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Artemis Papathanassiou - Fight against illicit traffic of cultural property in south-east Europe
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Artemis Papathanassiou - Fight against illicit traffic of cultural property in south-east Europe


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Fight against illicit traffic of cultural property in South-East Europe. …

Fight against illicit traffic of cultural property in South-East Europe.
Gaziantep, Turkey, 19-21 November 2012

Published in: Education

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  • 1. UNESCO REGIONAL TRAINING WORKSHOP FIGHT AGAINST ILLICIT TRAFFIC OF CULTURAL PROPERTY IN SOUTH-EAST EUROPE Gaziantep, Turkey, 19-21 November 2012 Dr. Artemis Papathanassiou Legal Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 2. Modalities of return and restitution The UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for Promotingthe Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Restitution in case of Illicit Appropriation (I C P R C P)
  • 3.  Combattre le trafic illicite de biens culturels et favoriser leur restitution  Combating the illicit traffic of cultural objects and promoting their restitution
  • 4. Le Comité intergouvernemental The Intergovernmental Committee1. Généralités 1. Generalities Créé en 1978  Created in 1978 22 Etats membres  22 Member States Cadre unique de discussion et de  Unique framework for discussing facilitation des négociations and facilitating negotiations Règlement non judiciaire des différends  Non-judicial settlement of disputes Mandat : médiation et  A mandate for mediation and conciliation conciliation En cas d’échec ou d’interruption  Used in cases of failure or des négociations bilatérales interruption of bilateral agreements Campagne d’information du  Public information campaign public
  • 5. 2. Quelques exemples de 2. Some examples ofrestitution dans le cadre restitution within thedu Comité framework of the Committee En 1987, la République  In 1987, the German Democratic démocratique allemande a Republic repatriated to Turkey restitué à la Turquie 7 000 7,000 cuneiform tablets from tablettes cunéiformes de Bogazköy. The situation was Bogazköy. L’affaire a été resolved through the direct résolue par le retour direct des objets en question. return of the objects in question.
  • 6. En 1988, les Etats-Unis ont In 1988, the United Statesrestitué à la Thaïlande le linteau repatriated to Thailand the PhraPhra Narai. L’affaire a été Narai lintel. The situation wasrésolue par médiation. resolved through mediation. © MaiLinh Huynh
  • 7. En mai 2010, le Musée In May of 2010, theBarbier-Mueller Barbier-Mueller museum(Genève) a restitué à la of Geneva repatriated toRépublique Unie de the United Republic ofTanzanie un masque Tanzania a MakondeMakondé. mask.
  • 8. En mai 2011, un accord In May of 2011, a bilateralbilatéral a été obtenu agreement was concludedentre lAllemagne et la between Turkey andTurquie concernant Germany concerning ale Sphinx de Bogazköy. sphinx from Bogazköy.
  • 9. Affaire pendantes Pending Transaction Les Marbres du  The Parthenon Parthénon (Grèce – Marbles (Greece- British Museum) British Museum)
  • 10. The Parthenon Sculptures“Yet I cannot forbear mentioning a singular speech of a learned Greek of Joannina, who said to me: “YouEnglish are carrying off the works of the Greeks our forefathers; preserve them well; Greeks will come and re-demand them”HOBHOUSE, John C., Travels in Albania and other Provinces of Turkey in 1809 and 1810, GCB 1858, p. 347 LOUIS FRANCOIS PREAUX-J.JEAKES “The temple of Minerva otherwise called the Parthenon, at Athens” 1799/1804, Museum of the cityof Athens
  • 11. The Parthenon SculpturesAcropolis Museum: Parthenon Gallery
  • 12. The Parthenon Sculptures The Parthenon Gallery
  • 13. Erectheion and its Prostasis - Porch
  • 14. The British MuseumThe Parthenon Sculptures
  • 15. The Parthenon Sculptures The South Metopes
  • 16. The Parthenon Sculptures South Metope 12 and Frieze South Metope 12: Acropolis Museum Fragment of the Lapith woman’s right foot: British Museum
  • 17. The Parthenon Sculptures South Metope 16 British Museum Torso with head from the first figure Vatican: head of the second figure
  • 18. The Parthenon Sculptures North Frieze III, IV, V
  • 19. The Parthenon Sculptures North Frieze XXV, XXVI, XXVII
  • 20. The Parthenon Sculptures West Frieze West Frieze XIV British Museum: upper part of the figure 27
  • 21. The Parthenon Sculptures West Frieze West Frieze XIV British Museum: upper part of the figure 27
  • 22. The Parthenon Sculptures West Pediment
  • 23. The Parthenon Sculptures West PedimentAcropolis Museum: British Museum: Kekrops and his daughter fragment of the snake between the two figures
  • 24. The Parthenon Sculptures West PedimentAthena Poseidon AmphitriteTorso in the British Museum Front part in the Acropolis Torso in the British MuseumHead and fragments Museum The rest in the Acropolisin the Acropolis Museum The rest of the torso in the Museum British Museum
  • 25. The Parthenon Sculptures