24 millica begovic undp 2013


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  • Intelligence for project design comes from ministries/localities, consultants, lots of secondary and some primary data… instead…
  • http://businessinnovationfactory.com/projects/code-green
  • Georgia and Armenia…
  • 24 millica begovic undp 2013

    1. 1. Millie B. Radojevic Innovation unit, BRC @ElaMi5
    2. 2. Few things • What is the direction of policy making: top-down or down-up? • Rethinking UNDP project design: Few take-aways from global innovation meeting in Montenegro • Citizen-driven methods of innovations in energy • Alternate modes of data collection, monitoring, communication • K&I team services
    3. 3. ‘Nations talk, cities act- do policies come from the top (theory) or bottom (practice)?’
    4. 4. Development 2.0- Emerging trends • Business model of development has changed • Many new, agile players in the sector • Collective, distributed intelligence –> self-organisation • Cost of collecting data dramatically reduced • Low cost, high speed (pilot-mainstream in 1-2 weeks) • Prototyping= understanding relationship between cause and effect • Mobile is the killer app • Emerging markets as source of innovation Source: @gquaggiotto
    5. 5. Smart citizens- applying lessons of Web 2.0 to energy innovations (gaming, rapid feedback loops, social interaction, tech and non-tech policy enabled designs)
    6. 6. THE NO-SILOS APPROACH TO PROJECT PLANNING Pre-PAC Beta Graduation Alpha LPAC Does the solution exist already? Yes Alpha Beta Graduation • Research • Partners outreach • Social media/comms • Open call for ideas Filter Project Opportunity (idea or donor driven) Filter Lab Proto type Filter Ideas Filter No Filter “Gatekeeper” (UNDP DRR) Filter „Lab heavy‟: develop solutions from scratch „Lab light‟: import, test and enhance existing solutions
    7. 7. Equity based crowdfunding for sustainable energy
    8. 8. Empowering communities to collect data on what’s actually happening in their environment
    9. 9. Smart meters but smart for who- companies or users?
    10. 10. Designing and testing energy systems around energy user
    11. 11. Challenge prizes: scaling community led energy projects
    12. 12. Social pressure Social norms
    13. 13. Energy advice trial: Large (1,500 home) trial to test whether receiving heating advice from a trusted messenger (boiler engineer) helps tenants in social housing use their heating more effectively during the winter. Trial started in October and is set to finish in March 2014 Does a type of messenger affect heating-related decisions? Energy whitegood label trial: National trial with large retailer (John Lewis) to test whether monetary lifetime running cost labels on whitegood appliances helps improve the uptake of more efficient appliances, as opposed to simply displaying standard energy efficiency labels in kWh. Trial is set to start mid December and run to May/June Does info display affect shopping behavior?
    14. 14. Data collection, monitoring, communication of results
    15. 15. Smart meters but smart for who- companies or users?
    16. 16. SMS data collection
    17. 17. Narratives/Storytelling- M&E, comms, weak signals
    18. 18. Narratives/Storytelling- M&E, comms, weak signals
    19. 19. • Expertise referral, horizon scanning • Partnership development CO Portfolio Screening: Entry points for innovation • Running challenges • Social media intelligence • R&D, Rapid prototyping