UNC Online Proctoring Network for Faculty - Scheduling Take Exam Via Webcam


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UNC Online Proctoring Network for Faculty - Scheduling Take Exam Via Webcam

  1. 1. Scheduling a Proctored Exam with ‘Take Exam via Webcam’* through UNC Online Participating UNC System Campuses ASU, ECU, ECSU, FSU, NCCU, UNCG, UNCP, UNCW, WCU and WSSU *For online exam types (paper based, offline computer based and online+paper based exams must be scheduled via UNC Online with face-to-face proctors). *Campus codes of academic integrity and conduct are applicable during online exam appointments.
  2. 2. Visit http://online.northcarolina.edu/ Click on ‘Find an Exam Proctor’
  3. 3. Click on ‘Log In Now’ to log in
  4. 4. Select Your Campus
  5. 5. Login (enter the same user ID and password you use to access your university email account)
  6. 6. View Exams for Scheduling (select the drop down arrow to view exams for each course)
  7. 7. Review the Academic Integrity Agreement, Sign, and Submit
  8. 8. Scheduling Your Exam Click on ‘Take Exam via Webcam’. (Clicking ‘Take Exam via Webcam’ will not automatically start the exam or lock you into the ‘Take Exam via Webcam’ option.)
  9. 9. ‘Test Your System’ Students must have a web cam, microphone and stable internet connection to take exams via webcam Important: Click the ‘Test Your System’ button prior to scheduling. •Microphones and webcams built into computer are compatible with ‘Take Exam via Webcam’. •Tablets (Ipads) and cell phones are not compatible with ‘Take Exam Via Webcam’.
  10. 10. ‘Schedule Exam’ Select a time/date and click on ‘Schedule’. Note the fee next to appointment times. After selecting ‘Schedule’ you will be prompted to pay for the appointment (UNC does not receive funds from ProctorU).
  11. 11. Start Your Exam When it is time for your appointment to begin, log into UNC Online and click the ‘Start Your Exam’ button to connect with ProctorU. If you hover over the “Start Your Exam” button, emergency contact information will appear, along with your reservation id number. If you need to contact ProctorU, please have your reservation id number on hand.
  12. 12. Emergency Contact Information • If you are experiencing technical issues with a webcam appointment ("Take Exam via Webcam"/ProctorU), please do the following: call 1-855-772-8678 or 925-273-7588. Select Option 2 (Advocates) or Option 3 (Assessment Services). There is live coverage for these two extensions from 7 am to 7 pm CST 7 days a week. Outside of that window email advocate@proctoru.com
  13. 13. More info on ‘Take Exam via Webcam’… • Online appointments occur in real time with live proctors. • Proctors are based in ProctorU headquarters with support staff (proctors do not proctor from home). • All proctors have passed FERPA training and proctor training. • Proctors monitor students’ faces, computer screens and audio throughout appointments (including the times students cannot view proctors). • Proctors perform two student identification checks before the start of appointments. • Students must be on time for appointments (there are no refunds for missed appointments). • Proctors remote into students’ computer to enter exam passwords. • Exam durations start after proctors complete student identification checks and enter exam passwords into students’ computers. • UNC system campuses do not receive funds from ProctorU. • Please contact us at proctors@online.northcarolina.edu if you have additional questions or concerns.