Unipco - Social Media 101 - For Restaurants & Small Business


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Unipco - Social Media 101 - For Restaurants & Small Business

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Unipco - Social Media 101 - For Restaurants & Small Business

  1. 1. Social Marketing for Restaurants
  2. 2. Social Media Connects Like-Minded People
  3. 3. Social Media Etiquette 101 You Have to Give a Little, to Get a Lot. To Take Advantage of any Social Network to Increase Business Volume, You Must First Join & Share. To be Successful, You Must First Participate in that Social Network.
  4. 4. Social is the New Advertising $
  5. 5. Social Media is Social Science, Not Technology. Powerful, Self Managed Advertising for Your Restaurant
  6. 6. Social Media: Customers Spread the Word.
  7. 7. Your Restaurant Has Events? Share Them
  8. 8. Each Social App Has Unique Audience Use
  9. 9. Add Social Media To Your Restaurants’ Menu
  10. 10. #1. Why Social Media is Important ? • 1. Protect your Reputation – Reviews Influence Decisions. • 2. Grow Your Audience: Target Ads, Content Posts that Help to Grow Your Potential Customers to Choose You. • 3. Engage and Motivate Your Audience to Buy: Social sharing of content drives traffic ( customers) to you. • 4. Track Your Results: Reporting by social media platforms provide valuable insight into: ( a ) Interests; ( b ) Issues; and, ( c ) Intent.
  11. 11. Master Social Media’s Five W’s • #1. Why: Your Risk in Reputation Management; • #2. Which: Current Top Performers for Food Service; • #3. Where: Web site is Hub, Social is Distribution Effect; • #4. What: Build Interest, Be Relevant, & Be Personal; • #5. When: Timing Increases Reach, Frequency, & Likes; • and, the How: Best Practices in Social Media Messaging, Marketing & Management.
  12. 12. #1. WHY: Social Media’s Impact on Revenue: • 7 out of 10 Consumers: Look Online First for Local Business information. ( Your Web Presence VIP ) • 80% of Consumers: More Likely to Try New Things Based on Social Media Friends’ Suggestions. • 81% of Consumers: Say it’s Important for Businesses to Respond to Reviews.
  13. 13. Social Advocacy is Powerful, Free Advertising
  14. 14. #1. WHY: Social Media’s Impact on Revenue: • 51% of Facebook Users,, and 64% of Twitter Users, are more likely to buy products and services from businesses they ‘like’ or follow. ( Brand Visibility ) • 8 out of 10 Consumers: Likely to Seek the Opinions of Others Online Before Buying Goods or Services. • 64% of Consumers: Have Changed their Minds Because of Those Opinions. ( Social Proof in Action )
  15. 15. Social Referral is Effective Advertising
  16. 16. What You Can Do Now to Start Social Strategy # 2 WHICH: Current Best Practices for Social Media Apps That Can Attract Customers to Your Restaurant
  17. 17. Leveraging Social Media to Your Advantage
  18. 18. # 2 WHICH: Google+ Business Listing Priority
  19. 19. Google+ Integrates Search Results & Map Location
  20. 20. Google+ Provides Complete Result for Customers
  21. 21. #3 WHERE: Website is Today’s Phone Number
  22. 22. #3 WHERE: Website is Social Content Hub
  23. 23. Think Delicious Plate Menu Photography
  24. 24. Focus on Menu Graphics, Descriptions & Mobile Restaurant’s Website is Designed to Engage. “Restaurants and food outlets are among the businesses that stand to benefit most from the boom in mobile search, as dining out is often an impulse decision made while on-the-go.”
  25. 25. Your Restaurant’s Website: Hub of Social Content, & Strategy “Restaurants Need to Think About Mobile Web for Customers: Make it Easy to See What You Offer Them”
  26. 26. No Website? Create a Facebook Page Instead
  27. 27. 19 Million Canadians on Facebook-2013 65% CDN’s 14+, On Facebook At Least Once a Month 29 Million Canadians are Over the Age of 14
  28. 28. 13 Million Canadians on Facebook Mobile
  29. 29. 2.2 Million Canadian “Likes” for Tim Hortons
  30. 30. Promote, Re-Publish Positive Reviews on Facebook
  31. 31. Facebook: You Never Know Who Will Promote You
  32. 32. “I ate in probably the best Italian restaurant I’ve ever been in”
  33. 33. If Your Time, Budget are an Issue, Focus on these Top 3 First Critical To Be Found: Google+ Page, With Business Location Registration. • Critical to Control Your Online Message: By Website Ownership. • Critical to Leverage Facebook: Referrals, & Visibility Ad Tools
  34. 34. Managing Your Social Media Message Effectively • Like it or not, Customers are Talking about You Online. Even more are listening:
  35. 35. A Blog Invites Your Customer’s Conversation
  36. 36. #4 WHAT: Blog is Effective Social Messaging A Blog is Interactive Centerpiece for Customer News
  37. 37. #4 WHAT: Optimize Everything For Social • Add a Blog to Your Web Site; – Personalize your Relationship with Existing Customers. - - Helps to Solicit New Ones with Personality, Content, Photos, Recipes, and local Community Links. • Create Customer Contests and Give-a-ways, Write about how various community groups are building a Better Community. Celebrate the Community Builders in Your Area. • This Content Strategy is what you post links and photos to on the appropriate Social Platforms. Community Rocks
  38. 38. #4 WHAT: Pinterest for Fashion, Décor & Food Visuals
  39. 39. Pinterest Shares are Meant to Create Desire Pinterest’s Best Use: To Create Links Back to Your Menu Specials, Plate Presentations & Start Emotions
  40. 40. #4 WHAT: Pinterest: Power of Visual Imagery Post Creative Photos of Menu Dishes on Pinterest to Attract New Followers.
  41. 41. You May Discover Creative Ideas
  42. 42. Pinterest Important for Developing Desire to Have Pinterest Product Visuals and Facebook Community Sharing are Driving Online Retail Sales. • Link your Images to Facebook Ad Offers, or to your Web Site’s Menu Display Page. Invite visitors to try a coupon. • The 2 mile radius around your restaurant is the vital 80% of the Pareto Principle of 80/20. • This is why Facebook is the most effective restaurant marketing platform right now. It allows you to promote by location. ( Especially their Ad Display Location Settings)
  43. 43. Instagram/Vine – Short Video Sharing Sites
  44. 44. # 4 WHAT: Instagram & Vine are Popular with Age 18-24 Under 30 – Big Eating Out Often & Spenders. Big Users of Video Sharing of Moments in Real Time.
  45. 45. Core Staff Resumes On LinkedIn, Website Every Business Owner/Manager Should Have a Professional Career Profile on LinkedIn.
  46. 46. LinkedIn Establishes Professional Profile
  47. 47. #4 WHAT: LinkedIn, Yelp & Local Business Directories Important Make sure that Wherever a Customer Looks, Your Restaurant is Found, & Listing Info is Accurate. LinkedIn: Valuable for Staff Recruitment, Create a Business Profile for your Restaurant’s Catering Plan Local Business Directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, & TripAdvisor / Travel Sites should be Checked for Accuracy, Links and User Reviews for Highlighting on Your Social Sites.
  48. 48. Use LinkedIn to Target Business Sales
  49. 49. Yelp & Local Directories Offer Valuable New Customer Referrals
  50. 50. Twitter is Useful: Timely & Promotional
  51. 51. #5 WHEN: Twitter Ranks Second in Popularity in Canada In Canada, Twitter ranks second in popularity. Tweets can be shared in English or French. (More popular with Anglophones).
  52. 52. Twitter is A Timely Message Platform
  53. 53. HOW You Can Use Social Media Effectively • You do not have to do everything at once. It is intimidating. You do not have to use all the available social platforms. • However, the more you do to promote your location, and the more that you engage with customers online, the more you will stay in their top-of-the-mind awareness. ( Brand Recall ) • Awareness that will drive decisions as to where to dine, or entertain with their friends next. Social referral is
  54. 54. Case Study in Restaurant Using Social Platforms Effectively Facebook Ads – Boosted Posts: Actual Campaign Spend & Results
  55. 55. Thank You
  56. 56. Thank You
  57. 57. Questions ?..............................................................
  58. 58. Additional Reference Material Regular Blog Updates Increase Visitors to Your Website
  59. 59. # 4 WHAT: Blog Content is Social Strategy Blog Content Suggestions: • Education: Explain How You Develop Your Menu. • Opinion/Newsletter: Be Your Community’s Booster. • Guest Blogging: Invite Community Chairpersons to Tell Their Organization’s Story. • Website Search Optimization (SEO): Add Current Content on a Regular Schedule. Retain a Freelancer.
  60. 60. 65% CDN’s 14+, On Facebook At Least Once a Month 29 Million Canadians are Over the Age of 14