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Graduate Financial Aid for Currently Enrolled Students
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Graduate Financial Aid for Currently Enrolled Students



- What you need to do to keep financial aid

- What you need to do to keep financial aid
- What if you need more financial aid
- How to apply for financial aid



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Graduate Financial Aid for Currently Enrolled Students Graduate Financial Aid for Currently Enrolled Students Presentation Transcript

  • Graduate Financial Aid at UNHfor Currently Enrolled Students - What you need to do to keep financial aid - What if you need more financial aid - How to apply for financial aid
  • How to keep Financial Aid• Students must complete the FAFSA each year by March 1 for the following Fall term• Complete at: www.fafsa.gov• View Financial Aid information online to see: - Documents Required - Award Information
  • Financial Aid Online• To view Financial Aid online select:
  • Online Financial Aid• All E-Mails sent to UNH E-Mail Address from ALL offices• Notices of Bills are sent to UNH E-Mail Address – Must view bill online• Subtract Financial Aid from Bill to see if owe money – Financial Aid offered may NOT cover entire bill
  • Enrollment• Must be enrolled in at least a half-time status (minimum of 5 credits per trimester)• At the beginning of each trimester, the Financial Aid Office will verify your enrollment before any financial aid is disbursed to your Bursar Account
  • Enrollment• In order for your financial aid to be disbursed to your Bursar Account, you must be enrolled in at least the number of credit hours on which your financial aid award was based. – The number of credit hours is stated within your Financial Aid Award.
  • Disbursement to Bursar’s Account• When enrolled in the appropriate number of credits, your financial aid will be credited toward your tuition and fee charges on your Bursar Account• If your financial aid is less than your charges you will owe a balance with the Bursar’s Office• If your financial aid is more than your charges, you may have “over paid” your account and the Bursar’s Office will process a refund check for you if applicable
  • Financial aid for the next year: Satisfactory Academic Progress• You must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements of the school to continue to receive financial aid each year• You must achieve a certain number of credits each year and achieve a certain number of credits over a period of time, called “PACE”, and obtain a certain Cumulative Quality Point Ratio (CQPR) each year.• Your academic progress will be reviewed each year at the end of the Spring Trimester (July)
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• “PACE” = You must complete the requirements of your program within 5 years of the date of completion of the first course following formal application to the degree program
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• You must successfully complete all of the credits on which your award was based• Successful completion = a passing grade (A to D-) – Your Financial Aid Award indicates the number of credits for which you were awarded
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• Receiving a grade of “INC”, “F”, “W”, “U”, “DNA” is NOT successful completion of a course
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• You must also maintain a 3.0 Cumulative Quality Point Ratio (CQPR) – Reviewed at the end of each Spring Trimester
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• If you don’t meet requirements you will receive a letter from Financial Aid Office• Students may appeal for extenuating circumstances, for example: documented medical issues, death/illness of family member – Meet date of appeal process (date will be in letter) – Provide supporting documentation
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• Financial Aid appeal is separate from other offices – if appealing with other offices: • Be aware of which office has approved the appeal• If Financial Aid appeal is approved: • Read letter to be sure you understand the requirements for aid for future terms
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• If you don’t have reason to appeal or if your appeal was denied, you are not eligible to receive financial aid for future terms
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• You can regain eligibility in a subsequent term if you successfully earn the appropriate number of credits and obtain the 3.0 Cumulative QPR• Once the term is completed, contact the Financial Aid Office and ask that your academic transcript be reviewed for eligibility for subsequent terms
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress• Option for students not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress • Some of the Private Alternative Loans » Credit-based educational loan from private lender » Student is the borrower » May possibly need a co-signer » May have either fixed or variable interest rate, different repayment terms, may require immediate repayment or payment of interest » Can borrow up to Cost of Attendance• Note: Some Private Alternative Loans do require students meet SAP requirements
  • Have not yet Applied for Financial Aid?• Financial Aid is money to assist students with paying their expenses for school• The primary financial aid source is: – Federal Loans • Have to repay loans • Repayment begins 6 months after you graduate or cease half-time enrollment (enrolled less than 5 credits in a trimester)
  • How to Apply for Financial Aid• File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSA• Go to www.fafsa.gov• For Fall 2012, Winter 2013 and Spring 2013 Trimesters, file the 2012-2013 FAFSA• The UNH School Code is 001397
  • The FAFSA• Graduate students are “independent” – only need your financial information (not parents)• Use 2011 financial information to complete 2012-2013 FAFSA
  • The Process• Your processed FAFSA is reviewed by the Financial Aid Office• Our Office may request documentation – You can review your Student Aid Report (SAR) at www.fafsa.gov for information• A Financial Aid Award is determined
  • The Process• You decide what part of the Award you want to Accept/Decline• Financial Aid Office processes the aid and requests the disbursement to credit to your Bursar’s bill after verifying your enrollment each term
  • Federal Direct Student Loans• $20,500 maximum per academic year• Federal Direct Unsubsidized Student Loan (interest accrues from the time the loan disburses) – Interest billed quarterly• You decide if you want to make interest payments or defer paying until you begin repaying your loan. Interest will capitalize causing loan amount to repay to become larger
  • Federal Direct Student Loans• Fixed Interest rate - 6.8%• Is NOT a credit based loan• Cannot be in default or owe a refund on another student loan• Does not go into repayment until 6 months after you graduate (or cease to enroll at least half- time, which is 5 credits each trimester)
  • To Be Eligible for Federal Direct Loans• Fully admitted and matriculated into a degree or approved certificate program• Must be enrolled in a half-time status or more (minimum of 5 credits each trimester)• Must continue to make Satisfactory Academic Progress (combination of a 3.0 & credits earned)
  • Need Additional Assistance?– You can borrow additional funds through the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan program. May want to consider if: • Your award does not cover charges on your bill • If you determine you need additional assistance for living expenses – borrowing money in excess of your charges will cause an “over payment” and produce a refund that you can use toward living expenses
  • Federal Graduate PLUS Loan• Financial Aid Office determines Cost of Attendance (COA) - Includes tuition, estimated book costs & independent living allowance based on this area• Can have financial aid up to the COA• COA minus financial aid (including student loans) = Amount of Federal Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Federal Graduate PLUS Loan• Federal student loan program provided for graduate students• Fixed interest rate of 7.90%• Can be deferred while in school• Credit -based loan – Credit history is checked for adverse credit• You must apply online – www.studentloans.gov• May need an Endorser (co-signer)
  • Need to Know1.Graduate Students must remain enrolled at least2.Your award letter indicates the number of credits
  • Need to Know3. Your financial aid is placed on “hold” each trimester until the Financial Aid Office verifies you’re enrolled in the number of credits for which you were awarded aid4. If your financial aid causes an “over payment” on your Bursar account, UNH will process a refund. UNH has 14 Business days to process a refund once your aid disburses to your bill
  • Need to Know5. You must have your eligibility determined for Federal Direct Student Loans before you can be considered for the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan6. You must reapply for financial aid every academic year – New FAFSA available January 1 each year
  • Financial Aid Office• Office location: Maxcy Hall Room 118B• OFFICE HOURS: M-F 8:30-4:30• Phone (203) 932-7315 or (800) DIAL-UNH ext. 7315• Fax (203) 931-6050• Email address: financialaid@newhaven.edu• Website- www.newhaven.edu – Select Financial Aid from the Quick Links Menu – Select “Graduate”