAN region 3) To enhance capacity building for DRR during the project Trainees from: Lao PDR, Philippines and Thailand
  • 7. Japan-SAARC Special Fund Project
    • Feasibility Study for Preparation of Digital Vulnerability Atlas of SAARC Countries
    • [Activities]
    • 1) Identification of hazards for vulnerability assessment
    • 2) Vulnerability map/information survey and quality assessment
    • 3) Hazard survey and basic data mining
    • 4) Data collection strategy / preparation of data matrix
    • 5) Data quality validation and assessment
    • 6) Map / data updating strategy
    • Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge (IK) and Coping Mechanism of Different Communities for DRR in South Asia
    • [Activities]
    • 1) Prepare a bibliography of the published literature on IK
    • 2) Prepare a bibliography of the unpublished literature or oral resources on IK covering the project areas
    • Conduct a desk review of these available published and unpublished literature on IK
    • Conduct surveys in a group of villages in an isolated community living in the perennially disaster prone areas
    Earthquake vulnerability in Pakistan Lowest story Row houses Heavy roof
  • 8. Sentinel Asia responded 25 disasters from Oct. 24, 2006 including before operation of Sentinel Asia website, and those disaster imageries are disseminating via Sentinel Asia Website. Emergency Observation Sentinel Asia Web Site ADRC Members JPT Members ADRC SPACE AGENCY JAXA, ISRO etc. Emergency Observation Request Archive Images ALOS Emergency Observation Images Digital Camera Images ALOS Images & Disaster Information Disaster Information Disaster Management Agencies in Asian Countries Feedback JAXA Asia Branch (Bangkok) Disaster Occurrence Support Support Emergency Observation Request
  • 9. Flood in NEPAL, August 18, 2008 Top Sentinel Asia Web Site:
  • 10. JST - JICA Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development Multi-disciplinary Hazard Reduction from Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Indonesia
    • Outline
    • Six groups implement researches on the hazards of earthquake tsunami and volcano eruption, researches on the countermeasures and researches on the dissemination of the research results. The research activities in Indonesia are supervised by the principal investigators, JICA and the Joint Coordination Committee which is composed by the representatives of Indonesian Government and research institutes.