UNC Online Proctoring Network for Faculty - Entering Exam Details


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UNC Online Proctoring Network for Faculty - Entering Exam Details

  1. 1. Entering Exam Details into UNC Online (For Online/Distance Education Courses) Participating UNC System Campuses ASU, ECU, ECSU, FSU, NCCU, UNCC, UNCG, UNCP, UNCW, WCU and WSSU
  2. 2. Wait, before you get started… • Did you post a proctoring statement and student scheduling instructions in your course information? • Did you include a statement regarding proctoring fees in your course information? • Did you explain to students that campus codes of academic integrity and conduct apply during proctored exam appointments? • Are you providing students with ample time to schedule and prepare for appointments?
  3. 3. Example Proctoring Statement Students must schedule proctored exam appointments via UNC Online (http://online.northcarolina.edu/). Appointments must be scheduled, at a minimum, two weeks prior to exam windows. To view detailed scheduling instructions visit http://www.slideshare.net/UNCOnline/unc-online-updated Campus codes of conduct and integrity apply during proctored exam appointments. To review these guidelines visit (link for your campus codes of conduct here) Students are responsible for fees related to proctored exams ; proctors’ fees are posted in UNC Online. Not all proctors charge a fee (these locations quickly reach capacity prior to the start of peak testing periods) Students must present a current/legible government issued photo ID prior to each appointment. Cell phones are not permitted in testing areas (leave cell phones at home or in a locked car). Exams for this course are online (not paper based). Therefore, students can schedule exam appointments with face- to-face proctors or the 'Take Exam via Webcam' option via UNC Online. Online proctors are available almost 24 hours a day/7 days a week. All appointments occur in real time with live proctors. To learn more about ‘Take Exam via Webcam’ visit http://www.slideshare.net/UNCOnline/unc-online-ta If there are no proctors in your area (and you cannot use ‘Take Exam via Webcam’) start the invite a proctor process as soon as possible. Visit http://online.northcarolina.edu/exams/invite.php to invite an individual to submit a UNC proctoring application on your behalf. Note the guidelines for who can and cannot serve as a UNC Proctor.
  4. 4. Wait, one more important note… Please enter the accurate duration it takes for students to complete the exam. Do not add extra time to the duration. This action will ensure students are not charged for time they do not use and proctors time/resources are maximized. Proctors are only obligated to honor the exam duration posted into UNC Online.
  5. 5. Visit http://proctors.northcarolina.edu/ Click on ‘Log In Now’ to log in
  6. 6. Select Your Campus
  7. 7. Login (enter the same user ID and password you use to access your university email account)
  8. 8. Review Courses (ensure ‘Current Courses’ tab is selected)
  9. 9. Click on the Drop Down Arrow to Open a Course
  10. 10. Note the 3 tabs: ‘Exams’, ‘Class Roster’ and ‘GA/TA’
  11. 11. Tabs • ‘Exams’ tab: Permits faculty members to add exam details to the system and review posted exam details. • ‘Class Roster’ tab: Permits faculty members to track students’ scheduling activity and access proctors’ contact information. Faculty members should monitor this tab on a regular basis. • ‘GA/TA’ tab: Permits faculty members to add a helper to the course. Helpers can add and access exam details.
  12. 12. Monitor ‘Class Roster’ tabs on a regular basis. If necessary, send scheduling reminders to students. Setting scheduling deadlines is recommended. The tab will populate as student schedule appointments. Note that the ‘Class Roster’ tab filters by exam (the ‘Viewing Roster For:’ filter).
  13. 13. Adding Exam Details: Select the ‘Add Exam or Exam Details’ button
  14. 14. Follow the 4 steps: ‘Step 1: Setup’, ‘Step 2: Requirements’, ‘Step 3: Release and Notify’ and ‘Step 4: Provide’
  15. 15. Faculty members can add basic exam details to the system and exams (or exam passwords) at a later date by selecting to Release Exam Details only. The sooner you enter exam details into UNC Online, the sooner your students can secure appointments. Many Free locations and popular testing centers book up in the semester.
  16. 16. Frequently Asked Questions
  17. 17. Is UNC Online compatible with Learning Management Systems? • Yes. • UNC Online is compatible with LMS’s (Blackboard, Moodle, etc…).
  18. 18. My exam is online, do I need to import it into UNC Online? • No. • However, you must create a password protected exam via the LMS. • Do not share the exam password with students. • The case sensitive exam password must match in the LMS and UNC Online.
  19. 19. Can I edit exam windows and exam durations? • Exam durations cannot be edited. Proctors and students may have already confirmed appointments and planned their schedules around the time slot. • Days cannot be deleted from exam windows. Proctors and students may have already confirmed appointments and planned their schedules. However, days can be added to exam windows (a good option if there is inclement weather).
  20. 20. My exam is paper based, how will it be returned? • There are three methods of paper based exam return: – The proctor can return the exam via fax (faculty members must provide proctors with a fax number). – The proctor can scan the exam and email it to the faculty member. – The proctor can scan the exam and upload it back to UNC Online. A ‘Download’ icon will appear in the faculty member’s exam icons. – Proctors do not return exams via snail mail.
  21. 21. Who should I contact if a paper based exam is not returned? Or needs to be re-scanned? • Contact the proctor. • Proctors’ contact information can be accessed via the ‘Class Roster’ tab.
  22. 22. What is ‘Take Exam via Webcam’? • If an exam is online (not paper based, online+paper or offline computer based) students can opt to take exams with a face-to- face proctor or ‘Take Exam via Webcam’. • Students access the ‘Take Exam via Webcam’ option in student scheduling step 2. • All ‘Take Exam via Webcam’ appointments occur in real time with live proctors (proctors do not proctor from home).
  23. 23. How does ‘Take Exam via Webcam’ work? • Proctors monitor students’ computer screens, faces and audio throughout appointments. • Proctors can detect virtual machines. • Proctors have received proctor and FERPA training. • All appointments occur in real time with live proctors. • Proctors are based at ProctorU headquarters with a full technical and supervisory support staff. • Proctors remote into students’ computers to enter exam passwords. • Students pass 3 identification checks: ID check, ID quiz and students must log into UNC Online with their secure campus credentials to access the appointment.
  24. 24. Questions? Contact us at proctors@online.northcarolina.edu