University of New Haven Graduate School Open House Housing Session - June 2012


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This presentation was provided during the housing session at the University of New Haven Graduate School Open House on Saturday, June 2, 2012.

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University of New Haven Graduate School Open House Housing Session - June 2012

  1. 1. Finding APlace to Live and Getting Around!
  2. 2. Many housing options• Apartment Complexes• Multi Family Homes• Single Family Homes• Condominiums• Rooms for Rent
  3. 3. Start at the UNH
  4. 4. UNH Housing DatabaseFind it:• Under Student/ Tenant Resources• Search Off- Campus Housing• Open Realty
  5. 5. Website Also Has…..• Fred A. Messore from Colonial Properties, a local realtor to aid you in your search• Listing of two local apartment complexes (Hadley and Wintergreen)• Blackboard Account to look/post a request for roommates
  6. 6. Other places to look:• International Services Office: – Connections of student representatives from many countries that may be able to help• Newspapers: – New Haven Register – West Haven Voice (pick it up for free at ShopRite) – New Haven Advocate• Community Bulletin Boards – Supermarkets (Shoprite, Stop & Shop) – Hospitals
  7. 7. Important Questions To Ask• What is the rent?• Are utilities included in the rent?• How much rent do they require up front?• Do they require a security deposit?• What type of lease (year long, month to month)?• What documentation needed to sign a lease?• If renting a room- what privileges do you have?
  8. 8. Important Things to Look For• Is the street well lit?• Are the neighboring buildings in good shape?• Does the building have a secure lock?• Are there good locks in the apartment (deadbolt)?• Is the apartment clean?• Is there a fire escape or alternate exit?
  9. 9. Other things to consider..• How close is the apartment to UNH?• Can you walk to UNH and is it a safe walk?• Is it near stores (grocery or convenience stores)?• Is it on the bus line (CT Transit)? • Is it a direct bus to UNH or do you have to transfer? • How late does the bus run?
  10. 10. Getting Around … By Bus Connecticut Transit Bus Company• UNH on 2 major bus routes – O Bus- Route 1/Boston Post Rd – B Bus – Campbell Avenue
  11. 11. Getting Around … by TrainUNH shuttle to Union Station – Amtrak- access Northeast Corridor route – Metro North- commuter train to New York City – Shoreline East
  12. 12. Getting Around … by ShuttleUNH Shuttle : – Route 1 up to Milford mall – Downtown New Haven – Downtown West Haven (Regency/Savin Court apartments) – Shuttle schedule available on UNH website
  13. 13. Getting Around… by Car Need a UNH Parking Permit to park a car on campus1. Register online: • Need UNH Login and password2. Pick up permit at Campus Police • Need UNH ID, driver’s license and car registration3. Put permit on front windshield passenger side4. New permit each academic year
  14. 14. Getting around… by car